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A Now-Mature Summary of the Matter-Being Paradigm, as of 2012/9/1. This is also a Website Summary. This Summary is beyond the Physicist’s formulations because the non-local—Connectivity—Spaceless aspect of this Paradigm is not mathematical. This Summary is also beyond Ancient Visual-Philosophical descriptions, for they have no way to describe their Vision satisfactory. With these comments, the following 4-Flow Chart Paradigm Formula is given. Every items in these Flow Charts were introduced and progressively developed within the Website.


tem2 1

DIAGRAM 2 OF 4: Matter-Being Paradigm in ANCIENT WISDOM

tem2 2

DIAGRAM 3 OF 4: Matter-Being Paradigm in MODERN QUANTUM

tem2 3


tem2 3


  • The Logic Vacuum —-> 0–36 Octaves
  • The Information Vacuum —-> 72–108 Octaves
  • The Matter Universe —-> 36–72 Octaves

Outside the Holon

  • 108–144 Octaves —-> Gods Multiverses in Supersymmetry


Continue the Understanding of Encoded Free-Energy Logic inside elements [1—86] for the collapsed Information-Energy Pair of executed elements inside [87—172]. These are the virtual free-energy pair productions. Data are from the Radionic Experiments discussed in W. Guyon Richards, The Chain of Life, 1954.

tem2 1

Pair Connected Logic sets are shown on each side by the dotted lines, e.g., (1) on the Logic-Information side 1—3, 3—11, 11—19, 4—12, 12—20, 12—30, etc. (2) On the Information—Energy side 163—157, 155—137, 155—147, 147—129, etc. (3) Between the two sides 1—172, 2—171, 86—118, 55-87, 71—83, 57—103, etc.

Controlled Pair Production, Examples

Controlled Logic Encoded in 3 for Pair 163—155 and 163—171, 11 for Pair 155—137, and 155—147, 19—137, and 137—119 and so on.  Notice, at the moment of NOW, there are many Pair Productions within each controlled element pairs.

Furthermore, the encoded controlled are the 27 Isotope elements whose logic are responsible in the creation of the 81 stable atoms. These isotope elements are also responsible for the pair production logic as explained.

Teslar Magnetic Motor Connection: This Magnetic Motor can only be a starting point. It has to do with the imaginary [i] component of the extended Maxwell Equation [see previous Posting]; namely, the in out of the vacuum at the moment of NOW. Absents are the encoding decoding of the 27 isotopes, which is a mind-spirit function. The 27-ISTOPE [27—>9], Transmutation—ORMUS—Occult Holon Elements are

(A) Lithium, Fluorine, Potassium, Manganese, Rubidium, Cesium, Thulium, Rhenium
(B) Sodium, Chorine, Copper, Bromine, Silver, Iodine, Samnium, Erbium, Gold, Astatine
(C) Iron, Cobalt, Nickel, Ruthenium, Rhodium, Palladium, Osmium, Indium, Platinum

One last comment has to do with extracting free energy with frequencies. The key solution here is that this extraction must be in the form of a Holon; namely, Magnetic Photon [—> logic encoded]—Electric Photon [—> pair productions]—Light [—> frequency outputs & perhaps inputs also]. It is through wave impulse [—> e.g., square wave] that one gets in and out from one component to another component.

The 3-FAMILIES OF BEING AND MATTER can now be defined below.

tem2 6


  • Electron—Up Quark—Down Quark <—> Energy-Mass <—> --
  • Mu Electron—Charmed Quark—Strange Quark <—> Information-Energy <—> --靈 <—-> Wave, Information Vacuum
  • Tau Electron—Top Quark—Bottom Quark <—> Logic—Information                           <—> 靈-魂-魄 <—-> Encoded Potential, Logic Vacuum


The Symbol <—> denotes conceptual mapping between the two sides, e.g., between Matter and Being or between Observer and Observed; namely the connecting logic between them. These Mappings make possible because the Involution Logic [namely, the Base-9] Inputs are not only Connected but also Non-Locally Connected encoded inside the Self-Programmable Vacuum Computer. The mappings between Observer and Observed are brought together at a state of NOW by a common set of reference frames, which is a property of our Participatory Universe. They form the Information-Energy states of becoming, in computer executions. On the other hand, mappings between Matter and Being are between Base-9 and Base-10, the jointing of Matter and Being by the binding constant 137 as derived in previous Postings.

For example, as preliminary and to indicate the encoding possibility, in my previous writing, the 3-Family [both particles and anti-particles] of quarks and leptons were modeled [or encoded] via trigram-hexagram line logic, where mass are in the Holon of Logic-Mass—Infor-Mass—Energy-Mass. [see Lecture Notes, Neo-Taoism. [Volume 1, The Holon Theory of Everything, Putting God Back Into Physics and Volume 2 The Holon Method: An Inspirational Outline on Reconstructive Knowledge].

Next, let us examine the line logic model; namely the Trigram Logic of Being.

The Mappings

States of Matter <— Trigram Encoded Logic States of Being

  • 1—2—3 [Inside] 3—3—3 <——> -- [Matter Holon]
  • 4—5—6 [Inside] 6—6—6 <——> -- [Man’s Holon]
  • 7—8—9 [Inside] 9—9—9 <——> -- [God’s Holon]

Next, the mappings: Trigrams <——> Numbers. There are 8 trigrams, yet there are 9 numbers.


In the Pre-Heaven Octagon, number 5 has no trigram. #5 is a number associated with Post-Heaven for it stands for Stability in the Human Evolution. Therefore, the Post-Heaven trigram for #5 is also the Pre-Heaven Trigram for #4. This is shown below.



—  –

—-> Pre-Heaven 4 and Post-Heaven 5,

4 —> Completeness and 5 —>  Stability, which have to do with Human Nature in the Pre and Post-Heaven sitting, where Pre implies Involution Logic and Post has to do with Evolution Logic. Thus, when the Development in Human Nature is complete; namely the above trigram represents #4 and thus #5 [question on stability] is not necessary, then 6–6–6 turns into 9–9–9 the God State, or when development in Human Nature is incomplete, or in the negative direction, then 6—6—6 turns into the state of a Beast. Most of the time, Human Nature is somewhat between the two.

In short, #5 in Base-9 is the turning point between THE FALL and THE RISE, as formulated in earlier Posting. THE FALL is in the direction of the Devil. THE RISE is toward God.

Next, are the theories for the Participatory Universe and its Self-Programmable Vacuum Computer, which contains the entire past and future “histories” at the Moment of NOW. This state corresponds to the Physicist’s GUT Monopole.

The Observer-Observed Holon states of Being, defined as

  • --: Spirit in Matter—Neutrino <—- Brain Operator —-> Energy-Mass—Atomic-Space
  • --靈: Human Spirit—Muon <—- Soul-Mind —-> Infor-Mass—Infor-Space
  • 靈-魂 -魄: Spirit—Tau <—- Spirit-Mind —->Logic-Mass—Logic-Space

The Observer-Observed—Non-Local—Connectivity of these Mappings is formulated in the Vacuum Computer Flow Diagram, as shown below.

@ W Pon 2012/9/1



Remember, in the middle of the Octagon Line Diagram, representing Logic space, is the tai-Chi diagram, thus the collapsed of the Logic-Information Vacuum would form the Yin-Yang Information-Energy Vacuum [see diagram below].

tem2 1

Therefore, the Infor-space is the quantum wave symbolized by the Yin-Yang diagram. Collapsing the Infor-space implies One Yin and One Yang produces the Tao, as stated in the Tao Te Ching. Here the Tao produced the Atomic Space as shown in the above diagram.

[Human] OBSERVATION HOLON —-> Vacuum Driver

  • Soul Mind —-> Right Brain Pre-Quantum Visual <—- Visual Feeling and Radionic Sensing
    • Examples: the 172 Element Table, Occult Chemistry, I-Ching Logic,
    • Executors [Via Stick-to-ness & 1-track Mind]: Psychics, Intuitive, Dowsers, …
    • Observed: Visual Message [Needs Left Brain knowledge in Completion]
  • Spirit Mind —-> Left Brain Quantum Observer <—- Theoretical-Probabilistic Modeling
    • Examples: Quanta, Strings, Branes, …
    • Executors [Via Stick-to-ness & 1-track Mind]: Physicists, Mathematicians, Theorists, …
    • Observed: Probabilistic Reality [Needs Right Brain Vision in Completion]
  • Full Mind —-> Left-Right Brain Vacuum Co-Creation <—- ?
    • Examples: Free Energy, High Temperature Superconductivity, Perfect Health, …
    • Executors: ?


  • Belief: Observations via Spirit Mind are Myia to the Soul Mind and Vice Versa, this Myia is due to incompleteness. Waiting for Full Mind Resolution
  • Validation [or Falsification]: Needs Full Mind for Completeness —-> Co-Creation
  • Moving Maturity [due to incompleteness]: This Website is an example of an incomplete Pre-Full Mind observation observed by this Author. The reader can see the Maturity Holon of Errors—Correction—Expansion, as he or she moves from the beginning, three years ago, to this ending Posting. These Errors—Correction—Expansion are also learning lessons for both the Author and the reader.

Again remember, at this stage, this Matter-Being Paradigm is an Observed Reality of the Author with his Full-Mind Reference Frame as presented in this Website. If there is any value for advancement of knowledge toward a Full-Mind Paradigm, the Author’s Observation must be either Rejected or Accepted—Corrected—Expanded by other Observers with a similar Reference Frame in the context of peer review. This is the next stage of development.