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Holon Physiology-VII

With these seven postings (eight postings including the supplement to Holon Physiology  VI), the path of this philosophical-scientific research forms a full 72 year circle, from being a very sick Child Patient under the care of my two uncles (a Western Medical Doctor and a Chinese Medical Practitioner) to the present age of 72.  This research begins with the question: What is an Acu-Point and its connections to Pulse Reading? Embedded in this question is the curiosity of: Why are my two uncles arguing continuously on my state of health, its treatment, and their ways of evaluating me? The answers to their arguments started the research, as a hobby, on East-West Integration, which begins with the science of Ch’i-Kung on health (e.g., Tai-Chi Ch’uan) and ends with bio-quantum concepts in alchemy and its connection to Local—-Non-Local Health. The results of this research developed the Matter-Being Paradigm: a Holon Theory of Local—Non-Local Information, which becomes the science for Holon Physiology with its practical application on what the Author called WebHealth as shown in the diagram below.


Review this diagram together with the posting: WebHealth.

At the end of this posting, there are a total of 113 postings on every subjects of knowledge, from Ancient Philosophy to Modern Quantum Physics, from Nano-Technology to Pseudo-Science; thus there are enough said within this Website to convince the reader that the Mind-Being Paradigm does have validity in describing an Observer—Observed—Frame of Reference Reality. At this point the Observer is the Author himself; thus this is the Author’s Reality. Yet, the Author feels that this Reality can be the Reader’s Reality for those who have a common Frame of Reference, which is this Website. Also, once the reader is familiar with the Holon terminologies used in this Website, this Paradigm should be very simple for his or her own use. Lastly, this Holon Theory is definitely a Theory of Everything.

I shall conclude this posting with the following proposed Stability Holon [Brahman—Civilization—Ascension] that describes the present highly unstable Involution—Evolution state of our Civilization. Again, the proposal is embedded in a diagram formula shown below.