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Being in Matter

Remember that God started this universe by inputing #9 Base-9, in the Pre-Heaven Logic Vacuum: #9 —> 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9 = 9. Next collapsing #9, onto the Post-Heaven of the Information Vacuum generates all numbers from 1 to 9. With this reminder, we can now formulate / simulate the Fine Structure Constants and all other Constants manifested by the Logic Big Bang, and encoded in the Self-Programmable Computer. The simulations of all these Constants need no additional assumptions.

Continue from previous Posting on the Local / Non-Local interaction between the Holon of Black-Hole—Wormhole—White Hole and Being-in-Matter as presented in the diagram formula shown below.



  • 神 —> Being in Matter
  • 氣 —> Chemical Potential, Information-Energy
  • 精 —> Collapsed onto Chemical Mass
  • —-> Being in Human, Spirit-Mind
  • 心 —-> Heart Information-Energy, Soul-Mind
  • 身 —-> Collapsed onto Physical Body
  • —-> Logic of Being, Godliness in Self
  • —-> Soul Information-Energy
  • —-> Collapsed onto the Image of God

It is through the Non-Local interactions of Being-in-Matter and the three Holon of Nine Chinese Characters that started the Logic Big Bang and the formation of our living Matter-Being participatory universe.

It is through the Fine Structure Constant that Binds the Involution-Evolution Logic together in a highly and precise way during formation of our precise living universe.


The fine-structure constant and the nature of the universe: Ye cannae change the laws of physics. Aug 31st 2010, http://www.economist.com/node/16930866

RICHARD FEYNMAN, Nobel laureate and physicist extraordinaire, called it a “magic number” and its value “one of the greatest damn mysteries of physics”. The number he was referring to, which goes by the symbol alpha and the rather more long-winded name of the fine-structure constant, is magic indeed. If it were a mere 4% bigger or smaller than it is, stars would not be able to sustain the nuclear reactions that synthesise carbon and oxygen. One consequence would be that squishy, carbon-based life would not exist.

Why alpha takes on the precise value it has, so delicately fine-tuned for life, is a deep scientific mystery. A new piece of astrophysical research may, however, have uncovered a crucial piece of the puzzle. In a paper just submitted to Physical Review Letters, a team led by John Webb and Julian King from the University of New South Wales in Australia present evidence that the fine-structure constant may not actually be constant after all. Rather, it seems to vary from place to place within the universe. If their results hold up to the scrutiny, and can be replicated, they will have profound implications—for they suggest that the universe stretches far beyond what telescopes can observe, and that the laws of physics vary within it. Instead of the whole universe being fine-tuned for life, then, humanity finds itself in a corner of space where, Goldilocks-like, the values of the fundamental constants happen to be just right for it.

Since the Binding Constant Binds Being and Matter together, the variation of this Constant can either comes from Being or Matter through the Observer—Observed—Reference Frame Holon. (See Diagram below)

tem2 1

From Wikipedia, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Physical_constant

The fine-structure constant α is probably the best known dimensionless fundamental physical constant. Many attempts have been made to derive its value (currently measured at about 1/137.035999) from theory, but so far none have succeeded. The same holds for the dimensionless ratios of masses of fundamental particles (the most apparent is mp/me, approximately 1836.152672). With the development of quantum chemistry in the 20th century, however, a vast number of previously inexplicable dimensionless physical constants were successfully computed from theory. As such, some theoretical physicists still hope for continued progress in explaining the values of other dimensionless physical constants.

It is known that the Universe would be very different, if these constants took values significantly different from those we observe. For example, a few percent change in the value of the fine structure constant would be enough to eliminate stars like our Sun. This has prompted attempts at anthropic explanations of the values of some of the dimensionless fundamental physical constants. T. Simcox Lea & F. Bligh Bond, The Apostolic Gnosis.

This constant can also be derived from the Base-9 / Base-10 interactions of the unseen and visible 64 Hexagrams, which represent Truth.


In addition, numbers resulted from multiplied by 37 are visible, while those resulted from multiplied by 27 are invisible.

tem2 2

With the knowledge that number 64, in both Base-9 and Base-10, represents Truth. Number 36 represents unseen Truth, while number 37 corresponds to visible Truth.

Two more constants can be derived from the 27th entry of the above table. This entry corresponds to the number 729, and we have

  • 1011/729    = 1.3717421 x 10 8 —> Find Structure Constant for Hydrogen (1.371760 x 10 8 )
  • 729/2 = 364.5 Balmer Constant in Hydrogen Spectrum

The reason that I can take the liberty of adding zeros to the left (or the right) digits of a number is: adding or subtracting zero left or right represents gnomonic expansion condition and does not changes the significant of that number in Basae-9. In fact these values are the results of free will collapsing.


tem2 3


A physical constant is a physical quantity that is generally believed to be both universal in nature and constant in time. It can be contrasted with a mathematical constant, which is a fixed numerical value but does not directly involve any physical measurement. Some physicists have explored the notion that if the (dimensionless) fundamental physical constants had sufficiently different values, our universe would be so radically different that intelligent life would probably not have emerged, and that our universe therefore seems to be fine-tuned for intelligent life. Thus, these constants seem to connect Being with Matter. If they are so important, why are the constants not deducible from the laws of physics?

Why are the constants not deduced from theory? This is another uncertain question. Why is it that the values of the constants are not obtained theoretically and should be measured experimentally, sometimes with enormous difficulties? At present, we only have to put up with the way things are. But certainly the edifice of physics cannot be completed until this problem is solved. …Perhaps we are at the threshold of a new revolution of ideas, much more radical than those caused by Newton and Einstein. O.P. Spiridonov, Universal Physical Constants.

tem2 4

As Shown, the derivation / simulation of these constants is not from any physical energy-mass principle, but from God’s input of #9 Base-9 and subsequent collapsed onto 3 from Holon 1-2-3—4-5-6—7-8-9. Here #3 represents the Light / Free Will Constants with Holon of Magnetic Photon—-Electric Photon—-Light. In short, these Constants are the Collapses of Involution Logic Vacuum onto Energy-Mass, pasting through the Information-Energy Vacuum.

This explains the many so-called coincidences of numbers, as shown in this Paradigm. The preciseness of these numbers are pre-designed into the Involution Logic and pre-encoded onto the Computer in God’s Inputs of Free Will, which is written in Light.

Remember, we are living in a Participatory Universe. These simulations can be completed in the Past, at Present, in the Future, yet an Observer with the proper Frame of Reference can received through His—-Her—-Its Spirit-Mind—-Soul-Mind—-Being-in-Matter States without connected to time or space. These are spaceless-timeless simulations.


Thus, we can now summarize, shown below, the Spirit-Mind—Soul-Mind—Being-in-Matter Formula 27 stated earlier and put together in these four Postings: Through the Wormhole, Simulation Logic in Ternary Computer, and Being –In-Matter.

  • 27 Invisible I-Ching coordinates: 10 celestial, 12 terrestrial, and 5 phases
  • 27 Invisible Sound Frequencies: 22 Hebrew Alphabets and 5 Consonants
  • 27 Singular points of a 6-Dimensional Orbifold Space in String Theory
  • 27 Unseen Variables For Fine Structure Constant that Binds Matter to Being
  • 27 Isotopic Elements in Occult Chemistry that contains the ORMUS Elements
  • 27 Acu-Points Circuits: 5-Sedate & 5-Tonify in 5-Element Plus 7-Chakra
  • 27 in Holons 3—3—3, 6—6—6, 9—9—9 Encoded the Involution Logic, include the Collapse of God’s Inputs onto Physical Constants, Soul—Spirit—Ascension Physiology…
  • 3—3—3 —-> Logic of Physical Constants
    6—6—6 —-> Logic of Soul-Spirit Physiology
    9—9—9 —-> Logic States of Ascension

In conclusion, this 27 is the Logic Holon formula for Being-in-Matter—Soul-Mind—Spirit-Mind.

These last four Postings are definitely a summary of the Matter-Being Paradigm, and in it, the Holon Theory of Everything. Here Everything implies the introduction or a beginning to all human knowledge, in the Holon of Pre-Quantum—Quantum—Post-Quantum.

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