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QA: What is the Logic of Light

There are three postings that are connected to this posting. These are: QA: What is the Logic of Light, QA: How Light Constant derive other Physical Constants, and QA: What is Gnomonic Expansion-Contraction-Spirals. In this posting, I shall briefly bring together the concepts used everywhere in this Website of what is Light according to the Matter-Being Paradigm, namely the concepts of Spirit Light, Soul Light, and Particle Light.


The popular understandings of light are: (1) Light is electromagnetic radiation. (2) Light is photon. (3) Photon or electromagnetic radiation propagates at a velocity equals to 3 x 1010 centimeter per second. (4) This light velocity is a constant and this constant serves as an upper bound for all velocity. That is to say, no velocity can be equal or greater than the velocity of light.

In Matter-Being Paradigm, the concept of light is defined with respect to the observer-observed interactions within their respective frames of reference. There are three levels of frames of reference, and within each of these three levels there are many specific observer-observed frames of reference defined at the time of observations.


The three levels of frames of reference are: (a) Spirit, where the frame of reference is defined inside the Logic Vacuum. (b) Soul, where the frame of reference is defined inside the Information Vacuum. (c) Particle (–Brain), where the frame of reference is defined inside a 3-D space. Remember reference frames of (a) and (b) contain no space and no time, i.e., space and time and reference frames are defined only. (c). Therefore, the popular concepts of light as discussed in the first paragraph and also defined in today’s physics are not complete, i.e., these concepts apply only to the reference frame (c).

We shall, in the following, discuss the concept of light within the reference frames (a), (b), and (c). Since reference frame (c) is the same as that discussed in the first paragraph for the concept of Light, we shall not enter into any discussions for reference frame (c), except by saying that the upper bound in velocity and the Lorentz’s transform only holds within this particle by the reference frame defined in (c).


Light is God’s input in the Creation of this universe. We refer to this as the Logic of Light. Remember God’s input is the number 9 in Base-9, which in turn forms the pre- and post-octagon with embedded light diagrams, the yin-yang, and the numbers 1 to 8. These last three form a Holon.  An afterthought, God also input free will to harmonize the discussions of yin and yang, which then formed the thought octagon with yin, yang, and neutral line. (See postings, QA: What is Quantum Meditation and QA: What is Quantum Logic) It is within this neutral line that light is defined, namely in the Holon Photon—Free Will—Neutral line. This Holon is the Logic-Information component of Light. In short, this is the Spirit of Light Holon. Therefore, when God said in Genesis: Let there be Light! In the Matter-Being Paradigm, this phase implies Let there be the Holon of Light.

Light <—-> Photon

This identity in the first Holon component of Light is well defined in today’s elementary particle physics.  We shall not enter any further discussion about this component, except within the Matter-Being Paradigm; Photon is a Logic particle with no mass. Therefore Photon exists only within the Logic Vacuum and/or the Information Vacuum. Photon exists in the Logic Vacuum as the neutral inside a line diagram.

Light <—-> Line Logic and Diagrams

Let us first examine the concept of lines and line diagram. God Created the Universe with the yin and yang lines inside the pre-post octagon mandalas (as stated in Genesis, see the postings QA: Six Days of Creation I and II. It is an after thought that the Thought Octagon was created, and was Created in day six of the start the Big Bang. Remember, the Big Bang is caused by the number 9 symmetry break within the conflicts and the entanglement of free wills. Before we enter into a discussion on the operational concepts of these lines and line diagrams, it is interesting to notice that today’s binary computer is based on the mathematics of 0 or 1 and can also be symbolized as yin or yang lines.

Therefore, the following formulation is an extension of today’s computer logic from and the binary dimension in 3-D coordinates to a 7 dimensional computer in the logic coordinates of pre, post, and thought octagons. This 7 dimensional logic coordinates are binary, bigram, trigram, tetragram, petagram, hexagram, and free will. The latter set of line logic is used in God’s Vacuum Self-Programmable Computer. I shall refer the reader to consult the following books for illustrations of these lines and line diagrams: The Illustrated I Ching plus The Tao of Power (both books are written by R. L. Wing), and The T’ai Hsuan Ching: The Hidden Classic, A Lost Companion of the I-Ching, by Derek Walters. These diagrams are also presented in detail in the book, The Matter-Being Project: Putting Mind-Soul-Spirit into Physics—Chemistry—Genetic—Technology.

More important than understanding these diagrams, It is essential to understand the Action of Light because the concept is new. Now let’s proceed to the subject of the Soul of Light.


Remember, Spirit is defined as Logic-Information or the encoded / pre-coded logic inside the Vacuum Computer. This Logic-Information can also be identified as the Law of Nature and of Humans. Soul is defined as the Information-Energy or the execution of the encoded / pre-coded logic inside the Vacuum Computer. It is the actions of the line logic and line diagram logic. This action can be identified as following a set of codes specifically designed to execute the pre-coded logic. This set of execution codes is commonly referred to as a driver.

Viewed differently, Spirit or the Code existed independent of a particular observer. It is pre-coded inside the Vacuum Computer by a particular Observer. Once coded, it needs no observer to observe it existence. Once, encoded it turns into the observed for a particular observer. Thus, Soul can be viewed as Observer-Observed actions within their particular mutual reference frames. Notice, these mutual reference frames are many because they are dependent on the purposes of the Observer and the Observed. These purposes imply free will. Thus, the connection of free will with the actions of the Observer and the Observed, which leads to picking the lines and / or line diagrams, and finally to the action of light or photon.

This chain of actions from free will, to lines and line diagrams, to light or photon is referred to as the information crossover from Logic-Information of the Spirit onto the Soul’s Information-Energy. Notice, both Information appear in the Spirit and in the Soul, which implies that the information encoded and the information desired by an observer’s driver must be somewhat connected in the sense of a lock-key connection.

Actions of Light <—-> Free Will

Here I shall illustrate this action by using lines and line diagrams. Lets take the trigrams. There are eight of them, as shown below.


Notice, as said earlier these trigrams are pre-decided with their specific purpose (which is dependent upon the observer-observed reference frame and there are many). Thus, once a reference frame is picked and the line plus line diagram logic are assigned, its logic is a deterministic issue within the concept of a Pre-Heaven Octagon.  This is the text of the I-Ching, except the yin-yang lines of the trigrams will be influenced by the fee will actions of the observer, whether he or she drops the coin or the stick.  But what is the encoding mechanism for coding this free will coming from the mind of the observer dropping the coins. We shall see that the mechanism for encoding logic from free will is the neutral line.

Let us take two of the trigrams and apply the mechanism of free will using the neutral line. These mechanisms are shown below.

tem-2 1

This is the process the Thought Octagon uses in coding the interactions between free will and encoding logic into the Vacuum Computer.

In addition, the following mappings explain God’s reason for connecting Light with Free Will.

  • Light —> Free Will with Knowledge or Knowingness. God gives us Light to find our way home via informed free will
  • Darkness —> Free Will cannot be made, except with uncertainty, errors, and entanglements. This is why the Devil tells God that he will lead us home through the Devil’s path, not the Free Will Path of God.


God’s purpose is for all His Creation to connect free will with the Light in find a Path to return Home.

We do this by building error free and un-entangled drivers to understand and obtain knowledge to God’s pre-coded logic. Building a driver implies building the key for the lock hidden in God’s Creation and in pre-coded logic encoded in the Vacuum Computer. That is to say, to unlock God’s pre-coded initial and final conditions of the universe and to understanding the Human Destiny in God’s Creation. Unlocking this knowledge is what I have suggested as the relationship between the Tree of Life and the Tree of Knowledge as proposed in the posting, QA: What are Trees of Life and Knowledge.

Again, this relationship is from Knowledge to Knowingness, to become the image of God by being in perfect body-soul-spirit health. In short, this key is a left-right brain key to unlocking the fountain of health. It is through health that we build these drivers for. Remember, health (in the perspective of becoming the image of God) is hidden within the Bio-Quantum Technology. These are drivers for understanding and reproducing of bio-superconductivity, bio-free energy, and bio nano-technology.

The reason for a two level Nuclei model, with the outer level, namely the space formed by platonic solids, is in protecting the Vacuums from physical energy-mass bombardments (see the posting, QA: What is Quantum Alchemy/ORMUS). Thus, when we putting holes into space and into the Platonic Solids, modifying and or destroying God’s Logic can happen and probably had happened (see the paper, Prophecies-Predictions by a Quantum Observer). Environmental instabilities are entanglement problems. These entanglements can also be caused by us humans changing or modifying God’s pre-coded logic with these high-energy nuclear experiments and many nuclear reactors around the world. Remember, the effects of these bombardments are local / non-local.