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On Time and Time Travel

Is the universe leaking energy?

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed. This principle, called conservation of energy, is one of our most cherished laws of physics. It governs every part of our lives: the heat it takes to warm up a cup of coffee; the chemical reactions that produce oxygen in the leaves of trees; the orbit of Earth around the sun; the food we need to keep our hearts beating. We cannot live without eating, cars do not run without fuel, and perpetual-motion machines are just a mirage. So when an experiment seems to violate the law of energy conservation, we are rightfully suspicious. What happens when our observations seem to contradict one of science’s most deeply held notions: that energy is always conserved?

Skip for a moment outside our Earthly sphere and consider the wider universe. Almost all of our information about outer space comes in the form of light, and one of light’s key features is that it gets redshifted–its electromagnetic waves get stretched–as it travels from distant galaxies through our ever expanding universe, in accordance with Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity. But the longer the wavelength, the lower the energy. Thus, inquisitive minds ask: When light is redshifted by the expansion of the universe, where does its energy go? Is it lost, in violation of the conservation principle? July 2010 Scientific American Magazine, By Tamara M. Davis

Conservation of Energy has to do with Time-Symmetry, which brings us to the Holon Theory of Time [forming a Holon of Free-Will–Photon–Intention], as depicted in the mandala below.


What violate Time Symmetry is the Information Contents of the Spirit component. The violation is embedded in the following Holon on Information-Energy-Mass conservation.


These diagrams further explain and complete the previous three postings as listed below.

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We shall now continue with the discussion on the Time Symmetry Conservation Holon, beginning with the diagram below.



As stated in Prophecies-Predictions by a Quantum Observer, the destructive-hate events are the results of the extremely high electromagnetic wave effect, e.g., produced by the HAARP experiments, and the many little Big Bangs generated by the misinformed experiments in the nuclear bombardments produced within the atomic accelerated experiments like the Large Hadron Collider.

Left-Right Brain Constructive Co-Creation

  • Spirit-Mind (Spirit-Brain Non-Local / Local Interactions): Time Travel with Spirit-Mind –> A State of Pure (Informed) Knowingness in Non-Local Time Line at Moment of Now in Time Symmetry
  • Soul-Mind (Soul-Brain Non-Local / Local Interactions) : Time Travel with Soul-Mind –> Computer Execution in Non-Local Time Line in Durations

Left-Right Brain Destructive Co-Creation

  • Spirit-Mind (Spirit-Brain Non-Local / Local Interactions): Time Travel with Spirit-Mind –> A State Misinformed Knowingness in Non-Local Time Line at Moment of Now in Non-Time Symmetry
  • Soul-Mind (Soul-Brain Non-Local / Local Interactions): Time Travel with Soul-Mind –> Computer Execution in Non-Local Time Line in Non-Symmetry Time-Durations

Notice, all these diagrams presented in this Website, representing Matter-Being formulas of Reality, can be viewed as computer flow-charts for depicting God’s Self-Programmable Vacuum Computer. For that matter, we Humans definitely have a hand in developing this Vacuum Computer. The contents inside each diagram can change (slightly) depending on the Observer’s knowledge (at the time) on the Observed and changes (if any) within the reference frame.

Before we start discussing Time Travel, a very interesting discovery shows up in developing this posting; namely, only 5 elementary particles are necessary to complete both elementary particles / atomic physics. This discovery is diagrammed below.


Thus, the many elementary particles reduces to only 5 particles as shown above.

Another piece of data that shows up from this development is the number 5, which depicts stability, as listed below.

MATTER (Initial Conditions):

  • Proton, Electron, Neutrino, Photon, Monopole

Phase Transition

  • Condensate, Gas, Liquid, Solid, Plasma


  • binary, bigram, trigram, tetragram, hexagram

Connects with Other Universes

  • Pentagram


BEING (Final Conditions)

  • , , , ,

Phase Transitition

  • Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood

Continuing this into the formation of atomic elements, two other 5-element sets could be formulated, as shown below.


Thus Mind-Spirit, Mind-Soul connections within the atomic table are illustrated in the above diagram. The theory behind this Mind-Matter connection and the balance between the two will be discussed in a future posting, On Scientific Anomaly.

Mind-Matter Teleportation on elements x—y—z connects the atomic B elements with D Elements (e.g., Copper, Silver, Gold with Osmium, Iridium Platinum, i.e., the Rare Earth Metals) via the “vacuum / mind-spirit & mind-soul” connections. Teleportation elements Hydrogen—Occultum—Adyarium connect the atomic S elements with the Meta-elements. From this, we have the 5 elements for atomic teleportation in x–y–z and Occultum plus Adyarium (for these two elements, see Occult Chemistry).

Furthermore, adding the 81 stable elements in the atomic table with the 5 elements, we have 86 elements and double that equals to 172 elements in the soul-spirit atomic tables. Remember, there is also the physical atomic table of elements, which completes a Holon the element tables.

This completes my treatments on Alchemy and the ORMUS started in the postings listed below.

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Could this suggest that the 5-element model, so fundamental in Metaphysics, is also fundamental to Physics.


The Time Travel Holon formula is shown below.


Prediction by Scientific Formula

  1. Scientific Formulas are dominated by Left-Brain Channeling, yet both Brains are involved
  2. Scientific Formulas are based on a Matter only Paradigm
  3. Time is an independent variable in most of all scientific formula
  4. Because of Time Symmetry, the formula holds at any time in the Past or in the Future, if the Holon does not change for Observer—Observed—Reference Frame
  5. Remember for Time Symmetry to hold, Conservation of Information—Energy—Mass must be satisfied within the event duration
  6. Time Symmetry holds only for events in the formula not interfered by the Free Will field, i.e., no intentions within the free will field competes with the content described by the formula. For Physics, this condition usually holds except for the condition described in (3). For example, Newtonian formula for gravity is replaced by relativity in nana particles (changes in reference frame) because of the interference by the Information-Energy Vacuum
  7. All formulas are bounded within its Observer–Observed–Frame of Reference Paradigm, and Scientific Formulas are bounded inside a “Matter-Box”
  8. Information –> Experimental Data, Nature Events, Math …
  9. Knowingness / Informed Information –> Logic from Pre-Post Octagons

Prophecies by Psychics and/or Intuitivists

  1. Prophecies are dominated by Right-Brain Psychic Visions, yet both Brains are involved
  2. These Visions are based on a Paradigm of Being interacting with Matter (the Brain)
  3. Time is not an independent variable in most of all Prophecies because the Component of Information varies in time; namely the changes in Being and its interactions with Matter (i.e., the Brain)
  4. From (3), Time is Non-Symmetric; hence most Prophecies are not accurate when used for far into the future or the past. How Far would depend on the Stability in the Holon of Observer—Observed—Frame of Reference, and depends on (5)
  5. Intention defines the mappings: Observer –> Psychic and/or Intuitive Ability, Observed / Intention –> Size of the predict-event set. If intention is to obtain a million dollar, the set is very large as compare to wanting to understand a law in nature. For a larger predict-event set, the smaller the Prophecy’s predict-duration. If Prophecy is combined with strong left-brain knowingness (or informed, e.g., by a higher spirit), the predict-duration will be much bigger. Frame of Reference –> Predict-Event Set
  6. For Being-Matter Interaction, in which all Prophecies are involved, Time is non-symmetric because of evolution, both positive and negative, in the Observer—Observed—Reference Frame Holon
  7. Information –> a Name, Natural Evens, a Birth Date, a Picture or Diagram, … Notice, these predictions are non-local, thus, the action of a Name, an Even, a Birth Date is at a distance (namely, spaceless and timeless)
  8. Knowingness / Informed Information –> Logic From Pre-Post Octagons


The universe’s Initial and Final Conditions are encoded (at the Logic Big Bang) within the Pre-Heaven Octagon and the Post-Heaven Octagon, respectively. Both of these Octagons are non-locally connected yet their codes are protected and bounded. Evolution happens only on the Opened Octagon for coding changes (positive or negative) by the spirit-mind / soul-mind. Therefore, Time Symmetry is satisfied in the Pre-Heaven / Post-Heaven Logic (i.e., Involution Logic), but not the Logic in the Open Octagon (or the Mind Octagon).

[On Accuracy, CONTINUE in posting: On Good & Evil]