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On Good and Evil

This posting will derive the Final Version of the Integrated I-Ching—Big Bang—Computer Logic, which forms the Holon of God’s Input in the formation of this Matter-Being Participatory Universe.

Notice, till now, minor conflicts exit in the logic discussions of the I-Ching (based on two octagons) violating the Holon principle of Matter—Being—Matter-Being, or Observer—Observed—Reference Frame. It is these conflicts that generat the Logic Symmetry Breaks, which initiated the Big Bang.

Within this God’s Holon is the concept of Good and Evil.

In ethics, theories of moral goodness inquire into what sorts of things are good, and what the word “good” really means in the abstract (and its antonym, “evil”). As a philosophical concept, goodness might represent a hope that natural love be continuous, expansive, and all-inclusive. In a monotheistic religious context, it is by this hope that an important concept of God is derived —as an infinite projection of love, manifest as goodness in the lives of people. In other contexts, the good is viewed to be whatever produces the best consequences upon the lives of people, especially with regard to their states of well being. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Good_and_evil

In short, Good implies a state moving toward God’s Logic, while Evil is a state moving away from God’s Logic.

Continuing the Big Bang Logic Symmetry Break discussions presented in posting On Time and Time Travel, the following details within this logic break is diagrammed below from the Octagon Holon of the Integrated I-Ching—Big-Bang—Computer-Logic standpoint.


The logic embedded within these logic symmetry breaks (interactions in information paths, and programming) is illustrated in the next three diagrams.

tem2 1

The next two diagrams are on the Holon of Free Will—Good—Evil.

tem2 2

And the next diagram is on the three sets of Tetragrams defining Mind Logic—Post-Heaven Logic—Pre Heaven Logic.

tem2 3

Finally, the criteria of Good and Evil as diagrammed below.

tem2 4

The three sets at Symmetry Break as diagrammed above are:

  1. Pre Heaven Octagon —> 27 Free Will Logic
  2. Post Heaven Octagon —> One addition –> 27 + 1 Free Will Logic
  3. Mind Octagon —> 27 additions –> 55 Free Will Logic

Remember, these sets occurred only at Symmetry Break, with the purpose of setting up the initial-final conditions of the universe including us Humans (and are encoded in the Vacuum Computer). Notice, as indicated above, the 10—22—27 formula follows at Symmetry Break for both the Pre-Heaven Octagon and the Mind Octagon, which implies that the formula is encoded in the computer. (The Five Element Phase Transitions are not included in the above diagrams) The Post-Heaven Octagon is a slight modification of the Pre-Heaven Octagon for output purposes. This explains the fine tunings of the Physical Constants as described by Roger Penrose in the diagram below with his comments.


Figure 1

What does this say about the precision that must be involved in setting up the Big Bang? It is really very, very extraordinary. I have illustrated the probability in a cartoon of the Creator, finding a very tiny point in that phase space which represents the initial conditions from which our Universe must have evolved if it is to resemble remotely the one we live in (Figure 1). To find it, the Creator has to locate that point in phase space to an accuracy of one part in

tem2 3

On the other, the interactions between the Living Universe with its Free Will Logic Set at Symmetry Break (with 55 free will states) is much, much complicated. Yet, this complexity is guided by the One Free Will State in the Pre-Heaven Logic, namely the 6 obtained from the diagonals of the octagon (15 —>6, a human number). That is to say, the Physical Constants not only developed a precise Physical Universe, but also guided the development of a biological universe.

The Good and Evil diagram uses this initial Set of 55 Free Will States to extrapolate outward to the present evolved state. This extrapolation explains the previous postings as listed  below:

  • QA: Why Universe is Accelerating?
  • Prophesies—Predictions by a Quantum Observer
  • QA: What is the Universe’s Fate

I shall conclude the discussion of Good and Evil, and let the readers study these diagrams for themselves.


From these diagrams, the reader can interpret that through one’s spirit-mind and soul-mind can definitely be able to interact with both past and future Information-Energy Paths and/or the encoded logic potentials of these actions. Can we “see” and/or “know” the past and the future? The answer is Yes, with the following limitations and necessary requirements.


  • In a Informed State; namely, a proper Observer—Observed—Frame of Reference in a spirit-mind or soul-mind state, which has been defined and discussed many times in this Website
  • Ask the question or request to the Universe (the Vacuum Computer) in as much detail as possible and then let go, the answer will come with persistence and faith
  • One must ask and receives in a State of Clarity with one’s cup of knowledge empty
  • One must have a proper state of understanding (learned knowledge) with the viewed or channeled information
  • These conditions must be carefully practice and learned or to know (with a proper feeling inside oneself) when the answer appears
  • Etc.


  • No Time is associated with the visions or channeled information (or events)
  • Time must be interpreted within the context of the events (e.g., in the form of a calendar as stated in the formula 10—22—27). This is the reason why most of all scientific formulation on “laws of nature” are time independent
  • Due to the Free Will Field of disturbance, the further the projected visions or channeled information, the less accuracy
  • The accuracy quickly diminishes except for channeled “laws of nature” or the encoded logic potentials (involution logic). Even the left-brain channeled “laws of nature” will changed due to the Observer’s Knowledge within the Reference Frame
  • Etc.

Further discussions in relation to this posting and the posting on Time and Time Travel will be continued in the posting on Reincarnation.