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On Positive Psychology & Holon Physiology

This posting derives the Holon Physiology, which contains both the Collapsed Physiology-Psychology at each incarnation together with the Evolved Individual SELF which is connected to each incarnation. The result of this derivation automatically displays the incompleteness of today’s biological psychology and physiology, e.g., today’s popular subject in Positive Psychology or in popular terminology, Positive Thinking.

Again, I shall formulate this Physiology in a Holon diagram as shown below.


The details embedded in the above diagram are summarized in the the diagrams shown below.

Diagram 1: Acu-Point / Ck Physiology toward Ascension.

tem2 3

Godliness in Self: A spiritual state of self, living in a transcendental state of spirit-knowingness, which possesses knowledge beyond learned knowledge like knowledge in Co-Creating one’s body-brain system. The prerequisite to this state of Godliness in Self is the state of Sageness Within and Kingliness Without. To fully complete this state of Godliness in Self implies not only that this knowingness be boundless; but also to actualize any part of this unlimited knowledge with intentions at well.

Sageness Within: A person’s inner self emulates the soul-spirit of a Sage, i.e., a very wise person. Kingliness Without: A person’s action emulates the actions of a noble King.

Diagram 2a, Ck-8

tem2 5

Ck-9 is outside the body. Ck-8 plus Ck-9 integrate into the state of God’s in SELF, which in turn form the Holon Ck-8—Ck9—God’s in SELF. In the words of Rita Carter, Mapping The Mind.

The anterior commissure lies below the corpus callosum. It connects the unconscious limic structures in both hemispheres and carries emotional information between them. It does not connect the conscious areas of the brain, though, so words and thoughts cannot be exchanged.

However, it exchanges the spiritual state of logic-information.

Diagram 2, Ck-3 and Extended 5-Element

tem2 2

The details in this diagram will be (in a later section of this posting) used to complete the subjects discussed in Positive Psychology (or Positive Thinking).

Diagram 2-B Soul-Spirit Physiology

tem2 6

Notice, the entire physiology is reduced to the Number-6, which indicates 6 is a human number as stated earlier.

Diagram 3, Collapsed Physiology

tem2 1

Shown in the above diagram are many, many pathways that are very confusing. Yet this truly illustrates the holistic connectivity for every part of our physiology. These are the collapsed connections from our logic—information—energy paths into chemical—information—energy path. Although all parts of our body-brain are connected in the information space, unless changed by serious illness genetically each individual has his or her own biased path unless being changed by serious illness.  Notice, all these paths have their origin in the 5 elements, namely Ht, Sp, Lu, Ki, and Lv. The dash lines indicate the plasticity of each junction in the causal chain. The direction at each junction follows pattern changes in environment, eating, and living habits. These are the plasticity of the causal chains. The key is to identify one’s own causal chair in this diagram and in diagram 2 above (on the extended 5-element model). This discussion here will be continued in the posting in the next section on completing the subject of positive thinking, or Positive Psychology.

Shown also are the cosmic influences, lumped into seasonal logic—information—energy effects. This is how the ancients, with their powerful psychic right-brain ability and littler left-brain knowledge, formulated these effects into seasonal influences of the pulses plus their connections to acu-point circuits. The seasonal influences are first identified in time-optimization for farming. These identifications are then formulated in their moon calendar and in their human sciences. Both are formulated in the five branches of the I-Ching sciences and further formulated in this Website as the 10—22—27 formula. The mappings of seasonal influences and the 5 elements will also be connected in a later discussion on completing the incompleteness of Positive Thinking, which comes next.