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Glossary: Contents of Holons (2004)

This Glossary was completed in 2004, taken from the Volume 1 of 6 Knowing the Unknowable: Glossary/Technical Notes for the Holon Theory of Everything. The Holon Theory of Everything was completed at this time. Yet, in the middle of Volume 5, the theory came into difficulty in attempting to explain the Participatory Universe, i.e., in explaining the Logic-Information—Information-Energy—Energy-Mass Worlds as a Holon.

This explanation took another six years to complete. The outcome is the Matter-Being Paradigm, presented in this Website. Thus, I think it is helpful for the reader to understand the Author’s thinking at this completion stage of the Holon Theory. These are the reasons for putting Volume One in the previous five postings, this posting, and the next 8 postings: a total of 14 Posts.

Contents of Volume 1

This book is of interest to the intellectuals who are intrigued by all aspects of knowledge and its integration, e.g., scientific, metaphysical, ancient wisdom, Eastern philosophy, and so on. This book offers the left-brain readers an integrated holistic view of their scientific and fragmented reality. Likewise, the details of its contents offer a theoretical-scientific grounding for the right-brain readers. The contents formulate and go beyond the information and research discussed in such popular books as:

  • The Tao of Physics, Fritjof Capra
  • Wholeness and the Implicate Order, David Bohm
  • Einstein’s Moon: Bell’s Theorem and the Curious Quest for
  • Quantum Reality, F. David Peat
  • Synchronicity: the Bridge between Matter and Mind, F. David P
  • The Quantum Self, Danah Zohar
  • The Reflexive Universe: Evolution of Consciousness, Arthur M. Young
  • Science and Human Transformation, William A. Tiller
  • A New Science of Life, Rupert Sheldrake
  • Kundalini, Evolution and Enlightenment, and Future Science, edited by John White
  • Beyond the Brain, Stanislav Grof
  • The Seat of the Soul, Gary Zukav
  • Conversations with God, Neale Watsch
  • Radionics and the Subtle Anatomy of Man, David V. Tansley
  • Ageless Body Timeless Mind, Deepak Chopra
  • Space, Time and Medicine, Larry Dossey
  • Vibrational Medicine, Richard Gerber
  • Holistic Health and Biomedical Medicine, Stephen Lyng
  • The Illustrated I Ching, R. L. Wing
  • On the Nature of the Psyche, and Psychology and the East, C. G. Jung
  • The Mask of God, Joseph Campbell
  • Genesis and the Big Bang, and The Science of God, Gerald L. Schroeder

It is presumptive of me to say that this book extends the studies and research of all those scholars cited above. I say this because there is a hidden common denominator in all of the contents of the above books. This common denominator has to do with the physics of both math and archetype/gestalt logic in intellectual knowingness, soul-experiences, and spirit-revelations. The way one enters into this non-local world, as explained in this book, is via a singularity, whether through a mathematical operator of an imaginary number referred to as i [={-1}1/2] in quantum-relativistic physics, or through human consciousness of intentions, or through the physiology of Acu-Points. This book goes beyond information; it proposes the details of a future physics based on the correspondence mappings of math and archetype/gestalt logic inside of the non-local world of electrons, black holes, human intentions, and consciousness. This book also offers a preliminary glance into a Co-Creation technology, the reverse engineering of God’s Creation, by actualizing the contents encoded inside of a non-local world through a singularity. It is what’s inside of this singularity that separates us humans from meeting God’s Encoded Logic inside the Vacuum. It is what’s inside of this singularity that separates our understanding of complexity versus simplicity. It is what’s inside of this singularity that prevents our integrated understanding of Ancient Wisdom and Modern Physics

Terms in Glossary/Technical Notes

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The Holon Theory of Everything: Definition of words in all four categories (i.e., Physics-Theory of Everything, God/Co-Creation Technology, Health-Alternative Medicine, and Occult-Alternative Reality) are defined with respect to the meaning of the words illustrated in the above two Stars of David. That is, the meanings of the words in each of these four categories are connected by the Holon Conservation Laws of Matter. The conservations of Logic-Information and Information-Energy explain the mysteries of dark matter, dark energy, and the accelerated expansion of the universe. In living matter they explain the embryological formation of the soul-spirit and occult reality. They also help explain the intuitive (right-brain or soul-spirit) “science-technology” of ancient civilizations, while the third Conservation Law of Energy-Mass dominates the intellectual (left-brain) science-technology of today’s civilization. The three Conservation Laws, integrated as a Holon, form a co-creation science-technology for our future civilization.

The scientific formulation of this Holon paradigm is presented in Volume 2 of Knowing the Unknowable, while Volume 4 contains the Holon Theory for God, God’s Logic, and the Logic of the Bible embedded in the Holon Logic of Strings, Space-time, and Gravity. For the last forty years, this paradigm was developed within the resonance of self-knowledge between quantum-relativistic physics and the mathematics for body-mind/soul-spirit health presented in Eastern/Ancient philosophy. Remember, spirit is the logic aspect of matter while soul is the wave aspect. And the body is the particle aspect of matter. The former leads to the unification of modern physics with answers, in archetype/gestalt or Li-logic, to, among others, six of the eleven unanswerable questions of physics as reported in The Greatest Unanswered Questions of Physics: Resolution of these profound questions could unlock the secrets of existence and deliver a New Age of science within several decades, Discover, February 2002. The latter resulted in the development of a body-mind/soul-spirit health computer. These six questions, discussed as part of the contents in this glossary, are: (1) What is dark matter? (2) What is dark energy? (3) Do neutrinos have mass (see Neutrino, and Mass)? (4) What is gravity (see Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field)? (5) Are there additional dimensions? and (6) how did the universe begin (see Universe’s Origin)? Also, included in this set of questions and answers are topics such as: (a) the accelerated expansion of the Universe (see Spiral Geometry), (b) the integration of gravity into the electroweak force (see Gravitational-Electromagnetic Field), (c) the paradoxes in Quantum Physics, including Schrodinger’s Cat, the probabilistic/observer’s universe, and so on. The mathematical structure, with its scientific concepts on the health computer, is also part of the contents presented in this glossary. Examples within the set of questions answered in connection to the development of this health computer are: What is the mind? What is a soul? What is a spirit? What is an acupuncture point (see Acu-Point)? What is a chakra? Is reincarnation real? What is consciousness? What is health? What is illness? Can health/illness be formulated into a mathematical discipline? What are ghosts, lost souls or fragmented souls, and so on? Occult and the knowledge of God’s Science are a necessary part of the total integration of cultural logic, while the result of this integrated paradigm provides the integrated right-left brain knowledge to satisfy the necessary condition for Co-Creation.

A Break in the Physicist’s Way of Thinking

Out of naïveté, I have followed my non-local, or faith, knowingness for the last 20 years in developing this Holon Theory. I found that in this naïveté, I have to break traditional thinking. This break was not only in adding a logic-information component of matter to wave-energy and particle-mass, but also the de-emphasis of the scientific-mathematical-experimental side of a physical law. That is, I found that the qualitative-pictorial logic of reality referred to as archetypal/gestalt logic is more essential in non-local thinking than the traditional physicist’s thinking of a physical law. As I completed this research in its theoretical phase, I noticed that today’s physicists are exploring the radical idea that the Universe is made-up of information rather than elementary particles, atoms, and molecules. At the center of the new physics of information, they explore the radical idea that everything, from the molecules in our bodies to the heart of a black hole, is made up of bits of information. Yet, they are still confined within the quantitative side of information, namely in bits, qubits, and ebits. Quantitative information, to me at least, is a bookkeeping form of information. Like understanding humans communicating with other humans, in the same way, we need to understand how atoms communicate with other atoms, how molecules communicate with other molecules, how cells communicate with other cells, and finally how we humans can communicate with all of them.

Problems in Quantum Observation Resolved with Observational Mirrors

In the Holon Theory, this communication science is formulated in the qualitative meaning of numbers. Like humans, each number has its own personality and has its own unique place within the non-local world of numbers. Each number communicates with other numbers like each human communicates with other humans. In short, the Holon Theory’s most important break in traditional physicist’s thinking was in replacing geometry with numbers, in a base-9 system of arithmetic as the dominating factor in understanding non-local reality. Therefore, dimensions, from the perspective of geometry, are quantitative. On the other hand, dimensions, from the perspective of numbers, are qualitative. In addition, geometry is co-created in the quantum world of mirrors. Numbers, on the other hand, are created and encoded in the non-local world of logic. In short, the actions of the logic component of matter are governed by the laws of numbers, in a base-9 system of arithmetic. The activities of the wave component of matter are formulated in the quantum mathematics of geometry. The movements of the particle component of matter follow the mechanistic laws of physics.

From this perspective, we can see clearly why the law of information depends on the communicators, i.e., communication between the observers and the observed. We can also see why the law of information must be qualitative and quantitative. The law of information is not only local with messengers. but also non-local without messengers. A messenger could be photons, electrons, cells, virus, bacteria, dogs, or humans. In the non-local communication, the Holon Theory models the observed as the lock-logic, while the observer is the key-logic. Both the lock-logic and the key-logic are created and co-created, respectively, in the logic space of the non-local world of numbers. From this perspective, quantum physics corresponds to the key looking for the lock. This process of the key looking for the lock forms the probability world of quantum mirrors. When the key finds the lock, a three-dimensional object which we call particle, is formed. These three worlds, as shown below, define the three components of matter: logic in the non-local world, wave in the quantum world, and particle in the three-dimensional world.

The Holon Theory, Its Formulation (Part I)

The following two sets of reality are formulated by two groups of observers, namely physicists and metaphysicists. Each triangle, shown below, with its three components is referred to as a Holon

tem2 5

Shown above, the first Holon of both triangles (Observer—Being-Observed—Interaction/Reality) is identical.

All forms of reality are relative to the observer’s act of observation. Thus, the observer’s learned knowledge and his or her forms of observation create a biased view of reality. In scientific observations, the view of reality is filtered through the apparatus and biased by the learned knowledge referred to as science. On the other hand, ancient wisdoms are views of reality formulated by an individual’s soul-perceptions (right-brain intuition) and/or spirit-knowingness (left-brain intellect) in the form of faith knowingness and biased by the stages of the observer’s soul-spirit maturity. These components are placed on the top vertex of both triangles. Scientific discoveries are also soul-perceptions and/or spirit-knowingness at the Aha or the Eureka moments. Thus, the final act of observation, whether it is by scientific methods or by soul-spirit knowingness, is through one’s mind-soul-spirit physiology. Therefore, all views of reality are Holons of mind-soul-spirit activities.

In conclusion, both methods of observations, represented by the above two triangles, are biased and incomplete. The Holon Theory is an attempt to integrate and complete these two methods of observation by forming a third integrating component. Thus, the Holon Theory is an integrated view of reality. What makes this integration possible is the reality captured by the following two Holons.

tem2 7

Missing in the ancient wisdom, or right-brain knowledge written in the classics, is the logic-information of the non-local views expressed by ways of modern math-logic. On the other hand, missing in modern physics (e.g., quantum-relativity-string theories), or left-brain knowledge, is the logic-information of soul-spirit knowingness of the same set of wisdoms written in the ancient classics (e.g., I-Ching—Kabballah—Biblical-logic) in the form of Li-logic. Notice, the common denominators in the above two Holons of ancient-modern knowledge are the Logic-Information and the Reality components. That is to say, the common denominators are the non-local realities in soul-spirit observations written in the I-Ching, Kabbalah, Biblical logic, and in the mathematics of quantum-realistic-string theories. Remember, Li-logic is defined as the logic-information encoded in mandalas, archetypes, or the gestalt of a “picture”. Notice that the gestalt of a number, say numbers 3, 6, and 9, or of a picture constructed with geometry or topology are modern forms of Li-logic if viewed qualitatively in the form of holograms.

The following is a set of Holons with both views integrated.

tem2 8

Notice that the above integration is biased by my learned knowledge (in quantum-relativistic-string theories and I-Ching-Kababllah-Biblical logic) and my maturity in soul-spirit communication. (Continued in Volume 4, the Epilogue)

The Holon Theory, Its Formulation (Part II from Volume 4)

I have now completed my life-long work. Integration of knowledge and obtaining answers to all the unanswerable questions, such as the meaning of reality, the meaning of life, and the relationships between matter and spirit, God and science, and so on are my reasons for this search for understanding. Until six months ago, I always thought that these were the reasons for my search. In putting the final results on paper seven months ago, the real purpose of this work suddenly and unexpected surfaced after completing the first volume. This purpose came through loud and clear in a single word. This word is Ascension, a word I have never ever used in my entire life. Similarly, the word God was not in my working vocabulary until 6-7 years ago. The words “God” and especially “Ascension” have no place in the mind of a scientist-engineer like me. In the mind of a scientist, the word Nature corresponds to the word God. But, the word “Ascension” definitely has no correspondence in the mind of a scientist.

I.  Ascension, the Outcome of this Integration of Modern Physics and Ancient Philosophy:

What comes through loud and clear is not what ascension means in the context of religion, but the meaning of ascension in the context of parallel universes and higher dimensions as required in the mathematics of string theories. How are string theories and ascension connected? Explaining this connection is equivalent to explaining the final conclusion on what I have integrated in my 40 years of research. Simply put, I took the most modern knowledge in physics, namely

  • Einstein’s Theories of Relativity
  • Quantum Physics
  • String and M-Theories

and the most ancient wisdom written in

  • The I-Ching Mandalas, the Octagons
  • The Holy Kabbalah, Qualitative Meanings of Numbers and logic-information conservations
  • The Logic Embedded in the Bible

and integrated all of the above with the proposal of the existence of a third component of matter, which is the non-local logic component. A second assumption used in this integration is that both physical matter and living matter are not only connected, they are two aspects of one whole. Within this assumption, the first three bullets represent Math-Logic, while the second three bullets correspond to Li-Logic. Li-Logic has to do with information encoded in a mandala, or a picture, or a piece of art. Notice that a number is not only a math-symbol with its quantitative meaning, but it is also a mandala (or an archetype) in Li-Logic with its qualitative meaning.

Now, looking at the completed work, if what I have written is not my imagination, then the messages written on Ascension, the Second Coming, and the danger facing humanity as derived from this logic-information paradigm are very important to the future of our civilization. Therefore, further examination by scholars who are more qualified then me is the main reason for going public with a pre-publication edition. I have never intended to make my research public for this search is a personal search for knowledge. There is a second reason why the results written in these four volumes deserve a public review. This reason has to do with the power of the Holon Theory to finalize many incomplete issues by answering the unanswerable questions in physics and in defining the human soul and spirit. A list of these questions is listed in Section V.

II. Incompleteness in Today’s Definition of Matter and its Conservation Law:

These incomplete issues together with all the unanswerable questions are the result of one incomplete formula. This is the formula for describing matter and its conservation law. Missing is the logic/spirit component and two of the three conservation components, namely the conservation between logic and information and between information and energy. This is the co-creation physics behind low energy transmutations, free-energy, and nano-technology. Without this logic/spirit component in the definition of matter, the formula for evolution leads to survival of the fittest and chaos, and leads to a technology of energy domination. The path of involution-evolution-energy defines the correct formula for evolution. That is to say, evolution is guided by the instruction encoded in involution, rather than the reliance on the survival of the fittest formula, and thus minimizes the production of entropy. And the logic/spirit component would guide us into a logic-information technology, a technology of human understanding or love as discussed later.

With the logic/spirit component, mind-body duality can be understood by the correspondence between the definitions of matter and spirit. These correspondences are: Logic corresponds to Spirit, Wave corresponds to Soul, and Particle corresponds to Body-Brain. Mind, on the other hand, is Soul-Brain interactions. To satisfy the requirement for wholeness, by using these correspondences, the formula for physical matter must be formulated inside the formula for living matter. Thus, Math-Logic is a subset of Li-Logic. That is to say, Li-Logic (e.g., a mandala) defines the logic component while Math-Logic (i.e., the topology of this mandala) is the conservation between logic (i.e., the lock) and decoded information (i.e., the key). This act of decoding (i.e., the key looking for the lock) defines the wave component of matter. Moreover, the particle component of matter is a state in which the key fits precisely into its lock. The set of incomplete understanding in today’s physics can be stated with one word. This word is love, namely an incomplete understanding of the science and technology of love. That is for physics, as discussed in Chapter Three, this love is mechanical information in the form of attractive action-at-a-distance.