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Conclusion: Participates in Continuous Creation

The details for these outlines are either within the discussions given in this Website or in Wing Pon’s earlier writings. Some of these techniques have been briefly experimentally tested (e.g., low-energy transmutation [alchemical reactions], Webhealth computer, zero-point exercises in virtual movements with or without the use of Mandala, and Acu-Brain). All results are positive. Thus, it is encouraging to know that the Paradigm is heading in the right-direction.

The four continuous creation steps stated below are based on the Integration of Quantum Relativistic Physics and the 5 branches of I-Ching sciences. Quantum Relativistic Physics is the most matured of left-brain development in today’s understanding of Nature, while the 5 branches of I-Ching sciences are the most matured right-brain development of Human Sciences in ancient times. Integrating the two is what I refer to in this Website as the Matter-Being Paradigm, which is a Paradigm of Everything as summarized below in the form of a Holon interacting Mandala.



Through these mutual learning, we now derive the four steps in the Observer-Cosmo Continuous Creation.


Step-1. Penetrate the Boundaries between Logic / Information Vacuums and the 3-D Space

(a) Physical Teleportation in Matter Logic

  • Math Logic, the Now-Operator <—-> Monopoles:
  1. Left-Brain Operators: (a) Imaginary Number i & other Hyppernumbres [notice that rotating Magnetic Field, e.g., Homopolar machine, contains this operator i]; (b) Sudden Changes in Phase Memory by Impulses [Mechanical, Heat, Electrical and so on]
  2. Right-Brain Operators: (a) Mandala [with psychic awareness or without]; (b) Sound [notice vibrations are discrete impulses. Creation by sound implies audible-inaudible resonances, like the resonance between qi and Ch’i, see earlier postings]
  • Electron Tunneling
  • Nuclear / Isotope Chemistry
  • Meta-Atomic Elements
  • Etc

(b) Biological Teleportation  in Being Logic

  • Acu-Points (Chakra, Trigger Points, etc)
  • Homeopathic (shaking or succussion –> impulse)
  • Mind (Brain-Spirit, Brain-Soul Actions)
  • Intentions (Specific & Directed Mind Actions)
  • Etc

(c) Matter-Being Logic in Combination

  • Exercises [Internal-External with intentions and/or Breath Control]
  • Physical & Emotional Shocks [–> Impulses]
  • Virtual motions [–> Math Operator i] in the form of Spin, Spiral, Vortex (intentional directed or not directed)
  • Etc.

Step-2. Program the Computer with New Knowledge (Good / “Evil”), or Garbage

(a) Creating New Logic-Potentials or New Subroutines with the Mind: (1) Brain-Spirit formulation, vacuum computer inputs formulated in Left or Right Brain Knowledge-Understanding]; (2) Brain-Soul Interactions with no knowledgeable inputs, e.g., in Physical or Emotional Shocks, Psychic Teleportation, and so on]

(b) Creating New Information-Energy Paths with the proper driver (Information Crossover from a-1): Intentional Brain Soul Interactions by knowing the correct program to execute

(c) Teaching Nature this New Logic-Potentials and its corresponding New Information-Energy Paths

Step-3. Computer Outputs with Newly Encoded Subroutines

(a) Creating 3-D Output Logic that contains a Physical Component, e.g., chemical reactions and so on. Notice, String Theory contains no 3-D output logic. [String Paradigm contains only logic-potentials and many information-energy patterns in topologies referred to as the Brane Worlds]

(b) Teaching Nature this New Information-Energy and Energy-Mass connection created in (a)

(c) Locked into Nature’s Memory the “how to teleport” from the information vacuum to 3-D Space, i.e., the output instructions are encoded in Nature’s Information-Energy Path

Step-4. Deterministic Creation within the Free Will Field

(a) It is the Information-Energy Paths (or the Soul Component) that is Entangled with the Free Will Field

(b) Not Entangled Cases, e.g., specific cold fusion reactions, healing specific soul-spirit disturbances, want specific answers from the Cosmo, and so on: Solution –> (1) Applies the 10–22–27 Formula; (2) Training Nature what you want (see 2-c)

(c) Highly Entangled: (a) Apply the 10–22–27 formula; (2) Use a Faraday Cage for shielding the free will field. Even so, Deterministic Solution might not be possible for some cases