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Physiology of 靈-魂-魄—身-心-靈—精-氣-神

The Local—Non-Local Interconnectedness of Big Bang’s Involution Logic will be illustrated in this posting via the interconnectedness of the Holon 靈-魂-魄— 身-心-靈—精-氣-神, which represents Right Brain Physics / Physiology. This interconnectedness is expressed in the Holon of the number 9; namely, [3—3—3]—[6—6—6]—[9—9—9]. Remember, 3 is the number for Matter; 6 the number for Humans, and 9 is God’s number. The component [3—3—3] contains the Mind—Soul—Spirit for Matter. Within [6—6—6] is the Mind—Soul—Spirit for both Humans and Ascended Humans. [9—9—9] contains the state that defines the Image of God.

Notice, the Physical Brain State exists only in Human. In Ascended Humans, the Local—Non-Local “Brain functions” are performed in the Acu-Brain. In addition, as the Ascended Humans evolved the Mind—Soul—Spirit; namely [靈-魂-魄] Components of his or her Holon would fuse together, forming the Image of God in the state of 9. Remember, the number 9 is God’s input and is responsible in the Creation of this Universe.

Another point to be noticed is that all three components of this Holon of the number 9; namely [3—3—3]—[6—6—6]—[9—9—9] exists in all of God’s Creation (i.e., in Matter, Human, and Ascended Human). For Human, the Matter Holon {3—3—3} is in the background and the Ascended Human Holon is in the foreground. The information-Energy States of the Background Holon and the Foreground Holon can only be humanly obtained or experienced through meditation or channeling or through psychic visions. On the other hand, the Ascended Humans’ Background and Foreground states are consciously connected to the NOW state. This implies that the Ascended Human can enter into the Mind—Soul—Spirit States of Human and/or Matter at will, and at each Moment of NOW is also connected to the image of God’s state. In short, the entire three components of the Holon of the number 9 { [3—3—3]—[6—6—6]—[9—9—9] } is connected and interconnected via Holon of Love—Monopole—Acu-Point.

The details of the above descriptions can be obtained via studying the diagram formulas illustrated below. Remember, these mandalas are Local—Non-Local interconnected and their meanings are non-linear and holistic: their physics can only be described through (computer) flow diagrams. This explains why so many diagrams are used within this Website, in place of using linear English descriptions.




tem2 1


tem2 2


tem2 3


tem2 4


tem2 5

DIAGRAM – 2 on

tem2 6


tem2 7

DIAGRAM – 2 on

tem2 8

With the last six postings, including this one, on the functions of these eight Chinese Mind–Soul—Spirit Mandalas in three levels, as they are connected from various angles to the importance of this Paradigm, the Readers should have a better understanding of their meaning illustrated here and in other postings.

Finally, I shall conclude this posting by summarizing God’s Logic or the Logic of Love.

God’s Logic

  • —> I-Ching Logic
  • 64 —> 27 (Invisible Truth, in Being) + 37 (Visible Truth, in Matter)
  • 9 (, Human Spirit) x 9 (, Ascended Spirit) x 9 (, Image of God) —> 27 x 37
  • 37/27 —> 1.37 fine structure constant (binding Matter with Being)

Thus, 神 is directly connected with 靈.

Logic of God in Humans

  • God’s Input Logic —> 6 () 9 () 9 () Image of God in Human
  • God’s Number —> 9 9 9

Furthermore, from the above diagram formulas, we can form the following short summary: (1) connected to Brain Functions in Humans, and (2) connected to Acu-Brain Functions in Ascended Human, see diagram below.


An Observation: In theory, Non-Local—-Local—-Control Connection to the number 9, God’s Number  (which is also the Holon 3-3-3—-6-6-6—-9-9-9), is explained by the above Acu-Brain Holon. The explanation of this statement is as follow.

Image of God Logic: Right Brain Physics

The above can be interpreted as the 6- Assented Human Logic (六神) that provides the Local—Non-Local interconnects between 3—3—3 / 6—6—6 to 9—9—9. In addition, this (Vacuum Computer) interconnected Logic between the Observer—Observed is formulated within the relationship of the Tai-Hsuan Ching / Tao-Te Ching (81 Tetragrams) and the I-Ching (64 Hexagrams). The former represents the Logic of the Observer’s Mind. The latter represents the Mind of the Universe (the Observed). This interacting set is expressed in 9 —> () 9 () 9 () or God’s Input Logic (encoded in the Vacuum Computer). This logic defines the state referred to as the Image of God in us Humans. As an example, this interconnection is formulated in the Tai Hsuan Ching 9—9 Calendar.

Notice, for a Human Observer, the method (“divining-coins or sticks”) of generating a consulting hexagram or tetragram is part of his or her interacting Reference Frame. On the other hand, for an Ascended Observer, this interaction (without the help of “divining methods”) is in fact a controlling part within his interconnected Acu-Physiology.

In conclusion, presented in this posting is the Right Brain Physics. Combined with today’s Left-Brain (Quantum) Physics and today’s Information Technology, we then have God’s Holon of Logic—Science—Computer Technology.

The End