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QA: What is the Universe’s Fate


This posting continues from two previous postings: Prophecies-Predictions by a Quantum Observer, and Why Universe Accelerating. Within the Matter-Being Paradigm, the Fate of the Universe involves with the Fate of Matter, the Fate of Being, and the Fate of Matter-Being Interactions. The Fate of Matter has to do with the evolution of the physical universe. The Fate of Being is defined by the Involution-Evolution of the living universe, especially humans. The interactions of both define the Fate of the Universe.


BODY EVOLUTION, Following Involution Logic

Involution-Evolution toward the Development of Life

In the comments to The Three Big Bang by Philip Dauber and Richard Muller:

Scientists believe that we would not be here if it were not for three great cataclysms in the only history of Earth and of the universe. …the deep connection between the events that shaped life on Earth: the “Big Bang” that spawned an entire universe; the explosion of a supernova, which seeded the solar system with heavy elements, and the crash of a comet or asteroid that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs and cleared the way for the evolution of mammals.

In short, we humans are here because these three Big Bangs. The results of these three Big Bangs contribute to an accelerating universe.

If acceleration continues, eventually all galaxies beyond our own Local supercluster will redshift  so far that it will become hard to detect them, and the distant universe will turn dark. The universe will then be in a state of Big Freeze.



Destructive Change in Pre-programmed Involution Logic

The events in the physical universe are pre-programmed within the Vacuum Computer at the time of the Big Bang, namely as initial-final involution conditions of the universe. As concluded in the above discussion, these events contribute to the present accelerating universe. That is, the force of entropy is greater than the organized state of evolution.


Entropy —> Involution – Evolution

The goal of involution and thus the direction of evolution are to shape a positive development of life. This is written in the computer codes as part of the initial-final conditions. In the physical universe, this positive development of life has to do with optimizing the cause—feedback / control mechanicisms in open systems. This is the first of three levels in mind-soul-spirit. Involution, as pre-programmed, is not the major force in deciding the fate of an accelerating universe. It is in changing the involution codes that this guiding force is important in changing the fate of an accelerating universe.

Up to the beginning of the twentieth century, or the beginning of the nuclear age, no changes in the involution-code occurred. Thus, the fate of the universe is in the hands of evolution, which is again an accelerating universe even with the state of Being included. Notice, the destructive force (for example, the human cause with right brain maturity of the soul and immaturity of the left brain spirit cause the destruction of Atlantis, and so on) in human evolution contributes to an increase rather than a decrease of the universe’s acceleration.

Again listed below are examples of today’s contribution toward increasing the acceleration of the universe.

  1. Quantum Jump, from Brahma Night to Brahma Day
  2. Logic-Information Entangled State (Matured Left Brain Entangled with Immature Right Brain)
  3. Creating Little Big Bangs caused by LHC energy

Of these three, only the little Big Bangs caused encoding changes in the Involution Logic of the Vacuum Computer’s Code. The other two are soul-perturbations. These changes in Involution Codes contribute to a further increase in the acceleration of the universe, and the destruction of the universe as stated in Prophecies-Predictions by a Quantum Observes.



Return to Pre-Programmed Involution Logic with Human Free Will

Using our matured left-brain logic and verified by our matured right brain vision, a positive understanding of the encoded final condition can be obtained. Remember, this final condition is pre-programmed inside the Vacuum Computer. With this to guide our evolution, we humans will evolved toward the image of God. At this image of God state, the Vacuum Computer’s Code will be optimized and the Matter-Being universe’s fate will be defined by the steady state condition shown in the conservation Holon below

Changes in [Information—Energy—Mass] = 0

A Steady-State Universe

This steady state Holon satisfies Matter-Being Conservation. The balancing Informational state needed will be created by us humans by our left-right brain maturity in programming the involution-code and controlling our own evolution toward the pre-programmed universe’s initial-final conditions, which was created at the Big Bang.


All the destruction described, including the soul-destruction of Atlantis and today’s changing of the pre-programmed involution logic, are the outcomes of the following Holon of Knowing the purpose of our Creator.

Learning—Constraints—Optimization —-> Process of Co-Creation

As Quantum Observers

With Free Wills —> Toward Becoming the Image of the Creator

Therefore, if the Mind-Soul-Spirit Observers recover from all these learning “mistakes” and not self-destruct, we will make it into 2033, the beginning of Brahma Day.