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Uncertainty: The Logic Myia Holon

Based on the Myia explanation formulated in the previous posting, the Holon on the Mayan Calendar Factor, The Anthropic Principle, and a changing Fine Structure constant will be explained. This explanation is given in the diagram shown below.


From Wikipedia

Beginning with Paul Dirac in 1937, some scientists have speculated that physical constants may actually decrease in proportion to the age of the universe. Scientific experiments have not yet pinpointed any definite evidence that this is the case, although they have placed upper bounds on the maximum possible relative change per year at very small amounts (roughly 10−17 per year for the fine structure constant α and 10−11 for the gravitational constant G).

It is currently disputed whether any changes in dimensional physical constants such as G, c, ħ, or ε0 are operationally meaningful; however, a sufficient change in a dimensionless constant such as α is generally agreed to be something that would definitely be noticed. If a measurement indicated that a dimensional physical constant had changed, this would be the result or interpretation of a more fundamental dimensionless constant changing, which is the salient metric.

According to Barrow 2002: The pure number we call the fine structure constant and denote by α is a combination of the electron charge, e, the speed of light, c, and Planck’s constant, h. At first we might be tempted to think that a world in which the speed of light was slower would be a different world. But this would be a mistake. If c, h, and e were all changed so that the values they have in metric (or any other) units were different when we looked them up in our tables of physical constants, but the value of α remained the same, this new world would be observationally indistinguishable from our world. The only thing that counts in the definition of worlds are the values of the dimensionless constants of Nature. If all masses were doubled in value you cannot tell because all the pure numbers defined by the ratios of any pair of masses are unchanged.

Anthropic principle

Some physicists have explored the notion that if the dimensionless physical constants sufficiently different values, our universe would be so radically different that intelligent life would probably not have emerged, and that our universe therefore seems to be fine-tuned for intelligent life. The anthropic principle states a logical truism: the fact of our existence as intelligent beings who can measure physical constants requires those constants to be such that beings like us can exist. There are a variety of interpretations of the constants’ values, including that of a divine creator (the apparent fine-tuning is actual and intentional), or that ours is one universe of many in a multiverse, or even that a universe without the capacity for conscious beings cannot exist.

In the following set of Diagrams, I shall continue within the Matter-Being Paradigm the explanation of the changing of the Anthropic Principle and the Fine Structure Constant.


Actions in the Information Vacuum are shown below:

tem2 1

Notice, space-time inside the vacuum is defined as the logic of Stems-Branches. Near real-time has to do with speeding up the cyclic logic of the 10 stems and the 12 Branches as they combine to form pairs, in the normal 60 cycles (not cycles per min). That is to say, the 60 pairs is in continuous formation. Outside of the vacuum, this 60 pairs could be formed within a day, a month, or a year. Below is the mappings of Space-Time.


Notice, there are no mappings between the Logic of Time (namely the 12 Branches) and Physical Time in Modern Physics. Time used as a teleport-operator referred to as the Moment of Now in the Matter-Being Paradigm.

In the concept of Mind—Soul—Spirit, speeding up implies a jump from the conscious state of 6—7—8 to a conscious state of 7—8—9. At real-time, the conscious state is at 9—9—9.

The affected (both positive and negative) states of Energy-Mass also include human relationships and physical environments as shown below.

tem2 2

Heading toward a civilization quantum jump, and onto a near real time harmonic logic oscillation of 90 cycles in the matching of Stems and Branches is pre-encoded in God’s Involution logic. This mean that both frequencies and intensities are increased by one and a half time. But the pre-encoded logic is for a harmonic transition so that humanity is moving “closer” toward God-conscious state defined as --. Yet, we are currently heading toward the opposite direction, toward a state of destruction.

Notice the harmonic cyclic of (1) 60 cycles were established as part of the (2) Antropic Principle with the (3) Fine Structure Constant Created in God’s Logic-Information Big Bang Holon of [(1)—(2)—(3)]. This initial Holon also established a decreasing-accelerating universe leading to a steady state defined by the conservation of Information—Energy—Mass. Yet the current accelerating state of the universe is confirmed to be expanding rather than contracting. This implies that our universe evolves negatively in the opposite direction as called for by the Involution logic. This result is caused by (1) our misguided nuclear technology (i.e., by the many big bangs created, as described in early postings) and (2) the state of hate in civilization’s collective consciousness.

I shall conclude this posting with the following WebHealth Holon to be implemented, in an attempt to promote Love via a positive state of Mind—Soul—Spirit Health on Earth.

tem2 3