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Faraday Cage—Information-Energy—Love

Continues from the last Posting, where the Faraday Cage is defined within the concept of a logic-information field of Self-Love. Faraday Cage—Information-Energy—Self-Love as illustrated below approximates the Holon connections for Self-Love and Co-Creations. Notice, Self-Love is not projected love, namely projected from the Observer to the Observed. Notice, the word Love used in the literature applies mostly to projected love. Self, which is also the Faraday Cage, represents the Holon of the Observer—the Observed—the Fame of Reference taken in unity inside a logic-information field of Love. From this, Co-Creation is manifested inside the information-energy field of Love, by collapsing the logic-information field.


The Observed implies either or both physical and or living objects, include humans. Remember, knowledge implies either or both intuitive, Ck-6—Ck5, knowledge and / or Intellectual, Ck-7—Ck-5, knowledge. On the other hand, knowing implies intuitive (Ck-6) and / or intellectual (Ck-7) knowing.

In conclusion, this diagram is within the Author’s present understandings; namely within the Author’s present maturity, which is a continuous process.