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Glossary E-G (2004)


Ebits/Qubits: Ebits are units of measure of entangled quantum information. Specifically, the measure of two entangled pairs of quantum information, that is one ebit, where the qubit of one will be the opposite of the other; i.e., if one gives 0, the other returns 1, and vice versa. Qubits are units of measure of quantum information, or the quantum version of a bit. Specifying any one word from a list of two (such as “yes” and “no”, or “0” and “1”, or “yin” and “yang”) takes one bit of information. A qubit is defined as the superposition of these two states such as “0” and “1”, thus potentially a qubit contains an infinite amount of information, for example any and all multiple combinations of 0s and 1s, (e.g., one 0 and one 1, two 0s and one 1, one 0 and two 1s, three 0s and two 1s, two 0s and two 1s and so on, to infinity). In the process of actualization through quantum observation, a qubit reduces to a bit of information of either 0 or 1, from a continuous function between 0 and 1. Quantum observation is an act of intentional free-will. It is this third free will state that reduces a potentially infinite set of qubits into a disentangled finite set of bits of information (a finite sets of 0s and 1s). (See Superposition)

In the Holon Theory, the yin-line and yang-line are used to define the two states. That is to say, the yin-line and yang-line are used to symbolize a unit of information, namely a bit. Thus, supposition of (or combining) these yin and yang lines would produce a qubit state of a yin-trigram/hexagram or a yang-trigram/hexagram. That is to say, superposition of three of these binary lines forms a trigram, and the superposition of two trigrams (or six lines) form a hexagram. In this simulated system, for example, the eight trigrams can potentially produce 56 sets of two entangled trigram pairs. Adding eight pairs of trigrams (the partner in each of these pairs is itself), we then have a total of 64 hexagrams, or pairs of entangled trigrams, rather than infinite pairs. Sixty-four is exactly the number of hexagrams used in the I-Ching set of logic-information. The entanglement of any two pairs of trigrams forming a hexagram is obtained through intention, assisted by the mechanical means of picking a trigram by tossing three coins. (See Yin-Yang)

Next, a third neutral-line denoting free will is introduced for simulating the act of disentanglement via free will. With this third line, the Holon Theory combines the tetragram system of the Tao Te Ching and the trigram/hexagram logic of the I-Ching to produce a system of disentangled sets of tetragram/hexagram pairs based on the mechanical process of simulating the free-will ternary logic of the yin-line, yang-line and the neutral-line (again like the I-Ching method) by the tossing of three coins. In this ternary logic, the state of free will is denoted by the neutral-line. Notice that the ternary logic-tetragram of the Tao Te Ching is embedded inside the binary logic-hexagram of the I-Ching. In addition, the top and bottom lines of the hexagram correspond to constraints on the free-will, or the tetragram. (See Vol 2, and I-Ching/Tao Te Ching)

Electromagnetic Field: (See Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field)

Electroweak Field: Integration of electromagnetic and weak forces.

Elementary Particle: A particle that it is believed cannot be subdivided. In the perspective of the Holon Theory, the ability for a particle to subdivide stops at the quark-lepton-boson level. These are the particles integrated within the Standard Model, including the logic aspects of these particles. The logic of these particles are Created by design, i.e., each of their logic is in correspondence to the binary-ternary logic of the First Cause. Graviton, the gravitational particle, is not an elementary particle because its logic is Co-created from the logic of two photons or two bosons. The three levels of elementary particles are explained, in the Holon Theory, by the embedded ternary logic of a trigram. With its corresponding mass logic trigram, the logic component of an elementary particle is formulated within the hexagram logic of the I-Ching. (See Vol 2 for detais)

From this perspective, strings and superstrings are the information-energy aspects of these particles. These information-energy aspects are the intermediate, or the mirror boundary, between logic and their mass aspects. This information-energy aspect can also be referred to as the wave-energy aspect of the particle, which is a temporary particle appearing in a state of observation. (See Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field, Strings, and Orbifolds)

Embryology: Here, embryology refers to the co-creation of mind-soul-spirit within a singularity state that defines a reincarnation event. It is interesting to notice that there exists a direct correspondence between this embryological event and the logic co-creation of an elementary particle. To begin seeing this correspondence, I need to go back to the physics of an orbifold when applied within the Superstring Theory. I need to examine the correspondences of this orbifold with the body-mind/soul-spirit dimensional logic and superstring topology, as shown below.


This correspondence has to do with a common coordinate system defined by 27 logic variables. As shown in this diagram, this set of 27 variables connects the topology of superstrings in post-modern physics, the logic components of elementary particles within the I-Ching logic of trigrams and hexagram, and the embryology of co-creating the state of mind-soul-spirit at an embryological singularity.

The top half of this diagram has been fully discussed and needs no elaboration (See Strings and Orbifolds, Numbers, and Elementary Particle). I shall in what follows concentrate on the bottom half of the diagram. The connection between the top and the bottom is this integer 27, which reduces to 9 in base 9 arithmetic. It is also a number within the gnomonic path of expansion-contraction that connects both bases 9 and 10 arithmetic at their mutual centers and at their relative logic of motion governed by the light constant cn for n = 1,2,3…11. In short, the top and the bottom are connected at singularities actualized by this integer 9. The way to singularities from the top is through teleportation operators i, w, and e. On the bottom, the way to singularities is consciousness in an intentional state at the Moment of Now. Remember, in the Holon Theory, consciousness corresponds to activities inside of a singularity. The three orbifolds with 27 singularities are connected to a set of 27 strings in both the top and bottom. The top set of 27 strings is identified as particles in a micro world; whereas, the bottom set of 27 strings has to do with the cord connections between body-mind activities and soul-spirit physiology. This cord connecting body-mind with soul-spirit at singularities is an ancient observation via spirit-knowingness and/or soul-perceptions.

The Holon concept of embryology starts with the following Holon components: Genetic, microenvironment, and mind-soul-spirit communications in space-time continuum or in soul-time. The first two components are topics of studies in biological sciences (particularly, in cell differentiation and embryological developments).  The third component, which is connected to the 27 variables and is depicted in the above diagram that needs consideration here. Remember, mind is defined as soul-brain communication. In addition, one reincarnates before one is brain dead. Thus, the brain here refers to the brain of the “old body” before death. Remember also, soul-perception (or its interface with the genetic and microenvironment components) implies lock-key interactions where the lock is the logic defined in one’s spirit, while the key is generated by one’s brain. Thus, this is the process of how karma and destiny are transferred from one incarnation to another. The transferred information is encoded in one’s acu-points and controlled by one’s acu-brain. (See Acu-Points, and Acu-Brain)

Next, the relationship between the 27 variables and the encoded information in one’s acu-points need to be examined (shown in the diagram with the 27 meridians). This has to do with the Holon whose components are birth date, name, and free will. The time of birth is the singularity that causes the symmetry break between the two reincarnations. The event of this singularity also causes a break in the symmetry of the universe to include in its symmetric reformation the newly reincarnated state of body-mind/soul-spirit. The extent to which one’s birth affects the universe’s symmetry; i.e., the breaking and reconnecting, depends directly on the maturity of the individual’s spirit. That is to say, the number and the strength of reconnections after the universe’s symmetry break caused by the birth of a new reincarnated body are directly proportional to the maturity of one’s spirit. The stronger one’s connection is to the universe’s symmetry, the higher knowingness there is in one’s spiritual physiology. This singularity can be computed in a set of equations formulated from 22 variables. Besides the birth date and time, these 22 variables capture also the vibration signature of one’s name. The embedded vibration signature hidden in the logic-Information of these 22 variables, if formulated correctly, is depicted in the diagram shown below.

tem2 1

The correspondence between the 27 coordinates and frequencies is shown above, namely, the first eight partial tones represent a set of sine curves. One can count the number of times the above set of vibrations crosses the horizontal axis and find that the number is 22 times. That is, shown above is the sine curve of the first partial tones, which intersect the main axis 22 times. The 23rd point of intersection corresponds to the first again. Thus, this formulation not only captures one’s karma and destiny hidden in the symmetry break caused by one’s birth, but also, the vibrational signature of one’s name given at birth.

Next, one can further rearrange these 22 variables into five different categories representing, in embryology, the five karmic states of an acu-point, their five element classifications, their five predestined personalities, and so on. Thus, with the input of your birth date, time of birth, and name, the embryological mathematics will compute your karma, destiny, personality, times of significant life changes, and the nature of those changes in five-year periods, genetic strengths and weaknesses, and others. Some people will question: “Is this Astrology? Numerology? While this embryological mathematics appears to have some similarity to these popularized systems, it is based on a much deeper paradigm of reality, which unifies physics with ancient and Eastern wisdom, which is not available in any other system. Lastly, on the component of free will, as related to embryological development, the following describes its function.

Here, we emphasize the component of informed free will, i.e., making a free-will decision with informed knowledge. There are two components of knowledge. First, the knowledge of one’s karma, destiny, personalities, etc. that is in the solution coming from the birth date and name inputs. The second part is from inputting the real time electrical measurements of one’s acu-points status. Since all Logic-information is encoded in the acu-points, the mathematics on this second part has to do with (1) the information-communication disturbances and possible functional symptoms of the individual’s neuro-endocrine-functional networks in real-time and (2) the remedies corresponding to these disturbances. These remedies, mathematically computed, are herbs, homeopathics (including Bach flowers and Cell or Tissue Salts), natural oils, food recommendations, and acupuncture points for acupressure or use by an acupuncturist. Although it is difficult to confirm the accuracy of the computed individual’s karmic patterns and destiny, the individual’s health conditions, based on these real time acu-points input, evaluated by this embryological mathematical system are accurate, when compared with an individual’s health records. (See Reincarnation, Chakra, and Health/Illness)

With these two parts of knowledge, informed free will can be made to not only maintain one’s health, which include genetic-mind/soul-spirit disturbances, but also correct any karmic patterns that satisfy one’s destiny. A word on satisfying one’s destiny is in order. The embryological dynamics of reincarnation, as described here, has to do with uninformed astroprojection or soul-perception in space-time continuum. What is possible, with future researches, is informed astroprojection. This informed knowledge is from the first part of the embryological mathematics. This is in fact the purpose of astroprojection, namely, to control one’s own reincarnation toward the formation of an optimum body-brain network. (See Time, Astroprojection, and Evolution/Involution)

Energy: Actualized information or production of entropy. The former satisfies the conservation between information and energy, while the latter has to do with disturbance generated in the probabilistic process of the key “looking” for the lock.

Entropy: The difference, caused by uninformed free will, in states between involution and evolution. The cause of this difference is the act of uninformed free will. A free-will state is generated by actualized intention on the logic-information component of matter. This difference in state is the disorder state of a system. Thus, entropy is a measure of the deviation in state from the destiny of the system, which is defined by the involution-evolutionary state.

Entanglement: Described by Bell’s Theorem of Non-Local Influences, all objects are connected and thus entangled in their non-local logic aspect. (See Ebits/Qubits) In addition, in the Holon Theory, there is also the entanglement of intentions, especially human intention, and the logic aspect of all animate and inanimate objects. The former can be referred to as entanglement by design at Creation, while the latter is entanglement in Co-Creation by intention of free-will, informed or uninformed. Uninformed free-will generates incoherent entropy states. Informed free will generates Co-Created logic. The principle of correspondence categorizes non-local connectivity with the intention to disentangle the entangled logic. (See Free Will)

Ether: A hypothetical nonmaterial medium once supposed to fill all space. The idea that such a medium is required for the propagation of electromagnetic radiation is no longer tenable. In the Holon Theory, ether is defined as an information encodable medium. This is a non-local medium existing outside space-time where the logic component of matter is encoded including the logic of space, the logic of time, the logic of motion, the logic of an elementary particle, and so on. This medium is referred to as the vacuum, or the space inside zero, or the zero-point.

Event-Time: (See Time)

Evolution/Involution: The state of involution defines the logic-state of an object such as the logic of a chair; whereas the state of evolution is the constructed object itself at each stage of its construction, such as the constructed chair at each stage of its construction leading to duplicating the logic chair. Thus, the state of evolution is a state of the constructed object at each stage of its construction leading to the final stage where the constructed object equals the logic-object. The difference between the constructed state and the logic state is equal to the state of entropy. In addition, the change in the state of evolution is an event with a beginning and an end; whereas a change in the state of involution is a discrete jump, or a singularity. That is to say, changes in the state of evolution have to do with the process, i.e., the construction of a chair, while the change in the state of involution corresponds to the completion of this process, i.e., a completed chair. Thus, the state of involution occurs only at the moment of completing the chair. (See Ascension, Parallel Universe, spiral Geometry, and Embryology)

ESP: (See Spirit Knowingness)


Faith: Non-Local knowing, or spirit knowing, received by an observer.

Belief: Knowing by reason, or body-brain knowing, relative to the observer’s learned knowledge and/or experiences.

Fall: Co-Creation away from or in conflict with, God’s Encoded Logic. (See Spin)

Intellectual Fall: A Fall caused by uninformed use of technology. Up to now, the philosophy of technology and its use is based on the survival of the fittest theory. Rather than survival of the fittest, our ideology in the use and the development of technology must be based on Co-Creation, in the direction of God’s Encoded Logic. (See Lock-Key Technology, and Technology)

Feng Shui: (See Acu-Point)

Fermion: (See Boson)

Fibonacci: A special additive progression series of numbers, as shown below, in which the two initial terms are added together to form the third term.

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233, 377, 610, …

These numbers are recognized as part of the Fibonacci Series, which is represented by f, which has the value equal to 1.618…, an irrational number. The Fibonacci series is such that any two successive terms tend to be approximately in relation to one another as 1: f.

Finality: (See Time)

First Cause: A logic Holon that is believed to be the simplest correspondence to all other logic Holons, which defines the logic component of matter. This simplest logic Holon is Holon 1-2-3. Remember that the principle of correspondence is a non-local principle, which brings together the non-local connectivity of the logic aspect in all matter.

Force: (See Momentum)

Fractals: Objects constructed from fractional dimensions, dimensions less than 3, i.e., 1.2, 2.3, 2.6, etc. (See Gnomonic)

Fractal Scales: Similar to the concept of gnomonic expansion-contraction. That is the degree of regularity or irregularity remains constant over different scales. (See Gnomonic Expansion, Gnomonic Contraction)

Attractor: The Logic that governs motion, such as the golden proportion of f, an attractor in spiral motion. The shape that defines the regularity in fractal scales is an attractor. (See Gnomonic Spiral)

Fractional Dimensions: Here, the Holon concept of a fractional dimension will be proposed. The logic of a line is an ideal one-dimensional object. The logic of a Platonic Solid is an ideal three-dimensional object. An observer inside of a three-dimensional space recreating or co-creating this ideal three-dimensional solid is an imperfect Platonic Solid. The conjecture here is that this copy, recreated inside a three-dimensional space, is a fractional object of less than three-dimensions. Therefore, while the ideal is a three-dimensional object, the copy is a fractional object (i.e., a fractal) between dimensions 2 and 3. The ideal is a logic object, while the copy is an information object relative to the observer. Remember, the observer is inside the dimension of the ideal. One can also say that the ideal is God’s Free-Will, Created by the ideal resonance between base-9 and base-10 arithmetic, see Universe’s Origin. The copy produced our fractal world.

Fragmented Soul: (See Soul)

Free energy: Energy generated by the conversion of logic-information. The conversion occurs at the mirror boundary, or in the topological universe, between logic-information and energy, satisfying the conservation of logic-information and the conservation of information-energy. The former, logic and information, is bound together by the logic force of color gluons; while the binding force of the latter, information and energy, is the electroweak force. Strictly speaking, pure free energy is the actualization of the potential energy, from the vacuum, embedded in the encoded logic-information component of matter. The process of atomic-molecular transmutation (such as cold fusion), on the other hand, generates the conversion of information into energy, namely the changes in the information stored in the end product of the transmuted chemical reaction.

Transmutation: Chemical reactions based on information encoded in the neutrons rather than on electron or valence configurations. Remember, information is stored in the magnetic monopoles where the neutron serves as the magnetic charge and the anti-neutrino as the magnetic current. This dependence on the neutrons explains why isotopes and magnetism are so important in the process of transmutation. In addition, since the transmutation process depends on communicated information, mind communication from the experimenters and the information changes in the space-time environment (such as seasons and photon radiations) will influence its outcome. These influences explain some of the recorded findings of the alchemists. Recent experimental findings on the radiation of solar neutrinos perhaps help explain the possibility of these seasonal and photon influences to the transmutation process. Kamland’s experiment (2002) detects oscillation of anti-neutrinos emitted from nuclear reactors and from the direct nuclear fusion of the sun. Notice, to promote the process of transmutation, the standard electron-valence reaction, which is the natural reaction process, must be prevented from occurring, (see “Solving the Neutrino Mystery”, Scientific American, April 2003. (See Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field, and Human Atomic Table in Symmetry)

Free-Will: Unlike reactions, with or without thinking, to cause and effects, free will involves responding to non-local influences at the Moment of Now.

Informed Free-Will: Responding to non-local influences with knowledge of the information encoded in the logic of these non-local influences.

Uninformed Free Will: Responding to non-local influences without any knowledge of the nature of these influences.

Instinct: Uninformed Free Will. Here the response is survival, thus referred to as survival instinct.

Actionless Free Will: Unaware of any directed non-local influences, as such, no action taken. Most of the responses directed to non-local influences are actionless free will, thus no changes are made in the existing states of information-energy. Although Co-Creation/Creation happens at each Moment of Now, but without informed free-will in the actualization of new changes, no changes in the encoded logic-information occurs.

Free-Will Actualization: One’s free-will, even informed with the proper understanding, can be satisfied or actualized if and only if its non-local action is not entangled with another individual’s free-will. In other words, successful actualization depends on disentanglement of other free-wills, and the negations of other non-local influences. (See I-Ching, and Hexagrams).

Free Radicals: Atoms or molecules with an electron stripped away at one location and the capture or recapture of the same or another electron at the same or different location. These locations where electrons have been stripped away or captured are the free radicals in atoms or molecules. Free radicals are produced in a normal oxidation-reduction process. The oxidation-reduction process is a large and diverse class of chemical processes mostly involving the transfer of electrons from one substance to another or from one location of a molecule to another. In fact, in our opinion, free radicals are necessary for life, which are a part of the information encoding and transfer processes in biological chemistry. However, extensive free radical production created through radiation, toxins, or in an extensive biased force environment are usually damaging to the original purpose of the molecule, namely destroying the original information carried by the molecules. What cause free radical reactions to be damaging?

Let us examine one possible explanation. To do this, we shall consider the polarity produced by the free radical reactions on a molecule. Certain polarities, when viewed optically, spin light either to the right or the left. Those polarities that spin light to the right are called dextrorotary, while those that spin to the left are called laevorotary. Neutral molecules are so, either because they are composed of equal parts of dextro and laevo, or because they are neutral on account of internal compensation, i.e., the molecule is so arranged that one-half of the molecules balance the others. Below shows the three possible spin polarizations of Tartaric acid.

tem2 2

For our purpose, we shall concentrate our discussion, not on the chemistry of the OH radical as shown in the above diagram, but on the right-left spin caused by the OH radical reaction. In short, we shall look at the following correspondences caused by the free radical reaction.

  • Left Spin —> Outward Spiral relative toward South Pole, Evolution
  • Right Spin —> Inward Spiral relative toward North Pole, Involution


  • Involution —> Toward Logic-Information Aspect of Matter, Programmable, Deterministic Information
  • Evolution —> Toward Wave-Energy Aspect of Matter, Changing, Not Programmable, Probabilistic Information
  • Entropy —> Involution –Evolution, thus Entropy increases as Involution Logic diminishes its guidance on Evolution

Therefore, from these correspondences, if the free radical reaction causes a neutral spin state, a Mesorotary molecule, or a right spin Dextrorotary molecule, to become a left spin Laevorotary molecule, the result would be an increase in the system’s entropy, or disorder. This explains the negative effects of free radicals.

On the other hand, there is a positive effect embedded in a free radical reaction if the result is in the production of a right spin Dextrorotary molecule. From the above set of correspondences, a right spin state involves the encoding or transmitting of Involution Logic, which affects a higher and/or stronger guidance on the evolving state of Evolution. For this reason, we might propose a further conjecture about the positive side of a free radical reaction. This conjecture is: Free radical reaction in the positive direction contributes to bio-molecular learning, which is also a mind-programmable process. The following example, in the programming of water using magnets, illustrates the mind-programming ability in a right spin Dextrorotary molecule. It has been demonstrated that water is susceptive to mind programming, when a beaker of water is placed on the North Pole side of a magnet that promote right spin free radical reactions. Mind programming is not possible if the beaker of water is placed on the South Pole side of a magnet, a correspondence between South Pole and left spin state. In short, positive free radical reaction responds to informed intention. Yet, negative free radical reactions can be caused by radiation, toxins, or by being in an extensive biased force environment such as prolonged stress either internal or external.

In health and illness, the importance of dextro- and laevo-rotation in biological molecules has only recently been recognized, and making sure drugs are the correct stereoisomer (i.e., dextro- or laevo-rotatory, one is a mirror image of the other) has in some cases proven to be crucial. Giving the wrong isomeric drug form was responsible for the Thalidomide tragedy. Healthy blood is in the dextrorotatory form, while urine normally appears to be laevorotatory. The dextro- or laevo-rotatory state of an individual’s blood is computed mathematically in the Health Computer.


General Theory of Relativity: Explains the force of gravity in terms of the curvature of a four-dimensional space-time. (Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field)

Geomancy: (See Feng Shui in Acu-Point)

Ghost: An individual’s soul information-energy is trapped within a house or a physical confinement. Ghost is the vision of the memory of a lost soul, namely, the information-energy of the soul locked inside of a physical confinement. This vision is in the mind’s eye of the observer’s psyche. The vision or the presence of this information-energy body can also be captured or recorded with a magnetic instrument. Notice, since this memory is locked in the continuum of space-time, there is no connection with the appearance of time, i.e., the ghost’s physical body-brain system could have died, in Earth time, long ago. (See Soul, and Time)

Glands: Mirror of Self. (See Chakra, Symmetry, Health/Illness, Yin-Gin/Shii-Soei Ching, and Tree of Life)

The following diagram depicts the archetypal/gestalt formulation in Li-Logic, namely the Tree of Life, of the logic-information aspect of the entire glandular system.

tem2 3

The following characteristics, in the sense of Logic-Information/Energy-Chemistry, for each of these glands are listed below.

  • Pineal: Psychological Brain, Regulating Mind/Soul-Spirit activities, Synchronize the cycles of birth as well as the cycles of physical and mental enfoldment, Synchronizes the rhythmic activity of each gland as well as the integrated rhythm of the entire glandular system.
  • Thymus: A Sense of Self, Mind/Soul-Spirit signature, Defends Self from Non-Self, Partners with the Pineal Gland, and the Wisdom of  the heart
  • Posterior Pituitary: Influence activities of the Kidneys, Uterus, and Mammary Gland, Partners with the Hypothalamus, which produces the link between psychic self and  the glandular system, i.e., between the inner and the outer.
  • Anterior Pituitary: Gland of physiological-chemical intelligence, Master gland on physiological-mental activities.
  • Parathyroid: Influence mineral metabolism and excitability of nerves.
  • Thyroid: Glands of fight or flight, rate of energy release, influence metabolic activities, especially in the Brain, which regulate reasoning, judgment, and perception, essential to memory and regulates the interchange or flow of energy between past and present.
  • Pancreas/Hara: Energy production, energy store house
  • Adrenal Cortex: Integration and interpretation of sensory input, influences the production of male sex hormone, influences fat in metabolism
  • Adrenal Medulla: Mobilization of energy especially in the Thymus gland, Awareness of self
  • Gonads: Seeds of becoming, Self-perpetuation

Gluons: A form of quantum chromodynamics which carry the strong color “force” from one quark to another. In the Holon Theory, color gluons exist only within the logic aspect of the quark structure. This color “force” serves as the glue that binds the quark’s logic and its information aspect together. On the other hand, weak gluons, and the w+ and z0, bind the information and its energy aspect during quark-lepton communications.

Gnomonic: The logic of motion referred to as a “gnomon”, which state that any figure which, when added to an original figure, leaves the resultant figure similar to the original figure.

Gnomonic Expansion: Growth by accretion or accumulative increase in which the old form is contained within the new.

Gnomonic Contraction: Logical movement opposite to gnomonic expansion.

Gnomonic Spiral: Spirals in the form of gnomonic growth whose geometrical curvature satisfies the progressions of a Fibonacci, or a logarithmic, series.

God/Creator: The programmer of the binary/ternary logic, a set of non-local encoded logic input into the vacuum in which the First Cause is Created. This programmer is referred to as God, or the Creator. Thus, we cannot understand who or what God is, with respect to physical and personal characteristics, because God is outside of our Universe. We can only make an attempt to understand what this First Cause is, and how this universe is Created from this First Cause. Therefore, the only characteristic that can be associated with God is Knowledge, Absolute Knowledge, more specifically, knowledge of beauty, simplicity, and so on. This set of Absolute Knowledge reduces in the form of non-local correspondence to the Holon of 9 and its symmetry break into the Thought Octagon.

In addition, we can understand God through the number Holon 9-9-9 in a base nine arithmetic. This Holon 9-9-9 represents a tri-state of the Thought Octagon, see Volume 4. The makeup of this number 9, in base nine arithmetic, contains all numbers; that is,

0 + 1 + 2 +3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 + 9 —> 45 —>  4 + 5 —> 9

Therefore, a tri-state parallel universe of numbers, embedded in the number 9, can also represent our Universe. (See 999, Parallel Universe, Universe’s Origin)

In-God’s-Image: (See Immortality)

Godel’s Incompleteness Theorem: The theorem indicates the impossibility of establishing an internal logical consistency of a very large class of deductive system — e.g., elementary arithmetic — unless one adopts principles of reasoning so complex that their internal consistency is itself open to doubt. That is to say, the truth of this class of deductive systems cannot be formally deduced from any given set of axioms within its own closed set of rules of inference. From the perspective of the Holon Theory, this theorem suggests that for any proof of truth to be self-consistent and complete, the deductive system must rely on inputs coming from outside of the system. From this perspective, with the correspondence between incompleteness and entropy production in a closed system, Godel’s Theorem is connected in principle to the Second Law of Thermodynamics. (See Second Law of Thermodynamics)

Godliness in Self: A spiritual state of self, living in a transcendental state of spirit-knowingness, which possesses knowledge beyond learned knowledge like knowledge in Co-Creating one’s body-brain. The prerequisite to this state of Godliness in Self is the state of Sageness Within and Kingliness Without. To fully complete this state of Godliness in Self implies not only that this knowingness has no bounds; but also he or she is also able of actualizing any part of this unlimited knowledge with intentions. In fact, it is within this state of unlimited knowledge that both ascended humans and us can co-create our immortal body at well. Co-creating an immortal body for ourselves is the requirement for entering into tri-universe 8-9-0.

Exception: The state of Godliness in Self can also be obtained through satisfying a perfect state in unconditional love. A few advanced spirits have completed this state and have ascended into tri-universe (or tri-state) 6-7-8 from 4-5-6. But these ascended spirits still need to complete the state of Sagness Within and Kingliness Without, which is intellectual love. This is the reason why both ascended humans and us must work together to complete involutionary state 8. Mass ascension is ascension from tri-universes 4-5-6 and 6-7-8 to 8-9-0. Christ lives in tri-universe 8-9-0. Ascended humans living in tri-universe 6-7-8 can also be advanced spirits who have completed the perfection in intellectual love, namely evolutionary state 7. Both, these ascended humans need to complete state 8, a state of immortal body, before entering into tri-universe 8-9-0.

Good/Evil: Good is a logic state in the direction of God’s Encoded Logic. Therefore, a state of good or evil must be evaluated relative to the state of knowing-understanding God’s encoded logic, rather than blindly following cultural logic. On the other hand, evil is a logic state that opposes God’s State of Encoded Logic. Yet evil is needed to understand the condition of doing good. (See 666)

Gravitational/Electromagnetic Wave: Waves generated by the connectivity of photons. When two photons are strongly connected, fused into one unit of wholeness, the waves of these strongly coupled photons, which turn into a graviton, are referred to as a gravitational waves. On the other hand, the wave generated by two photons vibrating in a love-hate scenario is an electromagnetic wave.

General Theory of Relativity: Gravitation is described as the warping of space-time by an object possessing mass-energy. The resulting curvature generated by this warping of space-time guides the paths of moving objects. In other words, mass warps space-time, telling it how to curve, and space-time grips mass, telling it how to move. In the Holon Theory the messengers in this communication are the n0, e+, e-, p+, neutrino, and anti-neutrino.

Special Theory of Relativity: Establishes the requirement that the speed of light is a constant (3 x 10-10 cm/sec), i.e., regardless of the motion of anyone measuring it, and the requirement that mass and energy are equivalent (E = mc2). In the Holon Theory, this speed of light takes the form of a light constant, a component in the teleportation operator [ ict ]. (See Teleportation, and Imaginary Number)

Graviton: The gravitational particle. In the Holon Theory, the graviton is not an elementary particle because its logic is co-created from the logic of two photons. (See elementary particle)

Guardian Angels: Actualizable non-local connections to spirit knowingness via spirit-spirit communications. These other spirits are Guardian Angels.

GUT Monopole: A logic-information particle formed between 10-43 sec (Planck time) and 10-35 sec (Grand Unification time, or GUT). A dipole was formed, at 10-35 sec, between this logic-information monopole and the magnetic monopole. (See Magnetic Monopole)