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Peer Review/Comments

Summary (From May, 2009 to May 04, 2013): 348,222 Hits

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I post this Website for Peer Reviews, so that the Matter-Being Paradigm can be judged in its integrated contents of establishing a preliminary Theory of Everything (in all subjects of knowledge from the ancient to the present and perhaps the future, under the concept of a Participatory Universe and the assumption that all knowledge, ancient and modern are taken to be “true” and can be used for this integration, unless proven otherwise). Unfortunately, as of yet (June 2012), there exist no peer review in any of the Comments. In fact, as can be seen as listed below, for example, nothing can be learned from these comments. This is the reason why (as June 2011) I desired to do away the ability for readers to comment.

The Website is in existence for approximately five years. The numbers of Average Hits per day from Jan 2010 to May 2011 are summarized below:


Jan – June Ave 244/day

July 99

Aug 108

Sep 176

Oct 223

Nov 215

Dec 222


Jan 231

Feb 241

Mar 255

Apr 272

May 271

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