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Glossary: Torsion – Truth (2004)

Torsion: (See Spiral Geometry)

Transmutation: (See Free-Energy, and Human Atomic Table in Symmetry)

Tree of Life: A mandala, or a hologram of Jewish mystical archetype/gestalt logic. Displayed in this hologram are 10 sets of encoded logic and 22 paths of communication connected to these 10 sets of logic. These 22 paths of communication correspond to the 22 letters of the Hebrew alphabet. Embedded in this hologram are the logic-information dimensions of the Divine. Here, encoded in the Tree of Life, are the major secrets of the universe.

Truth: (See Truth Of Informed Knowledge in Universe’s Origin)

Trigrams: A trigram is formed by a combination of three lines, as described below. These three lines are formed in combination with either the yin and the yang lines, or the yin, the yang, and the neutral lines. The former trigrams, eight in total, symbolize the binary logic of the I-Ching, whereas the latter trigrams, twelve in total, correspond to the ternary logic of the Tao-Te-Ching. (See Ebits/Qubits)

Twistor: (See Robinson Congruence, and spiral geometry)


UFO: (See Body)

Aliens and Abductions: The abduction of individuals by aliens, non-Earth citizens, into their UFOs, and the assertion that some abductees have been medically operated on inasmuch as indentation marks can be found on their bodies. What we know, as of today, is that there is no convincing evidence that these alien abductions ever happened. In support of this conclusion, Peter Brookesmith in UFO: The Complete Sightings, reported the following experimental results.

Controversy surrounds all these claims largely because of the investigators’ dependence on regressive hypnosis. People with no interest in or acquaintance with UFOs produced, under hypnosis, almost exactly the same accounts of alien abductions as did genuine abductees. In 1987, Dr. Ed Bullard analysed 270 abduction cases from all over the world, he found such a consistency among the reports, from the look of the aliens to the idiosyncrasies of their demands, that he concluded that they could not have had a common source. And the more he weeded out the likely hoaxes and delusions, the more alike the fundamental germs of the stories came to appear.

Mind-scanning and alien sexual interference may simply reflect the condition of being on a hypnotist’s couch.

Remember that an effective hypnotic state is one that enhances soul perception and spirit knowingness, in this case with misinformed knowledge and/or biased knowledge from one’s own belief of reality. On the indentation marks, they are self-inflicted via converting psyche-information into energy. (See Stigmata in Space-time/Information-Energy Phenomena)

Uncertainty Principle: (See Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle)

Unification of Forces: The unification of forces satisfies the following force Holon.

tem2 12

(See Strong Force, Electroweak, Gravity, and Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass). Replacing force with the notion of human love will be formulated in Volume 4.

Universe’s Origin: Shown in the following diagrams. (See Parallel Universe, Moment of Now, God/Creator, Singularity, Numbers, Dimensions, Curled-up Dimension, Resonance, Free Will, and Entropy). The Li-Formula for a logic origin of this universe is formulated in Volume 4.

tem2 13

Where the Big Bang is at the Moment of Now, which is Planck’s Time, the non-local side of the mirror.

Bases 9/10 Resonance/Generation of Space: In Vol 2, Knowing the Unknowable, starting with the 1-2-3 Holon together with its geometric correspondences we construct the logic of space via the logic propagation of the light Holon with the logic of light propagation shown below.

tem2 14

The free will interaction, related to informed knowledge, is between the light constant, namely, the archetype/gestalt representation of the number 3 in base 9 and the math-logic of number 3 in base 10 as shown in the above Holon. The component 1010, with x = 10 for the cgs unit system, is the symmetry break in free will interaction/gnomonic propagation. (See Fractional/Transcendent Numbers in Numbers)

Likewise, all the physical constants can be computed with the above Holon as shown below.

tem2 15

I can now formulate the Logic Holon for Space as shown below.

tem2 16

Shown above, encoded in the logic of Space are both math/physical constants and archetype/gestalt logic of numbers in a non-local communication or correspondence.

Space/Atoms/neutrino—photon—electron Logic: Space is also filled, or formed by the Holon logic interactions of photon, neutrino, and electron. This interaction is depicted in the familiar diagram shown below, showing inside the mirror at 10-18 to 10-12 meters.

tem2 17

Notice, the nuclear particles are logically bounded at the mirror in the formation of the nucleus, while photons, electrons, and neutrinos involve the formation of space and the atoms outside the nucleus beyond 10-12 meters, the local side of the mirror. (A refined definition for space formulated in the Five Element Theory will be developed in Volume 4)

Platonic Solids/Bases 9-10 Resonance, Formation of Macro Objects: The formation of macro objects are Co-Created through the resonance of numbers in base 9 and geometry in base 10. The first diagram illustrates the resonant formation of geometry in base 10 and the first three numbers in base 9.

tem2 18

Number 3 resonates with phi = 1.61803398875…, the Golden Proportion ratio in Sacred Geometry. Geometrically, f can be computed by phi = [(5)1/2 + 1]/2, or it can be computed from p in the formula [phi]2 =5pi/6 = 1.6180337… where pi is computed from the light constant 3. That is, both pi and phi are the outcomes of base 9 and base 10 mappings.

tem2 19

The next diagram, shown below, depicts the resonant formation of macro objects between the numbers in base 9 and the geometry for the platonic objects in base 10.

tem2 20

The resonance between the gnomonic expansion-contraction-spiral and f, the golden mean proportion, creates a Macro World of Fractals, where the platonic solids are the building blocks.

tem2 21

The tetraktys is derived from a triangle of 9 dots plus a dot at the center of the triangle. Notice that the 9 dots are in equal proportion, which is in resonance with the number 9. The center dot represents zero, or the space where logic is encoded.

tem2 22

The Swastika is made in the form of the cross, with the arms bent at right angles forming a two dimensional figure. Shown above are two Swastikas, one forming a left/outward spin while the other a right/inward spin. Notice that these two Swastikas are inside a triangle, or a Holon. The formal depicts evolution and the latter illustrates involution. Involution involves an inward spiral from the dodecahedron back to the space inside zero where logic is encoded. Evolution has to do with the outward spiral from the encoded logic to the dodecahedron. A further conjecture is on the difference between the paths of involution and evolution. The former is an ideal mapping between base 9 numbers and the geometry of these ideal objects, i.e., with perfect informed knowledge from spirit knowing in a non-local world, while the latter is an imperfect mapping inside a three-dimensional space, between base 9 and fractal geometry of these objects. Thus, evolution produces our fractal world, or a world of holograms. This explains the increase of entropy in the 3-D (or Base 10) universe. This also separates Creation from Co-Creation, i.e., Creation involves involutionary knowledge while Co-Creation has to do with evolutionary knowledge. (See Fractals, and “Are you a Hologram? Scientific American, August 2003)

The nine stages of involution-evolution are illustrated in the diagram below.

tem2 23

What we have presented is he knowledge for informed free will which satisfies he necessary conditions for co-creation. This informed knowledge is used to create the key logic corresponding to the lock logic structure he or she, or the co-creator, wants to co-create. The sufficient conditions involve generating the necessary energy for co-creation, which also needs to be satisfied. (See Parallel Universe)

Sufficient Condition, a Conjecture: In the final stage of human involution, after we inherited God’s Image, we will have the ability to convert logic-information into energy through intention, satisfying the following energy Holon.

  • Logic —> Dark Matter
  • Information —> Dark Energy
  • Energy —> Visible Matter

Truth of Informed Knowledge: A perfect state of informed knowledge, relative to the maturity of the observer’s state of learned knowledge. The following steps are suggested for receiving and evaluating the truthfulness of informed knowledge. (1) Reception of knowledge must be unbiased; i.e., before receiving, the observer must empty his or her cup of learned knowledge. (2) The received knowledge and one’s learned knowledge must fit into a lock-key relationship. (3) The received knowledge, relative to the observer’s present stage of learned maturity, is true if step 2 is positive. Otherwise, put aside the informed knowledge for truthfulness evaluation at a later stage of the observer’s learned maturity. Notice, the status or the degree of truthfulness can change based on the observer’s state of learned maturity.

Beware:  To avoid damage/destruction, co-creation must begin with: (1) understanding the co-creating effects in our own body-brain physiology, and (2) understanding the co-creating effects on Nature.