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QA: What are Monopoles

72 to 108 Octaves

GUT, Logic-Information Monopoles

When entering into the wild ideas of modern physics, this computer model takes the place of a GUT Monopole. The GUT Monopoles (the programs) carry inside them the entire thermal history of the universe. As one enters the different layers of the Monopole (or subroutines within each program), different eras of the universe are reviewed. These different subroutines or layers of the universe are referred to as Logic-Information Monopoles.

As stated in the posting QA: Why Universe Accelerating, the entire history from the initial condition to the final condition is encoded in the number 9 as Involution logic. Thus, the number 9 offers the Matter-Being personalities of the universe, which is represented by physicists as the GUT Monopole. Further, the Base-9 series of these eight numbers that are embedded in the number 9 are the Logic-Information Monopoles which represent the components of the Matter-Being personalities.

01 to 36 Octaves

Information-Energy / Magnetic Monopoles 01 to 36 Octaves

The non-local actions of the Logic-Information crossover to Information-Energy, from the Logic Vacuum at 72 to 108 Octaves to the Information Vacuum at 01 to 36 Octaves, collapsed the Logic-Information Monopoles into the Information-Energy Monopoles. For charged Logic-Information, this collapse produces Magnetic Monopoles. Moreover, an Acu-Point is an Information-Energy Monopole.

36-72 Octaves

Monopoles to Dipoles

Magnetic Dipoles are created from the collapse of the Monopole’s Information-Energy at 01 to 36 Octaves into Energy-Mass at 36 to 78 Octaves. There are also Information Dipoles, e.g., the Yin-Yang Acu-Point Circuits, the Mother-Child Acu-Point Circuits, and so on.

Notice, each number contains many shapes of its personalities because each number in the Base-9 series contains many shapes of that numbers.