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Nuclei–Encoded Line-Logic

This posting continues and completes the postings on Soul-Spirit Chemistry as listed below:

  • Alchemist ORMUS Elements and Soul-Spirit Genetics
  • QA: What is Spiritual Chemistry
  • QA: What is Quantum Alchemy/ORMUS
  • QA:What is Quantum Alchemy-ORMUS Health

In short, it completes the Two Stages of the Nuclear Model introduced in Diagrams 4 and 5 in QA: What is Quantum Alchemy / ORMUS.

Let us re-introduce Diagram 4:



STAGE II, Locked inside Stage I by a Platonic Solid, as shown above:

tem2 1

Re-introducing DIAGRAM 5.

tem2 2

SOUL CHEMISTRY, continuous executions in Information-Energy:

tem2 3

SPIRIT CHEMISTRY, Logic-Information Chemistry in Magnetic Monopoles and Acu-Points:

tem2 4

This completes the initial attempts in a Matter-Being Paradigm for integrating / synthesizing the diverse yet connected, in Mind—-Soul—-Spirit, the subjects of Modern Physics—–Ancient Philosophy—–Metaphysics into a Holon.