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Postive Living toward Ascension

With this posting, the Matter-Being Paradigm of Everything, which contains every subject of knowledge, is now completed within this Observer’s ability. What remains are step-by-step explanations of a future bio-quantum health nano-technology of love that includes Acu-Point Monopole Circuits, bio-free energy and bio-superconductivity, starting with the WebHealth Computer and the initial understanding in bio-free energy. This is a Paradigm to Know the Unknowable that leads to the discovery of God, His Creation, and my Return Path to God.  The purpose of my life-search, the Whys to Know the Unknowable, was only revealed to me during the writing this posting.

In short, it is through the knowledge of everything, because of its non-local inter-connectedness, that a way of positive living toward ascension has been revealed to this humble observer. Most essential is the knowledge that is non-locally interconnected, yet often in conflict, within the Logic Holon of the Bible—-Quantum—-I-Ching. This Logic Holon represents the Subject Holon of Spirituality—-Physics—-Human Logic: where Spirituality —>God’s Logic, Physics —> Nature’s Logic, and Human Logic —> Bio-Quantum Health. This path is outlined in the feedback-control diagram or mandala shown below.


If one examine the above diagram in terms of numbers in Base 9, like I have presented in previous diagrams in connection to the 10-Logic in the 10—22—27 formula, the Observer here is his/her self and the Observed is his/her Acu-Point circuits that formed each Chakra (Ck), while the reference frame is non-local—local interactions summarized in the mappings below.

MAPPINGS OF REFERENCE FRAME IN NUMBERS: Universe’s 5-Element Holons <——> Celestial Stems—Terrestrial Branches—5-Elements

  • 0—1—2 Other Universes <——> Creation —> Physical Constants (Steady States, Big Bang)
  • 2—3—4 Nano to Macro Matters (The Fall)
  • 4—5—6 Macro Matters to Human (-) (Sin, The Turning Point)
  • 6—7—8 Human (+) to Ascended Mind (Redemption, The Rise)
  • 8—9—0 Ascended to the Image of God and Other Universes (Ascension, Steady States)

Chakras and the Bible Reference Frame Mappings

  • Acu-Point Circuits Ck1—2—3/5-Element <——> 0—1—2 Monopole Circuits
  • Ck4—Ck5 <——> 4—5 Sin-Redemption Transition
  • Ck6—Ck7—Ck8 <——> 6—7—8 / 2—3—4 —>Rise—Fall Symmetry
  • Ck9 <——> 8—9—0 /0—1—2 —> Rise—Fall Symmetry


From The Spirit of Chinese Philosophy, Fung Yu-Lan says that Sageness Within and Kingliness Without.

Chinese philosophy has one main tradition, one main stream of thought. This tradition is that it aims at a particular kind of highest life. But this kind of highest life, high though it is, is not divorced from the daily functioning of human relations. Thus it is both of this world and of the other world, and we maintain that it both attains to the sublime and yet performs the common tasks… it seems that what Chinese philosophy calls a sage is a very different order of person from the Buddha in Buddhism and the saint in the Christian religion.

Here, a Sage in Chinese Philosophy is an individual who daily practice Positive Living in Sageness Within and Kingliness Without as described in the Matter-Being Paradigm and in the following.

…the Chinese sage is not the kind of sage who is so sublime that he is not concerned about the business of the world. His character is described as one of sageness [within] in its essence and kingliness [without] in its manifestation. That is, to that in his inner sageness, he accomplishes spiritual cultivation, in his outward kingliness, he functions in society.

Function in Sageness Within and Kingliness Without brings one to the state of a Sage, a perfect human but not yet a complete human. To be a complete human, one needs to possess the Holon State of Sageness Within—Kingliness Without—Godliness in Self. It is through Godliness in Self that one’s God Given Character comes in, namely in the Holon State of Intellectual—Unconditional—Perfect Love.


In both the Brain-Soul and Brain-Spirit communications, correct knowledge is needed for proper understanding. That is, understanding of the non-local—local “thinking” based on the mapping between the Acu-Point Holon of Hearing/Vision—Feeling/Vision—Knowing and the Positive Thinking Holon as stated in previous postings. These mapping of activities are shown in the following local/non-local flow diagram.


Two examples will be given in describing the activities formulated in the above local—Non-Local flow diagram. The first has to do with an explosion of Right-Brain Creativity, namely the cave art painting happened around 30,000 years ago. The second example has to do with the author’s Left-Brain Creativity, as introduced in the posting: QA: What is Wing Pon’s Being Experience.

This first example is the explosion in cave art paintings. The art is spectacular in its abundance and quality and in underground settings, especially in the perspective of 30,000 years ago. One example of a painting, showing the impressiveness of these paintings, is shown below.

tem2 1

EXAMPLE 1: The Voice of God

Why 30,000 and not 150,000 years ago? The answer has to do with a dominating right brain maturity in humans, i.e., right brain creativity began at or around 30,000 years ago and in a full matured state at or around 10,000 years later, which coincides with the cave art explosion period. Notice that both the Voice of God and expressing it through the arts are both right-brain functions. A similar conclusion was arrived at in Julian Jaynes research on the origin of consciousness.

Jaynes concluded that the voices of gods, actually heard as in the Old Testament or the Iliad, which comes from the right brain, told a person what to do in circumstances of novelty or stress. This ancient mentality is called the bicameral mind. He further concluded that this is not a form of human consciousness. In his conclusion, human consciousness did not evolve until 3000 years ago with the left-brain. The Author do not agree with this conclusion. In the context of the Matter-Being Paradigm, consciousness is defined as perception at the Moment of Now, Planck-time a duration of 10-44 seconds inside the Logic & Information Vacuums. That is, consciousness corresponds to perception at singularity. Thus, consciousness began when we first heard the voice of gods. This is why even the elementary particles have consciousness. In addition, we hear God with our right brain via faith knowingness and understand God’s Message with our left-brain through reasoning. The left-brain reasoning around 30,000 years ago is with experience obtained through the surrounding environment, which is on wild animals. This is the reason the cave arts are dominated by animal paintings. This is also why bicameral mind has to do with brain-soul consciousness of the right-brain. In this example “correct” thinking involves with the Mind-Soul Feeling/Vision of wild animals, and the association of these animals with God.

EXAMPLE 2: The Harmony of the  Author’s Left-Brain Knowingness in Harmony with Right-Brain Feelings

This second example involves the Author’s experience in left-brain knowing through learned knowledge in harmony with right-brain feelings in the awareness when the answer arrived plus the feeling that this answer is correct or not within the question’s intention. These activities coincide exactly to that expressed in the above flow diagram. The flow diagram describes exactly the local/non-local procedure on how this Paradigm was developed by the Author. Notice, the Author somehow developed this awareness feeling with the sensation of the answer and either the feeling fit or did not fit the Matter-Being Paradigm. If the feeling felt the answer is not correct (cannot fit harmoniously into the Paradigm), this implies that the question asked was in error and the question must be modified. This process is indicated at the middle of the diagram by a double arrow that connect question and answer horizontally. All other items in this diagram are self-explanatory with the following exception.  When the answer arrived, the Author’s awareness feeling were accompanied with pre-illness symptoms. The more “important or difficult” the question-answer set, the more heavy the symptoms.  The explanation for this correlation is in the conservation mapping between information (question-answers) and energy (feeling in the symptoms).

We still need to complete the discussion on the mappings between Acu-Points and the Holon of Hearing/Vision—-Feeling/Vision—-Knowing. These mappings were derived in other papers writings by Wing Pon.

In addition, the Mirror and the Symptoms are discussed in the posting: On Positive Live – How To.

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