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QA: What is Quantum Computer (Paradigm Summary)

This posting summaries both the QA: What is Quantum Meditation and QA: What is Quantum Logic, and QA: What is Quantum Computer. This posting also completes, QA: What is Vacuum Computer’s Architecture plus QA: What is Vacuum Computer’s Language, and God’s Vacuum Computer and Creation Vs Evolution. Thus, this summary fuses Quantum—Elementary Particles—Relativity into T’ai Hsuan Ching—I Ching—Tao Te Ching.

The I-Ching according to Lama Anagarilks Govinda:

At the atomic level, as Heisenberg first pointed out, the law of cause and effect no longer holds, there is indeterminacy. This indeterminacy is not just lack of knowledge about the outcome; the outcome in the complete sense of the word is not bound by the law of cause and effect. …Since at every state of increasing complexity the assembly of the whole wave-pattern is richer in its potentialities than the mere sum of its parts, since the nature of the combination to form the whole involves an intimacy, a togetherness that is far beyond mere summation, I assert that there is a reality of the whole above and beyond the reality of the parts, that this reality is not bound by the law of cause and effect, and that in this reality of the whole we find the guiding factor which governs the outcome of the metal process. This reality of the whole is a freedom that lifts its functioning out of the prison walls of cause and effect determinacy.

This concept of reality is exactly what the Chinese felt: they established an open and moving relationship with the principles of the cosmos in the system of Fu Hi, as these principles are reflected in the elemental symbols of the human mind. These symbols are multidimensional, i.e., they have different meanings according to the plane to which they are related, though all these different meanings have a common plane to which they are related, though all these different meanings have a common denominator pictured in the respective symbol. These symbols are archetypal pictures which rise from the depth of the psyche and have as many associations as justified by the experiences of the human mind. The more we occupy ourselves with them, the more they grow in significance and transparency.

The Tao Te Ching according to R. L. Wing:

LAO TZU WAS PERHAPS THE WORLD’S FIRST theoretical physicist. He devoted all of this intellectual energy to observing nature and its physical laws and to noting the interdependent relationship of all things. He saw a unified field of forces that he called Tao, but because what he saw could not be expressed in a logical, analytical fashion, he conveyed it through paradox. The eighty-one chapters in his small book are riddled with self-contradictory phases: “The Tao illuminated appears to beobscure. The Tao advancing appears to be retreating. It is the form of the formless; the image of nothingness.” Lao Tzu used paradox to provoke an unusual awareness in his readers, and to help explain the patterns and cycles, the parity and complementarity, that he saw superimposed on reality by the physical forces in the universe.

Quantum mechanics seems to suggest that the sub-atomic world—and even the world beyond the atom—have no independent structure at all until defined by the human intellect. Werner Heisenberg, who transformed physics when he developed this concept in 1927, notes: “Natural science does not simply describe and explain nature; it is a part of the interplay between nature and ourselves…. What we observe is not nature itself, but nature exposed to our method of questioning.” A new generation of physicists is now postulating that a universe cannot even come into existence unless it contains the possibility of life. They suggest that we live in a participatory universe where all reality and physical laws are dependent upon an observer to formulate them. Lao Tzu would clearly concur.

The T’ai Hsuan Ching according to Derek Walters:

Briefly, the T’ai Hsuan Ching holds that there are three forces at work in nature; two of these, the Yin and the Yang, represent the positive and negative fluxes … but there is also a third force which accounts for the creation of the truly novel. With Yin and Yang there is nothing new under the Sun. While everything can be classified as belonging to Yin and Yang, the dual philosophy can only account for what exists already; no matter what resultant products or ideas are spawned by the action of Yin and Yang, there is no entirely new element created. The results of any action can be foretold by the component materials and forces. But new ideas, and new species, only arise from the action of the third creative force. It is well known that an electronic computer can only produce what is fed into it; it takes the human mind to generate new concepts. The third force, according to the T’ai Hsuan Ching, is the Jen (Mankind) force.

The views described above for the I-Ching, the T’ai Hsuan Ching, and the Tao Te Ching are integrated into the diagram below, in approximation to the structure of the Vacuum Computer.


Embedded in this diagram are (1) the computer language (see posting, QA: What is Computer Language) plus (2) Computer Architecture (see Post, QA: What is Computer Architecture), and (3) Computer Algorithms.


tem-2 1

Language in BEING:

  • 9: Brain-Spirit <—-> Intellectual Logic <—->--
  • 6: Brain-Soul <—-> --

Language in MATTER:

  • 3: Physical Constants <—-> --

These languages are the various levels of Free Will. Therefore, non-local entanglement is due to disturbing the field of Free Will, and shielding (namely a Faraday Cage) is needed.

The languages of Being are expressed in the Tao Te Ching and the T’ai Hsuan Ching, while the language of Matter is expressed in physics.



Finally, what are Computer Algorithms for this Self-Programmable Vacuum Computer. These are the ten-dimensional computer gates equivalent to the binary gates in today’s computer, namely, the set of hardware that enable the computation of the entire set of algorithms (for example, human destiny, geomancy, astronomy, timing of acu-point coordinates, and so on) formulated in the logic algorithms of the I-Ching. This hardware is the Lou Pan (羅盤), a diagram is given on the page, God’s Vacuum Computer and Creation vs Evolution.

Briefly, this Lou Pan is a 20 ring-circular slide ruler, which is used to compute the algorithms of Ti (Earth), Jen (Human), T’ien (Heaven). Finally, the Hardware—Software—Language of God’s Self-programmable Vacuum Computer can now be stated in the following Holon.

  • (1) By combining this Lou Pan with the teachings of Tao Te Ching—-T’ai Husan Ching—-I-Ching and fusing with the physics of Quantum—-Relativity—-Elamentary Particles, we would have the Gates for our 10-Logic-Information Potentials connected to the corresponding 27 Information-Energy Paths.
  • (2) The self-programmed language is the 27 Information-Energy Free Will Paths formed by the Mind-Soul-Spirit Language for Being and Language for Matter in their respective Octave Levels
  • (3) To resolve possible entanglements, a Faraday Cage to Shield the unwanted Free Will field is needed

Notice, what we have here is not binary entanglement as understood by today’s quantum computing scientists, but Free Will entanglement.

(to be Continue)