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QA: What is Spiritual Chemistry

Spiritual Chemistry is a preliminary model for the formation of physical atoms based on executing the pre-coded logic-information of each atom. As a whole, this logic-information is hidden in the Hydrogen bio-element 172 [in a hologram]. Its information-energy is communicated in its particular Meta-Element’s Isotope Cluster Group. There are 27 such cluster groups.


We shall start with the Logic of the Noble Gas.

tem-2 4

Taken from Michael S. Schnelder, A Beginner’s Guide to Constructing the Universe,

The eye, or center of gravity, of this spiral map of matter falls along the column of inner gases, sometimes called noble gases, because of their disdain for joining other elements in chemical bonding. They are the stable elements of the universe, balanced and complete unto themselves. The farther an atom falls on the Periodic Table from an inert gas, the more willing it is to seek completion by entering into a chemical relationship with other atoms. The closer the elements are to an inner gas, the less needy they are.

There are eight noble gases, if we include the findings in occult chemistry. These eight are:

Occult Chemistry

  1. Meta-Helium
  2. Meta-Neon
  3. Meta-Argon
  4. Meta-Krypton
  5. Meta-Xenon
  6. Kalon
  7. Meta-Kalon
  8. Meta-Radon

Other Meta Elements are X, Y, Z, Meta Pm, Occultum [or Meta-Hydrogen].


Spiritual Chemistry has to do with understanding these Meta Elements within the context of Logic-Information crossover and Information-Energy collapses.

Putting the X, Y, Z Meta Elements into the Atomic Table, we have

tem-2 5

Next, using Radionics, the Logic-Information and Information-Energy table is formed as shown below.




tem-2 3

The Radionics data for this table is obtained by W. Guyon Richards. According to Richards, the following were obtained between atomic elements and human responses:

[The following diagram]… shows how closely the two sides of the table are tied together in the human body.


If you find the area for hydrogen on 1 ohm on the left side of the abdomen and then put 172 on the tuning rheostat you will get a reflex on this area, but while the reflex with 1 causes a negative reaction that with 172 causes a positive reaction. If we examine the corresponding area on the right of the abdomen we find there we get a positive reaction with 1 ohm and negative reaction with 172. This occurs right through the table form 1 to 172.

In addition to the tie between 1 and 172, 2 and 171, and so on, there is a tie between elements situated at a similar position on either side of the table; 6 is tied to 166, 3 to 163, 11 to 155, 19 to 137, 37 to 119, and so on.

These Radionics data illustrate the non-local connection between the Information-Energy in Atomic Elements and the Information-Energy in Acu-Point Circuits. This is the Soul connection. Other biological connections of the 172 Bio-Atomic Elements were briefly introduced in the posting, Alchemist ORMUS Elements and Soul Spirit Genetics.

With this introduction, we can now address the formation of Atomic Elements via the Logic-Information and the Information-Energy aspect. The following table shows the number of isotopes for each of the elements as of 2001.



tem-2 2

The arrows bracket the isotope range for each of the Meta-Element. The notations for the 27 S—B—D nuclear tunneling elements were first introduced in Alchemist ORMUS Elements and Soul Spirit Genetics.

Here, we shall propose a model for Co-Creating all physical atoms based on the Matter-Being Paradigm, namely from the Holon of Lock-Key formation:

  1. Pre-Coded State of the Logic-Information for these Elements
  2. Logic-Information Crossover onto Information-Energy in Execution of the Pre-Coded State
  3. Collapses of these Information-Energy State onto Physical Atoms

The models for these three phases are outlined below:

  • Logic-Information for all Physical Atoms is Pre-Coded in the Hydrogen Element 172, which is communicated to all individual elements through the Meta-Elements within the range of their isotopes [bracketed by their respective arrows].
  • Information-Energy crossover onto Information-Energy of each physical atoms is carried out by executing the atom’s particular Meta-Element/Isotope clusters. All atoms are contained within one of the 27 clusters denoted as S–B–D.
  • Physical atoms are formed by collapsing these 27 clusters into individual elements.

Presented is a preliminary introduction. There are many unanswered questions. The most important question is: What is the Logic-Information corresponces to the Radionics Information-Energy observation of the H(172)? The answer to this question leads to understanding the logic behind nano-chemistry and quantum technology.