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QA: What is the Formula for Being-Matter Interactions

The formula for Matter-Being Interactions extent the general set of relationships derived from the Tree of Life between the 10 Logic-Potentials and the 22 Paths plus the 5-hidden paths for a total of 27 Information-Energy Paths. Shown also in previous postings are the mappings of these relationships between the Tree of Life and the I-Ching.

Presented here is an objective outline (where there is non in the literature) of a general formula on the interactions between Non-Local Being Logic inside the vacuum and the Local Matter Information of the collapsing state. I shall begin with an objective formulation of pulse and acu-point readings for body-soul-spirit healing. This posting serves as a beginning point in deriving an objective formula for deterministic bio-quantum as defined in previous postings.

A general formula for Matter-Being interactions is derivable by extending the above set of 10—22—27 relationships with the cosmology of the I-Ching, namely the following of 5 Branches of human science in the Body-Soul-Spirit as shown in the following 5-Element diagram.

tem-2 1

As shown in the previous posting, the 10—22—27 relationship for these Body (Brain)—Soul—Spirit activities is derivable from the 10 Celestial Stems plus 12 Terrestrial Branches, and the hidden 5 to be the 5-Elements. Even the 10 Logic Potentials on one’s Birth are defined by the Stems-Branches set, except for the coordinate of Free Will. With this in mind, the following is a mandala formula for Matter-Being Interactions.


The above diagram contains the Holon disturbances in information—perturbations—entanglements coming from the Sun, Moon, Zodiacs, Constellations, and Planets. These disturbances–information are captured in the Chinese calendar embedded in the Celestial–Terrestrial coordinates hidden in the 10—22—27 local–non-local relationships, and manifested in the Pulse and Acu-Points. Some of the variables in this calendar are shown in the next three diagrams below.

Also discussed and illustrated in the above diagram are the local–non-local vortex dynamics of the celestial-terrestrial coordinates initiated by 甲 that spiral through the logic-information / information-energy vacuums. In addition, also illustrated is the set of hidden 5-Element doors by closing-opening in synchronicity with the spiral coordinates to enable the 10 logic potentials to optimize their observer-observed information and at the same time minimize the perturbations from the free will field (see explanations described in the above diagram and in previous postings). The 5-Element doors are shown in the Mandala below:


This is how pulse readings and acu-point formulations (such as WebHealth) can be deterministic in obtaining vacuum information. At the end of this posting, the formula will be applied to the Bio-Quantum function for Cold Fusion—Transmutation—Superconductivity.

The following three diagrams outline some of the contents hidden in the Chinese Calendar.


tem-2 6

Embedded in the above calendar are the 24 seasonal non-local ch’i / local qi. With the Pulse () Reading of the 6-Evil seasonal perturbed information-energy flow, a total of 72 non-local ch’i / local qi defined by the calendar.

In pulse readings, the Chinese refers to these six evil seasonal information-energy flows as 熱 –> Fire, 相火 –> Heat, 濕 –>Dampness,  燥 –> Dryness, 寒 –>Cold, 風 –> Wind. However, these are not weather perturbations of the seasons. They are the non-local evil Ch’i affecting the local qi generated by the combined perturbations of the Sun, Moon, Planets, Zodiacs, Constellations, and others. In acu-point circuits,  the influences of these 6-Ch’i are taken to effect the following six logic-information acupuncture meridians, 陽明 –> yang ming, 太陰 –> tai yin, 少陽 –> shao yang,  厥陰 –> jueh yin, 太陽 –> tai yang,  少陰 –> shao yin. Objectively, these non-local / local perturbations are now formulated objectively here within the 10—22—27 mandala formula.


tem-2 1

The 24 seasonal ch’i / qi are shown in the third column from both the left and right sides. Shown in the first column from both the left and right sides are the connected zodiac perturbations

  • First Right Column: Capricon (12/21 – 1/21, Earth), Aquarius (1/21 – 2/21, Air), Pisces (2/21 – 3/21, Water), Aries (3/21 – 4/21, Fire), Taurus (4/21 – 5/21, Earth), Gemini (5/21 – 6/21, Air)
  • First Left Column: Cancer (6/21 – 7/21, Water), Leo (7/21 – 8/21, Fire), Virgo (8/21 – 9/21, Earth), Libra (9/21 – 10/21, Air), Scorpio (10/21 – 11/21, Water), Sagitarius (11/21 – 12/21, Fire)

These 24 seasonal Ch’i / Qi are further described in the local seasonal qi terms, given in the following table. Notice, the difficulties in understanding Chinese medical terminologies / concepts are the non-local / local entanglement between pre-heaven Ch’i and post-heaven Qi. This is the reason why understanding bio-quantum is so important not only in quantum physics, but also in body-soul-spirit health, for example Chinese Medicine.

tem-2 2tem-2 3

Notice, these are local terminologies using the term Qi for a non-local / local situation of Ch’i / Qi without quantum physics.

The next two diagrams illustrates the non-local / local entanglements of information-energy (in Being)  / energy-mass (in Matter) on the human endocrine physiology.

There are three bio-rhythm as stated in Moon Time, by Johnna Paungger & Thomas Poppe:

  • the physical rhythm, with a length of 23 days
  • the emotional rhythm, 28 days
  • the intellectual rhythm, which lasts exactly 33 days

The following diagram illustrates the emotional rhythm


tem-2 4

The following diagram illustrates the non-local / local Ch’i / Qi effects on the endocrine system by the charged solar wind particles in the Van Allen Belts and the connection to the zodiac cycles (the bottom graph).


Finally, we can now examine the shielding of unwanted non-local / local perturbations through influencing the repeatability of Bio-Quantum Technology.



The 10—22—27 formula as derived in the mandala shown above is one of three methods, taken as a Holon, in developing this Information Faraday Gage. Thess three Holon components on shielding the information—perturbation—entanglement are:

  • the 10—22—27 formula as formulated above
  • converting the monopoles into dipoles, where the dipoles are absorbed
  • use of sacred geometry, for the intention (free will) component

As for the 10—22—27 formula, everythings illustrated in the above mandala are applicable in this particular application, except the hidden 5-elements (6, including spirit fire) and the 10 logic potentials. In other words, the 10 celestials and the 12 branches of the outside two circles are also applicable for this application. The changes are in the 10 potentials and the hidden doors.

In addition, the 10 celestials and the 12 branch spirals formulated with the I-Ching Logic would have to combine with the Logic spirals of the atomic elements in planetary and zodiac information-energy paths as shown below.

tem-2 1



With these Information-Energy Spiral, we can now see a definite Non-Local / Local influence of Mind—Soul—Spirit in Bio-Quantum Technology and as a cause for the probability of the nature of quanta.

In Alchemy, the 3—6—9 Holon has to do with the Holon of hydrogen. In occult chemistry terminology, this Holon is Hydrogen—Adyarium—Occultum and perhaps with the following mapping to Standard Chemistry: Andyarium —> Deuterium and Occultum —> Tritium.

Next, the other six elements corresponding to the 3—6—9 Holon inside the Octagon are: Palladium, Platinum, Nickel, Lithium, Rhodium, Iridium (or perhaps some other so-called ORMUS elements depending on the results of experiments).

Finally, the six hidden door elements are the Noble Gases, namely Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon,and Radon. The activating method on opening the communication Bing and Matter using these noble gases is to open the non-local / local doors via discrete changes (in the form of heat—electric/magnetic—mechanical impulse) to cause changes in information-energy, or phase of states.