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QA: What is Quantum Meditation (Paradigm Summary)

This posting not only continues but also concludes the discussions presented in the four previous paper & posting; namely, Creation: Universe’s Many Ten-Logic Potentials, QA: What are AcuPoints-Placebo-Radionics-etc, QA: How does the Acu-Brain Work, QA: What is THE Ten-Logic-Potential.

This posting also summarized the three phases of the Quantum Co-Creation Process (a Holon), discussed in this Website, namely: I ( Logic-Potential Formulation) the formation of Logic-Potentials for an Observer-Observed Event in Nature, or Humans, or in the Universe. II (Information Crossover from Logic-Information Potential into Information-Energy Path) formulating a set of pr00fs to show that the Logic-Potentials formulated in Phase I can definitely explains the Observer-Observed Event. III (the Information-Energy Path collapsed onto Information-Energy States) illustrating that one of these Proofs that the Information-Energy of the Logic-Potential do and can actually collapses into an Energy-Mass with a reproducible meter-reading. In addition, this Post summarized the working of the Acu-Brain Model within these three Phases.


The Holon of Left-Right Brain Meditation in Co-Creation


Left Brain Meditation with Brain-Spirit Operator: The decided Observer-Observed Logic-Information Potentials

In Metaphysical, these Potentials can perhaps be the ten Acu-Points in the Acu-Brain or in any Tree of Life Model. One should also know through intuition that each of the Points and their Informational Communicative Power with respective to a picked point reference. Here, the Right-Brain Mediator uses Intuitive or Right Brain knowledge to formulate the Observer-Observed Logic-Information Potentials, e.g., the Tree of Life Model.

In science, Logic-Information involves with the Laws of Nature, e.g., the Least-Action Principle in various mathematical forms.

Notice, both, Metaphysics and Physics, involve with left-brain meditation and both have a knowledge base on the physics or metaphysics of the Observer-Observed.


Right Brain Meditation with Brain-Soul Operator: Information Energy Paths correspond to the Observer-Observed Logic-Potentials, if any

In Metaphysics, Visual Observation of the set or subset of 24 Information-Energy Paths corresponds to the ten Logic-Information Potentials modeled with the Tree of Life or inside the Acu-Brain (as formulated in Phase I).

Left-Brain Meditation with Brain-Spirit Operator: Formulation of experiments to text Observer-Observed Model of the Logic Potential co-created in Phase (I).


Left-Brain Meditation: Collapsing the Information Energy Paths onto Energy-Mass State as defined in some specific physical and/or chemical and/or physiological contexts.

In Metaphysics: Not too many, if any, right-brain mediator is able to perform this phase. This explains why the results of meditating are hit or miss. The most can be expected in any meditation techniques is a temporary healing effect through Information-Energy.

In Science, Information-Energy in Phase II collapsed onto Energy-Mass as meter readings

Notice, if the collapse involves systems of quanta, Logic-Potential Faraday Cage must be used for shielding the unwanted free will field, otherwise the collapsed are probabilities, as discussed in quantum mechanics.

Quantum Meditation in Three Phases of Quantum Lock-Key Formulation

  • (Phase I: What do YOU Want, Meditating the detail of the Observed) Formulating the Observer-Observed Event by Quantum Wave-Function, Psi (Observer) and Psi* (Observed)
  • (Phase II: Where to Look for the Observed based on Phase I’s Meditated Information) With the key pre-programmed to find the lock hidden in the Vacuum Computer, then follows Key found Lock (Observer Meets with Observed)
  • (Phase III: Event found, Observer meeting Observed) Using the Key to open the Lock, Lock Opened (Observer-Observed inter-locked —> A New Observer-Observed state, which is neither Observer nor Observed)


tem-2 1

Phase I, determine what needs to be healed. Phase II, pinpoint exactly the healing paths. Phase II, iterate within the pinpointed path of healing until the healing is accomplished (Phase III). In addition, besides pinpointing the Acu-Points and their corresponding Anatomy Physiology for healing, the herbal and homeopathy remedies can also be programmed into the Acu-Brain.

Putting all together with this posting, we can now summarize the three Phase-Processes of Creation–Co-Creation in the Matter-Being Paradigm with the diagram (left-right Brain Mandala) shown below

tem-2 1



The above diagram depicts the following.

  • Black Holes are in both the Logic Vacuum (Blue Box) and the Information Vacuum (Green Box), thus explaining the fact that Black Hole radiates Information.
  • The Universe is in all boxes
  • Explains the incompleteness (locked within the Red Box) in the laws of Physics. In addition the Frame of Reference is also taken to be inside this Red Box.
  • Quantum Physics restrict its interactions between the Red Box (the particle aspect) and the Green Box (the wave aspect). This restriction causes the Heisenberg Uncertainty and wave-particle duality.
  • Velocity of light c restriction only applies within this Red Box where space is defined. Speed and velocity are defined by Gnomonic expansion-contraction, where its logic-Information Potential is defined in the Logic Vacuum (the Blue Box) and its Information-Energy path (<—-> Phi or 1.618… spiral —> forms all physical constants, see Book The Matter-Being Project) defined in the Information Vacuum (the Green Box).
  • Explains the incompleteness (locked within the Green Box) of Psychic Observations, which comes in the form of vision.
  • Ec.

Remember the Tree of Life Model, these Boxes are 10 dimensional non-locally connected (or entangled) with their corresponding 27 Information-Energy Paths, and locally constrained within each of their discontinuity boundaries. These constraints are formed by their corresponding Reference Frames. Therefore, the above diagram is really a two dimensional approximation of the 10 dimensional mandala.

(To Be Continue)