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On Death & Karma


The death of any system is defined as a state in which the Being of this system is unable to describe the system that it represents. Being is defined as a Holon of individual-ness—global-ness—non-local-ness within the Holon of mind—soul—spirit. It is this individual-ness that gives the uniqueness and individuality to a system’s response to global and non-local stimulus. It is this individual-ness that separates this system from any other system. Thus, the death of a system is a state in which this individual-ness ceases to exist. The death of a physical system is defined as a state in which the system’s individual-ness ceases to exist.

What is this individual-ness in humans? The following mappings have been used: individual-ness —> body-brain network, global-ness—> actions of the soul, non-local-ness –> preprogrammed logic of the spirit. Truly, from these mappings, dysfunction of the body-brain network does not imply the death of its spirit. In fact, the spirit is the only immortal component of the Holon that passes from incarnation to incarnation. So we must expand our understanding of this individual-ness to capture the Holon influences of all three components, even under the transcendental state of reincarnation.

To do this, death is defined only for the body-brain network in each incarnation. The individual-ness of the spirit will continue in the form of spiritual constraints imposed in the body-brain network from one incarnation to the next, or from one body-brain network to the next.  One can view this as a transition in the Being Holon.

From this, we can say that death of a body-brain network occurs when the spirit leaves the body. In the case of a brain dead network, its spirit has already left the body; the particular individual-ness definitely ceases to exist. Thus, a state of death can be assigned to a brain dead individual.

The soul is a program collapsed at each incarnation and stored inside the vacuum computer in the sub-routines of the Spirit Program. Hence, the soul also survives body-brain death. These soul subroutines together with their spirit execution-drivers exist inside the vacuum computer in separate segments of each incarnation within the spirit program.


The soul subroutines together with their spirit program’s execution-drivers are the collapsed Karmic Information-Energy “Good” Paths (or disinformation-Energy “Evil” Paths) at each incarnation for the particular individual spiritual-self. On the other hand, defined by this non-local participatory universe, these Karmic subroutines at each incarnation are automatically reprogrammed (for good, ugly, or indifference) by the particular soul execution driver at each Moment of Now. Thus, counter to popular belief “bad” Karmic issues can only be corrected by revisiting the Karmic events via methods of psychic-regression. In this participatory universe, “Bad” karma can be erased at any Moment of Now with “good” deeds.

Relative to the Karmic States, one can view Earth as a place in Hell and the numbers in Base-9 representing Karmic lessons.

  • 1 —> Handle the power of the Ego —> A Lost Spirit
  • 2 —> Handle Relationships, in Sex and in Self —> A Lost Soul
  • 3 —> Learn to Give Freely —> False Pride and Jealousy
  • 4 —> Learn to Stay Put and Project Completion —> Duty
  • 5 —> Learn Stability, How to Mingle —> Lessons on Thoughtlessness,  Temptation
  • 6 —> Learn to Serve and Adjust  —> Redemption, Fulfilling Destiny and Spiritual Mission
  • 7 —> Lessons on Coldness, Faithlessness, and Humiliation —> Resurrection
  • 8 —> Handle Money and Power —> Emancipation
  • 9 —> Fickleness, Daydreaming —> Immorality, Ascension

The most important issue is in developing one’s knowingness This implies knowing one’s involution logic potential, which is preprogrammed in one’s spirit.