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A Review about the Paradigm

There is one more topic left for discussion on this Website. This topic is presented in the next three postings. They are QA: What is the Participatory Universe Hypothesis, QA: What is Base-9 Arithmetic (Spirit-Destiny of Numbers) and QA: What is Quantum–Metaphysics (Soul-Personality of Numbers).

Five pages and 55 postings have been written on this Paradigm. Before starting on these next two postings, it is time for a review on what we have accomplished, if anything at all.


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1) Depicts the making of the Lock, encoded as a program or Subroutine by the Logic-Information Potential and the Information-Energy Paths

2) Observed by the Intellect of the Brain-Spirit (Mind) Operator and/or the intuitive visions of the Brain-Soul (Mind) Operator

3) The making of the Key (Computer Driver) via Informed Logic-Information, developed in the form of Visionary-Intuitive Knowing, and the formation of a Metaphysics, or a Quantum Physics, with the ability to be able to collapse into the Physics of a Physical Reality

4) All these Observer-Observed Interactions are disturbed by and / or entangled within the Collective Non-Local / Local Free Will Field

5) The universe created is a Participatory Universe, where the Brain-Spirit / Brain-Soul Operators at the Moment of Now are connected to some “Early Date  in the Past”; and Likewise a Conscious Observer in the “Future” can Influence the Universe at the “Present”

6) Embedded in the Reference Frame are also the maturities of the Observed-Observed, which include the presentation of this Paradigm; One may find differences in my presentations between the beginning and the end of this Website

Four branches of studies and their interactions (which can be entangled within each branch, or in their interactions, inside the free will field) are depicted in the diagrams. None of these branches, taken one at a time or in any combination, have a complete descriptions of Reality. A limited (incomplete) discussion of each of these branches as described within the participation in one of the two worlds is stated below.


Intuitive Visions that lead to Prophecies (Right Brain Dominates)

  • Soul-Activation (Computer execution without Knowing how), Logic-Information Crossover onto Information-Energy
  • Missing left-brain intellectual understanding of the Logic-Information component
  • Missing proper language to describe their visions; yet able to activate the vision’s Information-Energy

Metaphysics (Left-Right Brain formulation, Right Brain Dominates)

  • Soul activation in limited Knowing of the Spirit’s Logic-Information Component, and with preliminary ability in model building
  • Vision, very intuitive in the nature of wisdom; but immature in intellectual understanding (e.g., the Acu-Point networks, Astrology, Divinations, etc)
  • Preliminary left brain understanding (or informed) of the Logic-Information component
  • Science and Technology of Right Brain Maturity
  • A Technology in Magnetic-Information stored in Crystals, and in binding the resonances of the Base-9 inaudible sound with the Base-10 audible sound

Quantum Physics (Left-Right Brain Formulation, Left Brain Dominates), Opposite of Metaphysics

  • Spirit Activation via Intellectual Understanding or the Logic-Information Potential, yet with limited Soul-Intuitive Visions (i.e., Limited Understanding of Information-Energy execution; hence no means of Collapsing it into Energy-Mass)
  • Very mature model-building, but limited by the Heisenberg Uncertainty
  • No Understanding on  the existence of Soul-Spirit; thus No Understanding of the Crossover process or the notions of a Vacuum / the Aether, Non-Locality, Entanglement, and so on.
  • Science and Technology of Left Brain Maturity
  • A Future Technology in Bio-Quantum


Physics, the collapsed science of the physical world (Deterministic in Energy-Mass, Velocity constrained within the speed of light, a world defined in 3-D space and a time duration, …)

  • An upper bound in velocity, which is the speed of light
  • A world without mind-soul-spirit
  • A Power Technology based on Electromagnetic
  • Etc.

As stated earlier, an combination or any combination (with a Holon integration) of all four subjects can offer a complete description of reality. A complete description of reality can only be obtained by a Holon integration of the Matter-Being Paradigm. What’s presented in this Website is only the beginning of this Holon integration.