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QA: What is Human’s Place in the Universe

It has become clear to this quantum observer, particularly within the frame of reference of this universe with a Self-Programmable Vacuum Computer, that we humans have a very important place in determining the universe’s destiny. This conclusion is based on Matter-Being conservation, as stated in the following Holon conservation conditions.


This steady state condition is pre-coded into the Vacuum Computer at logic-information symmetry break of the number 9 in Base-9, namely the Logic Big Bang. It is the destiny of the human’s 9 state components of mind-soul-spirit as shown below.


tem-2 1

Notice, the above diagram goes beyond the Anthropic Principle.

In physics and cosmology, the anthropic principle is the collective name for several ways of asserting that the observations of the physical Universe must be compatible with the life observed in it. The principle was formulated as a response to a series of observations that the laws of nature and its fundamental physical constants remarkably take on values that are consistent with conditions for life as we know it rather than a set of values that would not be consistent with life as observed on Earth. The anthropic principle states that this apparent coincidence is actually a necessity because living observers wouldn’t be able to exist, and hence, observe the universe, were these laws and constants not constituted in this way. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anthropic_principle

The mappings of 3 [the light constant + gnomonic expansion-contraction] in the derivations of all physical constants are formulated in the Book. In short, the collapse of 3 in the Information-Energy Vacuum onto Energy-Mass is a constraint action [pre-coded in the Vacuum Computer] that binds Matter with Being, and co-created a physical universe consistent with life on Earth.

This intellectual collapse of 3 takes care of the energy-mass term in the Matter-Being conservation equation. What follows is the Acu-Point Physiological explanation for the [local / non-local] Information term embedded in the conservation equation.

Here, Steady State implies that the state of entropy has a steady state value of zero. That is, it is a steady state between involution and evolution, as shown by the bottom three connecting lines between the 3 logic components [of the 72 to 108 octaves] and the 3 information components [of the 01 to 36 octaves] in mind-soul-spirit. That is, from the similarities between quantum physics (namely the universe number 9) and acu-point number 6 in physiology (see Home Page), and within the point of reference in human’s steady state Acu-Point circuits, we have the following.




What we have here are the three steady state components [again a Holon] that lead to human ascension. Harmony within this Holon has to do with the final destiny pre-coded into the initial-final conditions of the Vacuum Computer.

The six human-states have to do with the 6-Yin and 6-Yang Acu-Point Organ Meridian Circuits. Also Ren–Du–Chong Mai are three Extra Meridian Circuits. In addition, each Chakra is formed by three Acu-Point Circuits [a Holon]. These three Mai Acu-Point circuits form the Brain-Heart connection [spirit-mind operator in the logic vacuum], or love-knowingness connection [soul-mind operator in the information vacuum]. I shall conclude here. For more information refer to the Book and the entire Website.