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QA: What is Vacuum Computer’s Language


The language of the vacuum computer has to do with the computer execution language, that is the language that causes a collapse of information-energy onto energy-mass or at least forming a somewhat stable local—non-local brain-soul state between the Observer-Observed, if not the collapsed state. This is an individual observer-observed language, which connects with the soul component of the observer-observed minds (i.e., brain-soul interaction, within a field of free will).

These interactions are different than interaction that are involved with the maturity of the left-brain or the maturity of the right-brain. Thus, at present, there are two such sets of languages (the left-brain set and the right brain set). The left brain side is guided by the intellectual knowledge of the Logic-Information potentials formed in the observer’s spirit-mind operator. The right brain side is guided by the intuitive vision of the execution technology.

In short, the left brain set involves experimental-technological development guided by the principles or laws reviewed within the hidden Logic-Information potentials. On the other hand, the right brain experimental-technological set is guided by the image created in the mind-soul operator of the observer. This mind-soul operator is the observer’s intuitive-psychic vision of such experimental technology. See the page A Game on the Meanings of Reality

In Summary:

Left Brain Set —-> Logic Potential Model —-> Meter Reading with no Observer-Observed Participation

Right Brain Set —-> Psychic Vision —-> Observer-Observed Participation in Meter Reading

Again, this language (different from both sets) is a language on experimental set-ups and / or technology building.

Notice that we are not at the stage of left-right brain maturity yet. Thus, the language is an evolving language until the maturities of both sides of the brain are matured. At this integrated stage, the maturity of this computer language will be established.

In conclusion, this vacuum computer language is not only alive but also a language that participates in the act of Creation or Co-creation. That is to say, at the final stage, this language together with the Human Observer both will have gone through the evolve-involve development together in approaching a mind state referred to as the God Image state.


Introduced in the post, Prophecies-Predictions by a Quantum Observer, a finite group of scientists such as Tesla, Keely, Rife, Abrams, … are returning to experimenting with the power of ancient right brain matured technologies. Atlantis is used to represent this matured stage of reality.

The word “return” implies that these researchers are not yet at a full right brain matured state. However, their right brain technology is supported by the superior left brain knowledge of the day, which is at the beginning of the twentieth century. Yet each of their technology is not repeatable by others except themselves. That is each of their intuitive-psychic components, despite their scientific knowledge, are integral part of their invention. However, this is the beginning stage of an integrated left-right brain technology of the future.

Notice, these early twentieth century technologies (of Tesla, Keely, Rife …) are not those of the Atlantis, but technologies enhanced by the intuitive-psychic visions of the inventors. These technologies are classified as Radionics (see the Post Prophecies-Predictions by a Quantum Observer).

In this perspective, the right brain vacuum computer’s language is the mind-soul vision of the human observer connected to the workings of Radionics within the information-energy vacuum, namely the observer’s soul space.


Scientific maturity is on the workings of Nano-Technologies, namely zero-point energy, cold fusion, superconductivity, quantum computations, and so on. In short, scientific maturity involves with understanding of the technical workings of nano and monopoles, namely the nuclear systems, magnetic rather than electric, and systems of information-magnetic monopoles. Remember, information monopoles are neutral while magnetic monopoles contain magnetic charges.

Therefore, the left brain vacuum computer’s language has to do with the workings of nana (or quanta) and monopoles within the information-energy vacuum. This language is derived from intellectual (compared to intuitive visual) understanding of the structure of elementary particles and the nucleus. Yet, the physicist has no idea of how these nano-monopole works inside the information-energy vacuum. In fact,the physicist has no idea of how the vacuum and / or information work.  Especially, how these elements are connected to the physicist’s thinking minds and their local—non-local—entangled connectivity to other minds and everything else. It is this Holon connectivity that is behind the incompleteness of this left-brain vacuum computer’s language.

The solution for a complete vacuum computer language is in integrating the language of radionics with the language of nano-monopoles.