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QA: What is Base-9 Arithmetic (Spirit-Destiny of Numbers)

We shall start with the two series that define Base-9 in the three octagons

3-6-9 / 4-8-7-5-1-2-4-8-7-5-1-2 …

as concluded in the last posting, at a state of broken Logic symmetry, as shown below with the 9 Chakras added.

tem-2 2

In addition, the mappings between the English letters and numbers are shown below.

tem-2 4

Notice, J, K, L, … –> 10/1, 11/2, 12/3… & S, T, U… –> 19/1, 20/2, 21/3 …

In the original formulation with the Hebrew letters, there are 22 letters and 5 consonants, which equals to 27. With the Greek letters, there are 24 and the Greek uses of 10/1, 11/2, 12/3 that add up to 27. This can be found in old numerology books. The three additions are referred to as Master Numbers.

Thus, for the formula to be the same in Hebrew, Greek, and English, we should have:

  • Hebrew = 22 letters and 5 consonants –> 27 paths
  • Greek = 24 letters and I(10/1), K(11/2), F(22/4) –> 27 paths
  • English = 26 letters and I(10/1) –> 27 paths

However, as I examine today’s numerology books, there are as many Master numbers as there are primary numbers, see diagram below.


There are also the numbers assigned to the Names of Gods: (Jesus–>) IHSOUS –> 10 + 8 + 200 + 70  + 400 + 200 –> 888 and Jesus Christ –> 2368, Church of God –> 777, Holiness –> 1480, Athena –> 77, Lord Jesus Christ –> 3168, Holy Spirit –> 1080, Hermes –> 353, Zeus –> 612 and so on.

Discussed up to now is a brief account of the Metaphysical formulations on Base-9 Numbers <—-> letters Information-Energy identification co-created by the Right-Mind Operator, which is local–non-local. The locals are the right-brain observers of the I-Ching, the Hebrew, the Greek, and the modern Metaphysicists.

The purpose here is to define what the Matter-Being Paradigm adds to these formulations. The Paradigm adds an attempt to “prove or suggested” that certain parts of these formulations contain a “timeless” validity in the presence of the proper Holon of Observer—Observed—Frame of Reference Lock-Key connections. In short, what are the non-local parts (namely the makings of the Lock) embedded in these formulations.

Since I am not a numerologist, my observation here is from the following two timeless principles (identified in both Physics and Metaphysics) of the Paradigm; namely,

  • The Basic formulation is the Base-9 series hidden in the octagon, namely the 10 Logic-Potentials and the corresponding 27 Information-Energy Paths. (Notice, in Quantum Physics, there are 10 String Potentials and 27 Orbifold Paths that defines the elementary particles)
  • The Holon of Beauty—Economical—Simplistic used by God in all of His Creations (Beauty –> Almost Perfect Symmetry, Economical –> Least-Action Principle, Simplistic –> Minimum Assumptions with Maximum Explanatory results)

The first principle, in Numerology, suggests using Information-Energy Paths as defined by English = 26 letters and I(10/1) –> 27 paths, while the 10 Logic-Information Potentials are the numbers 1 to 9 plus free will. Notice, the Chakra identification shown in the first diagram is a new connection in Numerology. This connection shows up primarily in the Chinese formulations using not letters but Characters (see next posting). I shall include this connection with Numerology because it is the Chakras (namely Acu-Point Circuits) that define the Destiny of a Human in the following Holon of Holons, which is Health (Ck-3) –Personality (Ck-6) –Spirituality (Ck-9).

Using these added Chakra Logic-Information Potentials, we have a complete Holon in Base-9 Numbers (–> Cosmic Connection) — Letters (–> Identification) — Chakras (–> Human Destiny). Remember,

  • 3 –> --神 –> Physical Mind-Soul-Spirit Ck-3 <—-> 5-Element Physiology (the animal nature in humans)
  • 6 –> --–> Human Mind-Soul-Spirit Ck-6 <—-> the Nature of Being a Human, including all the Chakras below. This is why in Yoga Kundalini rising, the process ends at Ck-6 (from Ck-1 to Ck-6)
  • 9 –> --魄 –> Ascended Mind-Soul-Spirit Ck-9 <—-> Return to becoming the Image of God; namely the involvment of Chakras 7–8–9, the Holon.
  • Free Will –> Connecting the Key constructed with the 9 Logic-Information Potentials by the Observer in Lock-Key with the 27 Information-Energy that Co-Created the Lock for the particular Observer’s Destiny.

Thus, adding the Chakra function into Numerology defines the following Taoist meditation diagram from the Matter-Being perspective.

tem-2 2

Including these Chakras would offer the opportunity for mutual checking between using the method of Numerology and the health determination by Webhealh.