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陽明 —> Ying Ming—LI—St, 太陰 —> Tai Yang—SI—B), 少陽 —> Shao Yang—Tw—GB, 厥陰 —> Jueh Yin—HC—Lv, 太陽 —> Tai Yin—Lu—Sp, 少陰 —> Shao Yin—Ht—Ki

6-Evil Information-energy Flow

—> Local Heat—Ht—Fire, 相火 —> Non-Local Heat—HC—Minister Fire,  濕 —> Humidity—Sp—Earth, 燥 —> Dryness—Lu—Metal, —> Cold—Ki—Water, 風 —> Local & Non-Local Wind—Lv—Wood

The key is the three Non-Local Components. Two of these Non-Local Components involves with the cause of Blood Pressure—Heart Attack—Stroke; namely, and 相火

Thus, the cause Holon on Blood Pressure—Heart Attack—Stroke can be reduces to simply addressing the Blood Pressure/Cholesterol issue; namely, the Holon

  • [(-)]—[Local & Non-Local Heat]—[Heart & Heart Constrictor]
  • []—[Local & Non-Local Wind]—Liver
  • []—Cold—Kidney

This is the reason why there is a strong connection between Blood Pressure/Cholesterol and Heart Attack-Stroke; namely the three form a Holon. This connection reduces to the common Local & Non-Local effects of the Liver {Wind} and the Heart (the Constrictor). Notice, from the 5-elment theory both Liver and Heart are connected in a way that Liver promotes Heart functions.

Traditionally, the favored point for the entrance of 風 Fong [Wind] is at Fengfu [GV-16] whence it may spread up to Paihui [GV-20] to produce symptoms of headache, vertigo etc. and/or down to Ta Chui [Gv-14] to produce stiffness over the cervical and trapezial areas. As presented in the Acu-Brain Posting, GV-16 promotes Left-Right Acu-Point Normalization, and GV-20 mapped onto Ck-8 that integrates Spirit-Mind and Soul-Mind. Therefore, GV-16 and GV-20 definitely takes over the function of the Heart Constrictor. However, from the standpoint of treatment, it is easier to activate healing from the Heart Constrictor. Next, let us connect and Local—Non-Local effects between Wind [or Liver] and Cholesterol. This connection is shown in the diagram below


tem2 1

Show above: D-Glucose <—> Local collapses onto energy-mass / right-spin logic-information.  L-Glucose <—> Non-Local teleportation / left-spin logic-information

Glucose is one of the main products of photosynthesis and fuels for cellular respiration. Glucose exists in several different molecular structures, but all of these structures can be divided into two families of mirror images. Only one set of these isomers exists in nature. This is the Right-Spin refers to as D-Glucose.

Glucose is an ubiquitous fuel [local and non-local] in the biology of the Liver. It is used as an energy source in most organisms, from bacteria to humans. Use of glucose may be by either aerobic respiration, anaerobic respiration, or fermentation. Glucose is the human body’s key source of energy, through aerobic respiration, providing approximately 3.75 kilocalories (16 kilojoules) of food energy per gram.

The Chinese medicine explanation for strokes
An article by Fletcher Kovich
Western medicine believes that most strokes are caused by a blood clot travelling to the brain and blocking the blood supply to a part of the brain. But in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it
is understood that many strokes are not caused in this way. There is no blocking agent involved at all.
The damage to the brain during many “strokes” is caused by excessive “Liver energy” surging up into the patient’s head. This is the same mechanism that causes migraines, but the effects are much more serious because the brain has become weakened due to greatly depleted “Kidney energy” (depleted Kidney function).
One of the functions of the Kidneys is to nourish the brain. Kidney energy naturally diminishes as we go through life and in old age the Kidney energy has become greatly depleted. All the symptoms of old age are due to Kidney Deficiency (poor short term memory, failing hearing, frequent urination, problems with
knees or hips or ankles, brittle bones, low libido, hair turning grey and thinning and falling out).
Because the Kidneys have not been nourishing the brain properly for many years, the “substance” of the brain has become weakened (the Yin of the brain). The most noticeable symptoms of this “decay” are the poor short term memory and the failing hearing. This decay makes the brain much more prone to
damage. It is weakened and it cannot protect itself against the violent up-surging of Liver energy—when this happens.
In these patients, they may experience an attack of “Liver Yang Rising” (which is the Chinese medicine term for excess Liver energy surging upwards), and because the structures in their brain have become weak, this powerful energy surging upwards into their head causes brain damage. (If they were younger and their Kidney function were stronger, so that the substance of their brain were stronger, then they would only experience a migraine attack, or something similar—with no brain damage.)
The weak Kidney function in older people not only weakens the “substance” of he brain, but also makes it more likely that they will experience one of these Liver Yang Rising attacks. This is because strong Kidney energy plays a part in restraining this excess Liver energy. But not all old people are prone to building up this excess Liver energy, which explains why not all old people are prone to suffering strokes.
The most likely time of day for attacks
The Liver energy (or: Liver function, particularly its function of storing the blood) is at its most powerful between 1-3am. And the Kidney function is at its weakest between 5-7am. These two factors make it most likely that strokes of this type will occur in the early hours of the morning, and particularly around 5am.
This is because the Liver energy is at a high level and the weak Kidney energy is less able to restrain the Liver, so attacks become more likely.
Another factor that makes such strokes more likely. The Lungs ordinarily also play a part in helping to restrain the Liver. In patients where the Lung energy (Lung function) is weak, this makes them even more prone to this type of stroke.It is not easy to translate Chinese medicine concepts into language that can be understand by people who are only familiar with Western medicine beliefs, but this concept may be understood as follows.
The functioning of each of the twelve main organs varies in strength throughout the day. Each organ is most active at a certain time of day, and its functioning then diminishes until, twelve hours later, it is at its weakest. The Liver is at its most active between 1-3am and the Lungs are at their most active between 3-5am. When the Lungs are weak, they are less able to take their proper turn in the cycle of organs, and since the Liver reaches the peak of its activity immediately before the Lungs should reach their peak, this means that the Liver is left to go into excess, since the Lungs are not strong enough to take charge of the body’s energy resources as they should, and the resources are left in the hands of the Liver for longer than is normal.
How does this excess energy build up in the Liver?
Certain patients will be prone to this syndrome. Throughout their life, their Liver energy will tend to get blocked, and this energy will build up within the Liver until it reaches a point when the body must release it. In most cases, this excess energy then surges upwards into the head (along he Liver and Gallbladder
“channels”). This is the mechanism behind most migraines. Many migraines in women occur at a certain part of their menstrual cycle. This is because most period pains and pms symptoms are caused by this same blocked Liver energy. All these symptoms can be extremely strong, which reflects the power of this excess Liver energy. In men who experience migraines, they usually present a combination of weak Kidney energy and the tendency for their Liver energy to become blocked.
The Liver energy tends to become blocked in people who are too inflexible. They have an overdeveloped sense of right and wrong, and they will insist on rules of every sort being strictly obeyed. A “rule” might be something as simple as the way a particular household task should be performed, or it may be a convention in society, such as politeness or obeying social etiquette. The person’s insistence on these “rules” being strictly obeyed is the outward expression of the fact that their own Liver energy does not flow smoothly.
Another “blocking” factor for the Liver is when emotions are not released but are held inside, when people do not express grievances and prefer to “suffer in silence”. The Liver feels the offence, feels that the person is wronged, but this emotion is not released.
People with blocked Liver energy are also often angry people. This anger is another way that this energy can be expressed, or released. Physical stagnation is another factor that tends to lead to blocked Liver energy. Physical exercise enables the Liver energy to circulate. Indeed, when people are inactive for a long time, most people will become aware of an irritation developing around the level of their Liver, a feeling as though their blood were beginning to boil.
The Liver energy also becomes blocked due to “stress”. The person is trying to perform some task but something is preventing this from happening and the emotion they feel (the frustration) causes the Liver energy to stop flowing. They experience this same agitated feeling, as though their blood were starting to boil. This sensation is due to the Liver energy building up and creating “heat” within them. People often sigh in this situation, which is one of the ways that the body uses to attempt to move the blocked Liver energy (the diaphragm is beside the Liver, and deeply sighing, using the diaphragm, gives some momentary relief).

Two Paths: One Local and One Non-Local

Presented in this quote is the local interactions with non-local influence; namely Information—Energy [the Lv Meridian] interacting with Energy-Mass [Organ Function].  The key cause on Stroke and Heart Attack comes from Non-Local interacting between Negative-Information and Perverse Energy. In short, this has to do with Monopole—Dipole Interaction; namely, GV-16—Left-Right Brain, GV-20—[Spirit-Mind / Soul-Mind], and Ck-8—[Ck-7 / Ck-6], and so on with the non-local relations to the Heart Constrictor [HC]. I might also make the conjecture that the DNA, Hemoglobin, etc also have this Local—-Non-Local connection.

In addition GV-1 is a reunion point with Ren Mai, the kidneys, and possibly the gallbladder. It is in the connection between the kidneys and the Chong Mai and Dai Mai that the latter two can be viewed as monopoles, a conclusion stated in previous posting. Furthermore the Kidneys involve also with the Local / Non-Local Genetic information of the individual.

In conclusion, we have just illustrated an example of the Local & Non-Local Holon in Bio-Chemistry—-172 Bio-Element Table—-Acu-points. This example also suggest how the 27 Formula enter into the discussion either directly or indirectly in the Logic-Information background [reason for Faraday Cage]. In addition, the Observer’s Local / Non-Local Holon / Brain-Interactions is the Acu-Brain, which replaces the Du–Ren discussion in Ch’i-Kung.

The Monopole points are the Reunion Points of the Du—Ren—Chong Mai and the electrical zero voltage points; namely, GV-16, GV-20, GV-1—CV-1, CV-17, CV-4 / CV-7, CV-15, GV-26, and LBl-26 / RBl-26. Remember, Chong Mai does not contains points on its own.

The Monopole—-Dipole Table is shown below.

Monopole            Dipole

  • GV-20          All Yang Points
  • GV-1             Ren Mai, Ki, GB
  • GV-16            Yang Wei, Bl
  • GV-26                 LI, St
  • CV-7              Ki, Chong Mai
  • CV-4                Chong Mai
  • CV-17         HC, Lu, Ki. Sp, SI, T/Ms HC, Lu, Ht
  • CV-1                   Du Mai, St

T/Ms —> Tendino-Muscular

Thus, the Dipole points are pick from the corresponding Organ Meridians, as shown above.

These sets of Monopole—Dipole points / meridians might be the lost secret behind the act of Dim Mark 點脈 Dim mak is depicted as a secret body of knowledge with techniques that attack Acu-Points and meridians, said to incapacitate or sometimes cause immediate or even delayed death to an opponent.