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11-Collapse of NOW (2)


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Notice, this number 27 often erroneously written as 72 (interchanging the 2 and the 7) in many places within this write-up.

Four (out of 64) Examples from this Book

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From this I-Ching Diagram Book to a possible formula, via Collapsing the above Holon, for building a Vacuum Computer is the Lo P’an, the Ancient Circular Slight Rule, (See below, http://www.tony5m17h.net/LoPan.html ).

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Lo Pan Compass – Taoism – About.com taoism.about.com/od/visualsymbols/ig/Taoist…/Lo-Pan-Compass-.ht…

The Lo Pan Compass is one of Feng Shui’s most complex tools. … to the history and uses of Lo Pan Compasses, I recommend this essay by Roger Green

What Lo Pan Compasses have in common is that each has a center which contains a magnetic compass, around which are a number of rings. Each ring contains a particular orientation system, for instance: Ring 1 usually contains the pre-heaven Ba Gua; and Ring 2 the post-heaven Ba Gua. Ring 3 typically contains the “24 Mountains” (aka the 24 Stars in the Sky or Directions or Shen) – which are a combination of trigrams, heavenly stems (from the Luo Shu system) and earthly branches. The outermost ring (Ring 20 in many systems) is likely to contain the I Ching portent readings of the 64 hexagrams.

Leibniz took the next step refine the bigrams to form the binary system of today’s computer, into infinite rows of ones and zeros – even though he couldn’t really find a use for them until the modern era.

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