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The Holon of the Cygnon Mystery II: The Second Coming

Again, we shall begin with Andrew Collins on Cygnon’s connection to humanity, in the Cosmic Heart, as quoted below.

Ancient Astronomies

… the attraction of the Cygnus constellation goes back to the earliest cave art. For instance, in 2000 German archaeoastronomer Dr Mi­chael Rappenglück of Munich University identified the presence of the Cygnus constellation among abstract rock art in the deepest chamber of the famous Lascaux cave in southern France (Rappenglück, 2004). This was the setting for strange rites conducted by our Paleolithic ancestors as much as 17,000 years ago.

It is also toward Cygnus, known more popularly as the Northern Cross, that religious buildings and structures have been aligned ever since the very first great stone complexes were erected in southeast Turkey around 12,000 years ago. On top of this, the Giza Pyramids, the Neolithic passage grave of Newgrange in Ireland, Hindu temples in India, Olmec centers in Mexico, native American mound sites in Ohio, and even a great stone circle in the shape of a boat in Sweden, all seem to reflect a strong interest in the Cygnus constellation (see Collins, 2006 & Collins, 2009).

Why is this? Why so much interest in this one constellation? The answer lies initially in the fact that some 17,000 years ago the stars of Cygnus occupied the position of the northern celestial pole. This is the pivot point of the heav­ens around which the heavens are seen to turn as viewed from anywhere in the northern hemisphere. Secondly, Cyg­nus is located in the Milky Way in the region of the so-called Cygnus Rift where the starry stream divides into two separate rivers of stars due to a long, dark area of stellar debris, once seen as the entrance to a primordial sky-world, or heaven, where life began, souls were created, and the dead entered an afterlife among the stars (see Collins, The Cygnus Mystery, 2006).

Beyond all this was the obvious cruciform appearance of the star cluster, or asterism, invoking the image not just of a bird in flight but also a celestial cross—one that in Christian times quickly became identified with the Cross of Calvary, the One True Cross, rediscovered on Golgotha Mount by the Empress Helena in the fourth century AD.

Yet there might be another reason why Cygnus became so important to the ancient mindset, and that is the influ­ence of cosmic rays on both the body and mind. As early as 1973 science writer and astronomer Carl Sagan proposed that cosmic rays reaching Earth from some far off neutron star might well have been responsible for unexpected and quite sudden leaps in human evolution (Sagan, 1973). Normally, such changes are attributed to more mundane caus­es, such as diets, environmental factors, and even simple human necessity. However, a growing number of scientists are beginning to consider that cosmic rays might have played a role in human evolution, causing either mutations in DNA, or even the deletion of DNA sequences, which are then carried through to subsequent generations.

It is reasonable to conclude that if cosmic rays do affect human evolution, then the cygnets of Cygnus X-3 have played some role in this process, particularly as it is suspected that this star has been in its current state of spontane­ous, periodic activity for an estimated 700,000 years (Marti, 2005). This is when mankind’s direct forerunners are known to have reached Britain. Although these so-called hominids (or hominins as the scientists like us to refer to them today) preceded the Neanderthals by as much as 500,000 years …

Expanding Andrew Collins’ conclusion, we have the following two Holons Diagrams.






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Combining the information in this posting with the Cygnon discussion as stated here, we have the following Holon activities.


tem2 1

HAARP does not have enough energy to cause the destructive/violent weather; however, it can move our minds into a rapid pace of living toward Real-Time in the following destructive ways:

  • Increase in Divorce Rate
  • Highly Sensitive Children
  • Mental Illness, living in pain
  • Increases in Violence

To me the HAARP is one of many radionic devices that intensify mind activities good or evil, depending on the individual observer. It does not have the energy to violently affects weather conditions. As such the HAARP is one of the many post-modern mind-spirit technologies that affect minds and move Humans toward real-time living: Other examples of such preliminary Logic-Information / Information technologies are:

  • New Age/Radionics/Scalar Wave
  • Technologies in today’s Information Age
  • Magnetic motor / Nano Technologies / free energy devices… bio-quantum technologies

In short, these preliminary Mind-Spirit technologies are simply the rapid outcomes of the Involution—Evolution—Destructive Holon as illustrated above. Again, good or evil results depend on the individual observer’s mind and the reference frame, which include the observer’s state of knowledge and knowingness.

We Conclude this discussion with the following two Holons on human Involution—Evolution—Violence in the background of the Vacuum, with the inputs of God embedded in the free will Cygon particles.


The Second Diagram on the Involution-Evolution within the Millennial Kindom.


With these, the Holon Theory of Everything, (i.e., every subjects of Human Knowledge) in a single platform, which has to do with the nine components of mind/body—soul—spirit, comes to a temporary conclusion.