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Comments on a Science of Holons

The next set of postings is on comments based on the Matter-Being Paradigm developed in this Website. This set of comments on scientific-metaphysical subjects, as listed below, should further clarify the non-conventional ways of thinking while developing in this Paradigm for Every Subjects of Knowledge (integrated) from ancient to modern. These comments will be presented one at a time in separate postings.

Again, to obtain the maximum benefit from these discussions, the reader must have an open mind, view everything from a holistic way, and with a set of background knowledge pertaining to each of the scientific and metaphysical subject under discussion. This set of background knowledge can be obtained through the Internet search engineers, like Google.

Examples on Comments to be addressed in the coming postings are:

  • On Creation & Co-Creation
  • On Force and Motion
  • On Sizes and Dimensions
  • On Time and Time Travels
  • On Scientific Anomalies
  • On Formulas of Bio-Quantum Observer Reality
  • On Human Basal Metabolic Frequencies
  • On Junk DNA
  • On Ghosts
  • On the Limitations of Positive Thinking, and so on
  • On Past Lives & Reincarnations
  • On Karma & Destiny
  • On Learning & Free Will
  • Etc.

Completing this last set of postings on the Comments completes my life-long quest to Know the Unknowable, Questions Asked  of more than 54 years ago, from 1954 to 2008.

Questions on the Science of a Human Being (Completing the Human Science of I-Ching Logic):

  1. How could my uncle, a Chinese doctor, determine a patient’s illness by just touching his or her pulse?
  2. How could my uncle know a patient’s pre-destiny toward certain health conditions, at a certain age of ones life, by asking ones birth date?
  3. What is the scientific explanation for the healing act of the laying on of hands?
  4. How does one scientifically explain miracle healing?
  5. What is Ch’i? What is the scientific explanation for how Ch’i works?
  6. What is an Acupuncture Point and how does it work scientifically?
  7. Is there a Soul, and if so, is there a scientific explanation for its physiology?
  8. Is there a Spirit, and if so, is there a scientific explanation for its physiology?
  9. Is Christ the Son of God and can there be a virginal birth?
  10. Will there be a Second Coming? If so, what is its meaning?
  11. Is there ascension? If so, what is its meaning?
  12. Is there a place called Heaven? If so, what type of science can explain this place?
  13. Is there a place called Hell? If so, where is it and how can science explain it?
  14. Is there a scientific explanation for psychic-energy & paranormal phenomena?
  15. What is consciousness, and is there any scientific explanation for its existence?
  16. Is there life after death? If so, how can science explain it?
  17. Why do I always have an urge to do something, and know not what this something is?
  18. What is the meaning of my life?
  19. Can we put health and medicine into a mathematical discipline?

Questions on the Science of Reality (Completing Quantum-Relativistic Physics):

  1. Does God play dice?
  2. Does Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle hold for all aspects of reality?
  3. Is reality really based on a quantum observer?
  4. How does one resolve the duality between left-brain and right-brain reality?
  5. How does one resolve the duality between the wave component and the particle component of matter?
  6. How does physics explain the dynamics inside the Vacuum? What is free energy?
  7. Is there a scientific explanation for the existence of Radionics or subtle energy?
  8. Is all velocity restricted to be less than that of the speed of light speed (3 x 1010 cm/sec)?
  9. How does physics explain non-local influences?
  10. Does scalar or longitudinal electromagnetic/gravity wave exist? If so, what field of physics explains their activities?
  11. Can physics explain the origin of the Universe?
  12. Is there a Theory of Everything in Physics?
  13. What is Gravity?
  14. What is Dark Matter?
  15. What is Dark Energy?

The answers to these questions are in the integration of I-Ching Logic and Quantum-Relativistic Physics, which form the contents of this Website. In the Matter-Being Paradigm, this integration is referred to as the science and technology of a Bio-Quantum. In short, I-Ching Logic forms the Logic-Information inside the Logic Vacuum, while Quantum-Relativistic Physics describes the Information-Energy Paths inside the Information Vacuum.