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QA: What is Information-Energy


    Observer—Computer Execution—Observed interaction inside a Holon, which implies Logic-Information of the Spirit Crossover onto Information-Energy of the Soul. Here, the Observer-Observed Information is local/non-local interconnected within an entangled free will field

These operations connect Space-Time, Energy-Mass, Matter-Being Conservation as discussed below.


At every instant it is the Now operator that connects spirit-soul (or the logic-wave components) with the brain (or particle component) to form the two components of the mind (namely, spirit-mind and soul-mind or wave-particle and logic-particle that corresponds to the particle-potential). In addition, time is usually hidden in most mathematical equations as an independent variable, i.e., this connection between local and non-local is continuous and hidden. The two operators together form the space-time continuum operator. Notice, Relativistic-Quantum Physics connects both operators, while Newtonian Physics contains only the time (without the i) operator. Notice, the quantum wave function ψ∗ contains i communicating with the space’s half of the wave function; namely ψ in the formation ψ∗ψ. This operation defines the collapse of the soul’s half of the wave function by integrating with the space’s half.

    Energy-Mass, Newtonian Operators:

In Newtonian Physics, 3-D space and vacuum are connected due to the Now operator. Yet in the absence of the i operator in the Newtonian Math, no local / non-local communications occur (or actions among the observer and the observed) between them. However, the “local / non-local intelligence” of the Newtonian Math Operators comes from the collapsed information-energy programmed in the computer. Namely, the information-energy formed at the instance at which ψ collapsed ψ∗. This programmed intelligence is embedded in the energy-mass program defined by its Math Operator, and can be referred to as Mechanical / Matter Information. Thus, we can conclude that energy is non-local and reside in the Soul, while energy-mass is collapsed soul-energy and resides in the particle or the body-brain.
(Feedback-Control: Remember that the most primitive form of thinking-feeling is the internal capabilities of feedback and control inside any systems.)

    Extension of Energy-Mass Conservation:

Since information is collapsed onto the energy-mass of the particle, conservation is between energy and mass. However, before the collapse, conservation obeys the Holon of Information-Energy-Mass. This explains the extension of the Particle Energy-Mass formula to include the component of Information embedded in the Soul.

Both answers to What is Logic-Information and What is Information Energy involve the Observer-Observed Interaction within a Non-local Interconnected Reference Frame. Thus, to fully understand the answers to these two questions, the question What is a Reference Frame must be asked. See next Posting for its answer.