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Glossary H-K (2004)


Health/Illness: The three components for the Holon of Health/Illness are stated below. (See Acu-Points, Chakra, Glands, and Symmetry)

The Three Stages for Health/Illness

(1) Information-Communication Stage: This is the initial stage of health disturbance. In this initial stage, there are no visible symptoms. These disturbances are not felt by most of us. We have no knowledge of them as they occur. The disturbances are present at all times. The origin of these disturbances is from the mind, the physical-psychological environment, the things we eat, and the way we live. One of the biggest sources of disturbance is from our mind, defined in quantum physiology as brain-soul interactions, where the soul is defined as the space-time continuum of one’s Self. Although there are a few sensitive individuals who feel the emotional or psychical disturbances, perhaps the most common sensation is tiredness (mental and/or physical). Most people do not feel anything because of minimum awareness of communications between the individual’s mind and the body. Tiredness is the body’s natural way of saying No. It is the body’s way of telling you to listen. All tiredness caused by miscommunications is the result of dualistic conflicts, the want and not want, love and hate, or simply the duality of sedating versus tonifying certain physiological functions. The corrections treatments for these miscommunications are acupuncture, homeopathy and mental-psychological consultation. Consultation involves understanding the existence of a conflict and the knowledge to harmonize these conflicts. This is the stage where quantum mathematics, integrated with binary-ternary logic, is applied and in most cases, early detection of these disturbances or miscommunication has proven to be accurate. In fact, when certain symptoms (even physical symptoms such as disturbances in prostate communication) are detected in our health computer, conventional medical tests will indicate the abnormal chemistry two to three years later if the disturbed information is not corrected. Thus, if these disturbances continue without correction, the damage will progress to the next stage of health and wellness. This is the functional stage. Thus, the feeling of tiredness progresses to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

(2) Functional Stage: In this second stage, the normal functions of an individual’s physiological systems and the organs are affected. The individual will begin to have symptoms such as those stated in stage one, tiredness plus aches and pains, dizziness, gaining and losing weight, etc. However, in this stage, the symptoms are chronic. The most common is Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Again, the individual does not consider himself or herself ill. Here illness is defined as structural changes, such as changes in blood chemistry, or in x-rays and other pictorial representations of the anatomy. Namely, these are the findings in conventional medical diagnoses; thus these symptoms are outside of today’s conventional medical model, let alone, corrections and treatments. Most of these disturbances are from (1) the neuro-endocrine functional miscommunications of the hormonal system, especially the dualistic conflicts in pineal-thymus-parasympathetic and the pituitary-sympathetic networks, and (2) in the fermentation of undigested foods due to a functional abnormality in one’s metabolic functions. In turn, these fermented foods develop bacteria inside the guts and mucous lining of the stomach. Furthermore, in serious cases, both networks of neuro-endocrine and metabolic functions interact with each other to produce complicated symptoms of autoimmune disturbances. The corrections-treatments to these functional disturbances are both eastern and western herbs. If these functional disturbances continue to progress without correction or treatment, the damage will progress to the third stage of health and wellness, the Stage of Illness.

(3) Illness Stage: This stage has to do with changes in physiological-anatomical structures including changes in chemistry. This is where today’s allopathic doctor begins his or her diagnosis and treatments. However, at this last stage of health-wellness disturbance, all three stages are present. This explains the side effects of medicines, for medicines are needed to treat the specific areas of structural change. However, to be effective, these treatments must be strong and pinpointed; and thus generally affect both the communication and the functions of the individual’s entire body-mind physiology. These generalized actions are often referred to as side effects of the medicines. To correct these side effects, further medications are prescribed and, in turn, create more miscommunications and abnormal functions. What is needed is the combination/integration of all three stages of corrections and treatments. This is what we at E-W Institute refer to as the integration of medicine.

In the Holon Theory, the concepts of health/illness are based on a paradigm shift in our scientific understanding of the concept of matter. Matter, this stuff that makes up our bodies, is drastically different in our reality as understood in the 21st century from that proposed in the 19th century. In the 19th century model, matter is simply a particle. Particle physics is Newtonian mechanics. Likewise, the model of health/illness is based on bodily functions. Allopathic medicine was developed based on the anatomy and physiology of the human body. In the 20th century model, matter is both particle and wave, which is a dual aspect. The physics of particle and wave brings in quantum-relativistic physics. Likewise, the model of health/illness is based on the dual actions between mind and body. This mind-body duality contributes to the dualistic conflicts between allopathic and alternative medicines. These conflicts between allopathic and alternative medicines have their origin in our present understanding of quantum-relativistic physics, which was in turn generated from the conflicts embedded in our dualistic model of matter. Therefore, to resolve the conflicts between the allopathic and alternative models of medicine, one needs to first resolve the duality embedded in the quantum-relativistic definition of matter. In short, we need to resolve the dualistic difficulties hidden in the internal interactions between wave and particle.

Like the concept of a wave function, in today’s model of health/illness, with respect to both allopathic and alternative treatments, we have no scientific definition of the mind versus the body. These words need to be defined scientifically, not just the body and mind, but also the mystical terms referred to as the soul and the spirit. Thus, like the incompleteness in today’s status of quantum-relativistic physics, today’s allopathic-alternative model of health/illness is also incomplete. To resolve this incompleteness in both quantum-relativistic physics and the allopathic-alternative model of health/illness, a paradigm shift is needed. In fact, this paradigm shift is already suggested in John Steward Bell’s formulation of the theorem of non-local connectivity. This non-local component seems to be more visible in living matter, and therefore more visible in modeling health/illness than in physical matter. In addition, the completion of both quantum-relativistic physics and the model for allopathic-alternative medicine is in the scientific understanding of the word consciousness. This term consciousness is better understood from Bell’s theorem, and the concept of a singularity, rather than from physiology. Therefore, to understand health/illness, and to resolve the duality embedded in body and mind, one needs to have a conceptual understanding of contemporary physics. (See Consciousness, Soul-Spirit Physiology)

Health Computer: An Introduction

During the past 10 years the US Government authorized a special healthcare-base research project by The National Institutes of Health, (“US – NIH”). This project’s goal was to attempt to develop a means to extract medically-useful intelligence from data and information about the functioning of the body’s Autonomic Nervous System. The medical research community leadership had long been convinced that this system held valuable but so far inaccessible knowledge. Today some $20 Billion has been spent on the research project without meaningful success. Taken from the World Health Science Corp., April 2000

Our breakthroughs, after 40 years of related private research succeeded where the NIH research failed. In short, this Health Computer is the only workable illness preventive system in the world.

Based on our breakthroughs with the Holon Information-Communication paradigm, we are able to put the communication network of the neuro-endocrine system into a set of mathematical formulas; our Health Computer can uniquely compute the health-information of an individual. As explained by the Holon paradigm, this is only the first of three stages on the health of an individual. The other two stages are the functional stage and the illness stage.

The functional (or energy) stage has to do with Hara Communication, which is also mathematically formulated in our Health Computer. The hara is the basic place of the living energy. Therefore, the roots of all diseases (functional disturbances) are here. When you diagnose the disease, you must diagnose the hara. Before touching the pulse, one has to diagnose the symptoms. Before diagnosing the symptoms, one has to touch the hara.. Kiiko Matsumoto & Stephen Birch, Hara Diagnosis

The mathematics for both the neuro-endocrine and the hara networks not only captures the physical health, but also the total health-communication of the entire body-mind/soul-spirit of an individual in various modules besides the physical health module.


Each of the organs, namely, Lu, LI, HC, Tw, Ht, SI, and so on, has their own networks of acu-points. These networks, referred to as meridians, can be found in any acupuncture textbook. In addition, each of these organ networks has their own five-element networks, as shown below.

tem2 1

There are five sets of these networks. There are also interacting networks between these organ networks and the extra meridians, see Symmetry. These sets of networks, within networks, are simplified and formulated in the mathematics for the Health Computer. For a further discussion of the endocrine acu-point networks, see Symmetry.

The output of the Health Computer, in the physical health module, consists of (1) the information-communication disturbances and possible functional symptoms of the individual’s neuro-endocrine-hara networks in real time and (2) the remedies, corresponding to these disturbances, in the form of herbs, homeopathics (including Bach flowers and Cell Salts), natural oils, food recommendations, and acupuncture points for acupressure or use by an acupuncturist.  The entire health evaluation is automatic with little operator participation and thus can be implemented in the Worldwide Web, special clinics, and ordinary medical offices.

Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle: A quantum principle stating that one can never be exactly sure of both the position and the velocity of a particle. The more accurately one knows the one, the less accurately one can know the other. This principle suggests that the quantum system itself contains uncertainty, thereby existing in a continuous state of incoherence. In the Holon Theory, this principle exists in a transitional state, or in the boundary interactions, where the lock is searching for the key and vice versa. Here the lock is the encoded logic embedded in the logic aspect of matter and the key is the observer logic. Therefore, this uncertainty principle applies only to the wave-energy aspect of matter. It is generated by the conservation of information-energy, (see conservation of information-energy-mass). This principle does not hold inside the logic (the Base 9) or the 3-dimensional universes. (See Lock-Key Technology)

Schrodinger’s Cat This paradox exists because of the Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle. The state of the cat, alive or dead, depends on the logic of Schrodinger’s key. Therefore, which lock, i.e., the lock with the alive logic or the lock with the death logic, will the key fit can only be known after Schrodinger’s key found its lock.

Quantum incoherence: The process by which multiple possible realities permitted by quantum observation are eliminated. In the Holon Theory, incoherence is possible by understanding the encoded information of the particular lock-logic that needs to be opened, and the knowledge of Co-Creating a key-logic together with a deterministic way of getting the key to meet the lock. What we described here are the necessary and sufficient conditions for Co-Creation.

Hexagrams: Formed by pairs of trigrams. (See Trigrams, and Ebits/Qubits).

Higgs Particles: Higgs particles are so-called Higgs bosons, with 0 spin. Higgs interacts only with particle/anti-particle couples. In the Holon Theory, this logic/anti-logic is mechanized by the upper-primary or nuclear/lower-primary or nuclear trigrams of a hexagram. For the terms nuclear, lower primary, and upper primary, see Vol 2. (See Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field)

History: (See Time)

Hologram: Every element of a body contains the whole message of the whole body. A 3D hologram can be created with the intersection of three self-coherent light rays, orthogonal to each other.

Holon: A three-component model of reality. These three components of reality correspond to the Holon model of matter: Reality with respect to logic-information, wave-energy, and particle-mass; or Reality with respect to spirit-knowingness, soul-observation, body-sensation (human observed reality), and so on. Three universes are formed by these three sets of reality. These three are: the non-local archetypal universe of the logic-information (or Base 9) world; the topological, or the wave-energy universe of the observer world; and the 3-dimension universe of the particle-mass world. In the Holon model, reality is formed from all three universes, simultaneously, non-locality, in space-time continuum, and is 3-dimensional. The reality of these three universes is approximated in a diagram shown below:

tem2 2

Notice, time is at the Moment of Now, which equals Planck’s time. Notice also that spin is proportional to Planck’s constant, and hence embedded in the formula for computing the Moment of Now. In addition, the non-local world corresponds to the world of the spirit. The quantum world corresponds to the world of the soul. The 3-dimensional world corresponds to the world of the body-brain network. (See Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field, Spin, Time, and Free Energy)

In the context of today’s physics, the following trinities support the assumption of a Holon model for the definition of matter and hence reality in general:

tem2 4

In short, trinity models are used in all ancient cultures. (See Universe’s Origin)

Holon Theory of Everything: A theory on the non-local or the spiritual connections of all subjects of cultural logic, or human knowledge. (See Strings, Orbifolds, Numbers, and Embryology)

Homeopathy: Remedies diluted to the extent that no remedy molecule (namely, its particle-mass aspect) exists in the diluted solution in any detectable form. What exists, in the context of remedy, is the logic-information of the remedy molecules.


i: Interpreting this imaginary, i, as a teleportation operator is another break with traditional physicist’s thinking. This number i is a mathematical term defined as [= (-1)1/2], i.e., i x i = -1 and [i x i]  x  [i x i] = 1. This operation of i with itself is shown below in the notion of a teleportation operator operating on a.

tem2 1

The mirror is at zero. The shape, the contour of this mirror (depicted by 0) represents the surface of the quantum world. Inside zero (right side of the mirror) is the non-local world, while outside zero (left side of the mirror) corresponds to the three-dimensional world. As shown, i represents the key-logic, operating on a in the three-dimensional world. At the mirror, the key logic meets with the lock logic from inside zero, forming the lock-key operation (process 1) that brings a inside the non-local world, where a becomes -a (process 2), and at the same time returns it to the 3-dimensional world through the lock-key operation in the mirror (processes 3 and 4). This entire process, from 1 to 4, happens at the instant of Now. In short, the object a is being teleported into the non-local world and back, at the instant of Now, by the operator i. This instant of Now is referred to in physics as a singularity. Thus, i can therefore be viewed as a teleportation operator. (See Imaginary Number)

I-Ching/Tao Te Ching: These are two ancient Chinese classics. The I-Ching is a text based on the superposition of binary logic, symbolized by a yin-line and a yang-line, into trigrams/hexagrams. On the other hand, the Tao Te Ching can be interpreted as a text based on the superposition of ternary logic, symbolized by a yin-line, a yang-line, and a neutral-line, into bigrams/tetragrams. The I-Ching text contains the spiritual interpretations of the 8-trigrams and the 64 hexgrams, while the Tao-Te-Ching contains 81 chapters, which can also be viewed as spiritual interpretations of their corresponding 81 tetragrams. (See Trigrams, and Hexagrams, Yin-Yang)

There are five connected branches of ancient science derived from the binary logic of the I-Ching. These five branches are:

1. Prediction of personal events, or answers, based on one’s informed intention and the encoded message hidden in the trigrams and hexagrams obtained by one’s throw of three coins or fifty sticks. The intention is formed by formulating your question, writing it down and then letting it go, but being aware of it. It should be short and concise. If possible, try to get an image of the question in your mind. Notice, the more you are informed with your question, through self or learned knowledge, the more accurate your answers will be. With this intention in mind, you throw your three coins or fifty sticks. In throwing your three coins or fifty sticks, you should forget, or stop any mental activities on the questions you asked, i.e., let go of any mental processes related to your questions. Finally, in interpreting the trigrams and hexagrams obtained from your throwing of the three coins or fifty sticks, the I-Ching text is used only to awaken your spirit knowingness, which is from where your answers must come. This process is defined by the 27 information dimensions, whose accuracy depends on your informed free will, which is dependent on your learned knowledge and your spiritual knowingness, and the degree to which you have satisfied the conservation between logic and information.

2. Prediction of your karmic patterns and destiny based on the symmetry breaks, in the cosmos and in your reincarnation, caused by the birth of you, namely, the addition of a new piece of matter in the universe. This process is also defined by the 27 information-dimensions, whose accuracy is dependent on your informed knowledge and the degree you have satisfied the conservation between information and energy.

3. Prediction of your karmic patterns (and sometimes destiny) based on palmistry and facial features. Notice that your hands and facial features are somewhat related to the karmic information encoded within your acu-point networks. The accuracy of this method is dependent on the degree to which the encoded information is converted, without too many disturbances, into energy-mass, namely, the features of your hands and face.

A subcategory is the proto-science referred to as Feng Shui, or geomancy. (See Geomancy in Acu-Point)

4. Medicine: Acupuncture and herbal formulations for the maintenance of one’s body-mind/soul-spirit health, which also includes the correction of one’s karma and satisfying one’s destiny. This science is also formulated within the 27 information dimensions, which is strongly connected to the method used in items (1), (2), and (3). The purposes are to correct any entropy productions in body-mind/soul-spirit health by normalizing the three conservation laws of matter, namely, the conservation between logic-information within the spirit, information-energy within the mind, and energy-mass or chemistry within the body.

5.  Maintenance: The maintenance of one’s body-mind/soul-spirit health through physical-psychological practices often referred to as Ch’i (or Qi) Kung, and through the act of alchemy. (See Ch’i/Qi Kung, and Alchemy)

Illness: (See Health/Illness)

Imaginary Number, i: equals the square root of -1, or [-1]1/2. In the Holon Theory, this number is used as a teleportation operator, teleporting between dimensions four and zero, i.e., i 0 = i 4 = 1. Likewise the imaginary number w, defined as [ + w2 = -1 + w ], is also a teleportation operator between dimensions six and zero. These operators are also referred to as hypernumbers.

In addition, the letter i corresponds to the integer number 9, which is one of three teleportation integers. The number 9 is also a spiritual number that connects with God’s Encoded Logic. In base 9 arithmetic, the number 9 contains all integers, i.e., 0 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 = 45 à 9. Thus, the number 9 contains the ability to dimensionally shift to all other dimensions, from 0 to 9, in a base 9 system.

Immortality, of the Spirit: In the Holon Theory, this is the lock representation of you, namely, the set of encoded logic that defines the three-dimensional aspect of you. This lock exists beyond space and time. It is your logic-body and hence it is immortal, but your set logic, or your logic-body, is modifiable. This set of logic, or your spirit, is immortal because it is connected non-locally to the initial set of logic at the universe’s creation, which is the set of logic that defines the First Cause. The act of modifying this set of logic, or the lock, is referred to in the Holon Theory as involution, the opposite of evolution. Evolution represents the evolvement of your soul through the reincarnation of your body-brain networks. On the other hand, involution has to do with the involvement of your spirit to a perfect set of logic, corresponding to a final condition, which defines your destiny. At that final stage of your involution, your spirit will be in the Image of God.

Notice, the soul, contrary to popular belief, produces a temporary aspect of you in the quantum world of space-time continuum, for it represents the probabilistic path of your key, created by the intention of your brain, finding your lock, which is your spirit, (see Embryology). This lock can also be something unstructured or questioned in your brain’s unconscious mental activities or intentions, such as the space-time image encountered in your astroprojection.

In-God’s Image: (See God/Creator, and Immortality)

Information: An informed change of state. On the other hand, a misinformed change of state leads to negative information, or the production of entropy. (For Mechanistic Information, see Momentum, and Newtonian Physics)

Information-Energy Conservation: The requirement that wave-energy is released, or dissipated, at any time that a bit of information is decoded or erased. Vice versa, soul-spirit energy from the act of intention is dissipated to encode the information into the logic aspect of matter. The conservation of matter must include the conservation of information and energy. (See Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass)

Logic-Information Conservation: The logic aspect of matter contains potential energy embedded in the encoded information. This potential energy can be released via the act of Co-Creation with the proper set of knowledge and technology. The conservation of matter must include the conservation between logic and information. (See Conservation of information-energy-mass)

Inflation: A brief period of accelerated expansion during which the very early universe, about 10-35 sec after the Big Bang, increased its size by an enormous factor. This inflationary assumption is not part of the Holon Theory. The concept of an inflationary universe is automatically embedded in the non-locality of the logic-information aspect of matter.

Information Medicine: Health/illness/medicine, all three, defined as a Holon, whose three components are informational, functional, and structural. Information has two states, namely, informed state of communication or a state of miscommunication. The informed state is a healthy state. The state of miscommunication is a disturbed state of health, and the corrective remedies are homeopathics, acupuncture, healing with intentions, and so on. Informational disturbances can degenerate into functional disorder and further into structural, or abnormal changes in physiological chemistry. Illnesses are categories of various structural disorders. (See Homeopathic, and Health/Illness)

Inspiration: Knowing through mind/soul-spirit intention. An inspirational state is a state of spirit-knowingness occurring inside a singularity.

Instinct: (See Free Will)

Intention: Unlike the activities of thinking, which involve brain functions only; intention has to do with actions of the mind, or brain-soul communications, and/or spirit-knowingness. The activities of the former generate a state of space-time perception, referred to as astroprojection or an aura-energy state; whereas the latter actualize a non-local state of spirit-knowingness. (See Soul-Perception, Spirit-Knowingness, and Consciousness)

Intuition: Visual learning through the right brain.

Intellect: Linear logical learning with the left brain.

Involution: (See Evolution/Involution)


Karma: Actualizable soul space-time connected events. The information of these events is encoded in the acu-point physiology. These events occur in event time; therefore, karma can be changed via actualized intention in the Moment of Now. (See Time, Soul, and Acu-Points)

Kingliness Without: A person’s action emulates the actions of a noble King.

Kundalini: Intense activities in soul space-time perceptions or spirit knowingness, at a stage in which its activities cannot be supported by normal body-brain physiology. (See Chakra, Spirit Knowingness, Soul Perceptions, and Soul-Spirit Physiology)