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QA: What is Bio-Quantum Logic Convergence

Theory and Speculations [with Wing Pon’s comments in Bold letters] quoted from the Global Consciousness Project (GCP),  see its Website

After a decade of experience with the GCP data, looking at the varieties of correlations and the factors that seem to matter, I am beginning to see a “mechanism” for the GCP effects. I don’t yet know how to express it in clear scientific/mathematical terms, but the substance is that correlation is something. There is a real entity in the world whose nature appears to be relationship and pattern.

[Correlated logic relationships in the Logic Vacuum and information patterns in the Information Vacuum are the keys to understand these GCP data, not statistics, as expressed in the following quoted paragraph].

… all of the robust measures we have providing evidence for the anomalous effects are statistical in nature, and the signal to noise ratio is extremely low. This means that we typically cannot be sure that the “signature” of an effect in any individual analysis is driven by the hypothesized influence of consciousness. The details written in the data from single instances are more likely to be chance fluctuations than consciousness effects. Only in larger concatenations, gathering the weak signals from many separate events, can we be satisfied that trends and structure represent the hypothesized effect.

The bottom line is that the output distribution of data from the REG [Random Event Generator] differs from what would be expected without the influence of consciousness. Two major questions should be kept in mind to help focus our speculations:

1) What is the physical meaning of the statistically unlikely patterns that appears in our random data?

[The data are not random and cannot be analyzed via statistics. The observed influence is connected to the 3—6—9 Local / Non-local Logic of Being and Information of Matter, as explained in this posting and is continues in the last posting.]

2) What is the bio-social meaning of the correlation of such patterns with events of importance to humans?

[The bio-social meaning has to do with the coming of maturity of both left and right brain understandings as described in this Website especially, the understandings of Bio-Quantum by integrating quantum physics with metaphysics. This integration will  take humanity out of Brahman Night (which we are now in) into Brahman Day (after 2033), as explained in the posting: Prophecies-Predictions by a Quantum Observer]


DEFINITION, The Holon components for the 3—6—9 Consciousness are:

  • 3 —> Matter, --, Consciousness,  (e.g., the physical constants and the Minds of Non-Living Matter, see previous postings)
  • 6 —> Bio, --, Consciousnesses (e.g., human body-soul-spirit or the Mind of Living Matter, see previous postings)
  • 9 —> Being, -魂-魄, Consciousness (e.g., maturity in Chakra 6—7—8 or the Mind of Enlightened Being, see previous postings)


  • Magnetic (includes Magnetic Monopole) — Electric — Electromagnetic [in the Vacuum Computer: Subroutines connected to the Collapsing of Information-Energy]
  • 10—22—27 Non-Local Ch’i / Local Qi Interacting Formula as defined in the previous posting [In the Vacuum Computer: Subroutines of the Collective Mind-World]
  • Intention / Free Will Field [in the Vacuum Computer: Subroutines connected to the field of all individual Mind Worlds]

Remember, the Matter-Being Universe is a Participatory Universe. As such the Subroutines would include, but are not limited to, mathematics (e.g., String Theories, i.e., the 10 logic coordinates plus the 27 Orbifold coordinates), the 10–22–27 Base-9 Tree of Life Logic (e.g. , Number Logic <—-> Letters of the 10—22—27 formula), and the five sciences in I-Ching Logic (e.g., the celestial stem and terrestrial branches of the 10—22—27 formula that connects --神 with --and moving toward -魂-魄).


As suggested by the embedded logic-information of the Sum, Moon, Planets, Zodiacs, Constellations in the 10–22–27 Stems–Branches formula derived in the posting before this one, there exist a mapping between 3–6–9 Consciousnesses and Logic-Information of Acu-Points. From the Stems–Branches formula,  Acu-Points are not restricted to the Information Paths of humans and animal, but also are distributed within the Cosmo.

In our Earth, these are the Earth soul-spirit points. That is to say, there are Earth Acu-Points, Planets are Acu-Points of the Solar System, Zodiacs are Acu-Points, Constellations are Acu-Points of the Cosmos. The diagram below illustrate the Earth Acu-Points. Shown are 62 points. Adding the Observer’s position and the the Earth center, we have 64 points, a very interests number within this Paradigm.



For the locations of these Earth Energy points, see Anti-Gravity and the World Grid, by David Hatcher Childress. These are the geographical distributions of ancient sites such as the Pyramid and the sites of high volcanic and earth quake activities. The lines connecting these points are referred to as ley lines or the Earth’s acupuncture meridians.

The five branches of I-Ching Human Sciences are mutually integrated by these human or non-human acu-points. In addition,  the soul-spirit of the atoms are also connected to acu-points forming the 172 Bio-Atomic Table.

In the language of the Vacuum Computer, these non-human acu-points are recorded in multiple --神 of many subroutines representing the entire soul-spirit of 3. These subroutines are within each of the connecting 身--program representing each soul-spirit of 6. All the programs of 6 are contained in a common -魂-魄 directory, which is the universe. This explains the Cosmic Memory coded inside the Vacuum Computer and which are connected to each mind.

Extending this hypothesis, we then have the view stated in John Michell’s book, The New View Over Atlantis.

…UFOs appear as points of concentrated energy. …connected in some way with magnetism … they are most commonly encountered in the neighbourhood of geological faults. …the grater proportion of sightings took place in areas along the fault lines [the ley lines].

This view is also in coherence with the view that not only UFOs, but Crop Circles also appear frequently along these ley lines and Earth Soul-Spirit Energy points (see related Websites). Thus explains the mind connections of natural disasters, UFOs, and Crop Circles to the 3—6—9 global consciousness. These phenomena are accessible through the Vacuum Computer with the Human Mind (brain-soul and / or brain-spirit acrivities). Furthermore, these UFOs and Crop Circles are Information-Energy Patterns.

Thus, this 3—6—9 global consciousness and its mapping onto the general meanings of acu-points (as Monopoles or Logic-Information Potentials), as explained above, offers a formula to understand the data found in the Global Consciousness Project, namely, a possible theory and a possible bio-social meaning.


The answer is inside the Holon 3—6—9 Consciousnesses

  1. Magnetic — Electric — Electromagnetic
  2. 10—22—27 General Formula
  3. Individual’s Intention inside a Free Will Field

With the shielding of (1) [both Monopole plus E-M] and the formula of (2), the bio-quantum logic convergent can be found or calculated for each Observer’s Intention subject to the following constraint. This constraint has to do with the extension of the connection between the Observer’s Intention and the general Free Will Field.

Constraint, Intention Connected to the Free Will Field: The connection could be extensive or few. If the intention is to win the next lottery of several million dollars with the ticket I just brought the connection to the free will field will be extensive. If the intention is to execute this particular logically formulated set of local / non-local chemical reactions (e.g., a particular set of cold fusion reactions), then the connection to the free will field is small.

For this particular example on Cold Fusion, the problem lies in the first two conditions stated above. Yet solutions for these first two conditions are available, as stated above. The difficulties are in teaching Nature to learn this Human created set of bio-quantum chemical reactions plus to bypass or transcend the 10—22—27 “evolutionary set of solutions” into a “involutionary set”, which becomes a set of deterministic solutions.