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7-5 Element Logic: Worldwide


Five Elements can be viewed as Pre-Elementary Particles, while the Five Branches of I-Ching Logic as Pre-Quantum Physics. Thus, Five Elements are Pre-Elementary Particles mapped onto the Logic of Matter, as listed below.

  • Earth is the solid state.
  • Water is the liquid state.
  • Air is the gaseous state.
  • Fire is the plasma state.
  • Spirit is the state beyond physicality

Listed below are the Five Elements in various of the ancient civilizations.

Remember we live in a Participatory Universe where Reality is Created or Co-Created by the Holon Observer—Observed—Reference Frame. Us Humans are the Creators of this Reality, outside of Time and outside of Space.

Taken from  Classical element, Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classical_element

tem2 17

tem2. 20

tem2. 18

Here, we shall study the Vacuum collapse of the Five Elements from the point of views shown in the diagram below.

tem2. 19

The Five Evils (or Egos) are Lust, Anger, Greed, Attachment, and Pride.

In summary, we shall only addresses, in this Website, the Fire Elements derived inside the Five Branches of the I-Ching Logic. They are also directly connected to the Mind—Soul—Spirit Health derived from the Good and/or Evil Collapses of these Five Elements. These Good and Evil Collapses are directly related to both health and illness in Humans and thus directly connected to the mathematics and diagrammed formulas in the computer programs inside WebHealth.