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Channeling Prophecies II

Contining from the previous posting on Channeling-Prophecies with ------.Presented here are diagram–formulas on Channeling-Prophecies for Sages—Scientists—Futurists. There are two Logic sets of Channeled knowledge, namely the (1) the set of Universals—Invariants—Common Senses, and (2) the Personal-Observer set that depends on the Sage’s—Scientist’s—Futurist’s Reference Frame. The Sages represent right-brain channeling of the ancients (the PAST, before 17th century); the Scientists has to do with left-brain channeling (NOW, from 17th century to 2033); while Futurists denote whole brain channeling (FUTURE, beyond 2033). The time Holon PAST—NOW—FUTURE refers to Brain-time or physical-time experienced by the body-brain of the Observer.

tem2The above diagram formula depicts the Right—Left—Whole Brain Channeling-Prophecies that applies to all Observers for all Brain-Time. The percentage of Reality-Captured for an Observer at a particular Brain Time period is depicted below.

tem2 1

There are two sets of Reality in each Observer’s Observation. These are (1) Soul-Reality of Universal-Invariant Logic-Information and (2) Soul-Reality based on the Observer’s interpreted Logic-Information based on the Observer’s Reference Frame. The first set is universal logic-information common to all Observer with a proper evolved maturity. The second set is formed by the Observer’s Reference Frame Driver (namely, the knowledge—believes—Intuition Holon of the Observer, which contains a certain captured percentage of error). Show below is the Brain Time Holon of Now—Past—Future.

tem2 2

The next diagram formula illustrates the Chakras, which contain the degree of Mind-Spirit maturity of the Observer and the Observer’s reference frame. It is this maturity that separates the channeling-prophecies coming from the Sages, Scientists, and the Futurists.

tem2 3

An example:

tem2 4

A word on the Sage’s Channeling and Universal Set

The Holon representing the Universal Set is

Faith—God—Love <——> Universal—Knowingness—Invariants

Notice, Christ identifies Love with God. Buddha identifies Knowledge with Knowingness. While Scientists identifies Universal with Invariants, Lao Tzu identifies Universal with the Logic Holon in Nature, and Hu Shi indentifies it with the Logic in God’s Computer. Thus godliness for Christ is Love, for Buddha is Knowingness, for Scientists (including the Futurists) is Invariant knowledge, for Lao Tzu is the Holon Logic, and for Hu Shi, is the line-logic.

The set that contains the Observer’s Reference Frame is different for each member of the Sages, Scientists, and Futurists. With these diagrams, the following formula on our present understanding of the logic and science of God can be made.


This diagram temporarily concludes the Channeling-Prophecy discussions on the Holons of Faith—God—Love <——> Universal—Knowingness—Invariants.