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Simulation Logic in Ternary Computer

An initial attempt to formulate the Trinary Logic in Ternary Codes–Bits–Qubits and outputs into Yin-Objects and Yang Objects, as the author imagine How God developed His Virtual Computer.  In addition how God and us Observers Simulated our Universe within the perspective of the Author’s Observer—Observed—Reference Frame. This Simulated Universe contains the integrated sum of His—Hers—Its [with Being inside] simulated programs from incarnation to incarnations. Remember, as said often, the content of this Matter-Being Paradigm is continuously maturing from Posting to Posting. This initial understanding is diagramed below.



Next, numbers in Both Base-9, Base-10 Logic and their meanings are apply to Lines, Bigrams, Trigrams, Tetragrams, Petagrams, & Hexagrams. Thus, the numbers of permutations in Meanings inside the Holon of Base-9—Base-10—Line Diagrams are tremendous. Furthermore, the muti-variation in meanings is logically formulated by the Spirit-Mind of each Observer—Observed—Reference Frame. Thus, the final piece is the meanings of Codes in these simulated logic, namely, the line diagrams and changing lines i.e., the knowledge—experience—Information in each of His—Hers—Its Reference Frame, where the formula 27 for the spiritual and physical constants including the ancient culture of embedded in I-Ching—Tao-Te-Ching—Tai-Hsuan Ching.

I am not going into the details of these simulations of codes. Yet, one can now see the tremendous among of Spaceless—Timeless—Information / Entropy for each Observer’s simulated piece of encoded logic, accumulated from incarnation to incarnations. Let along the Simulated Universe, which contains all His—Hers—Its [with Being inside] Observer-Observed Simulated Logic. Notice, since these encoding logic are in a spaceless—timeless environment, problems with power consumption—memory—runtime does not exit. All these simulations are self-encoded.

What a virtual computer. Only God, in His all-powerful wisdom—all knowingness—infinite LOVE can create such a Simulated Universe.

tem2 1

How these free will logic used to encode the Information—Knowledge—Knowingness of His—Hers—Its Frame of References, although self-determined in God’s Vacuum Computer, are very difficult to formulate or reverse engineer. These are all pre-determined within God’s Involution Logic. Remember, inside this Participatory Universe, every piece of logic [both spiritual and physical constants; namely formula 27 as explained in the contents of this Website] are self-simulated by His—Her—Its [with Being inside] Observers. Furthermore, these are virtual formulas formulated by the spirit—minds of God’s creations guided by God’s Involution Logic inside the Logic and the Information Vacuums. In short, the mental creations from the Spirit-Minds of Physicists—Philosophers—Meta-physicists are organized—evolving logic or destructive-entropy, which is self-encoded-simulated onto the Vacuum Computer.

THE SIMULATED UNIVERSE ßà Programs, QUBITS [Logic-Information, <—-> BEING, --]—Execution, BITS [Information-Energy <—-> TRANSITION, --]—Outputs, YIN-YANG OBJECTS [Energy-Mass <—-> MATTER, --]




tem2 1

God’s Vacuum Computer contains no Hardware Computer, Only three Software Components, HOLON Logic-Vacuum—Information Vacuum—3-D Masses. Within the Logic Vacuum is the Inputs of God’s involution logic. The above Square represents an Octahedron, as shown below for the HOLON UNIVERSE.

tem2 2

A HOLON UNIVERSE <—-> LOGIC—INFORMATION—MASS, which is also a Living Universe in the Holon of -- [Being in Matter]—-- [Being in Human, Transitional State]—-- [God in Human]. In addition, Dark Matter is identified as “Logic-Mass” and Dark Energy has to do with “Information-Mass”. These two Masses form a Holon with Energy-Mass: Logic-Mass—Information-Mass—Energy-Mass. Furthermore, Black Hole <—-> Information-Vacuum, and Wormhole <—-> Logic-Vacuum.


March 20th, 2012 at 1:08PM – QUANTUM GEOMETRY


Geometry for a physics for the Post-modern Age, based upon the ancient syncretic system known as the I Ching or Book of Changes. This new fractal, holographic, multi-/inter-dimensional coordinate geometry may offer a simple mathematical language by means of which quantum mechanics, quantum field theory and string theory can be better understood.

Possible reason why the I Ching works


Posted on May 17, 2012 by Alberto Ramon

There is no established scientific explanation why the I Ching works as an intuitive tool. The fact that intuition and precognition exist suggests, according to some scientific findings, that the deepest part of the human mind has access to a quantum level that is beyond space and time.  The theories that have been hypothesized to explain those findings are based on quantum non-locality, holography, and complex space-time. Every I Ching response is perhaps a symbolic representation of an answer from that deepest part of the mind.  After all, since the answer and the response are simultaneous events, it’s possible that they are meaningfully linked according to Carl Jung’s principle of synchronicity.

After many years of interacting with the I-Ching, I’m convinced that what is happening when one throws the coins, or picks up yarrow sticks, is that this process essentially freezes time so that we can clearly see what is right in front of our faces. Each toss of the coins is a frozen moment in time and all of it’s related connections. My experience is that it tells me exactly what I already know, but because I’m unable to make all the connections because I’m not paying 100% attention 100% of the time, but the I-Ching is able to do so. I don’t have a scientific explanation. I’m an artist and trust my intuition; it is the only thing that I know to be correct, always, and speaking with the I-Ching, is like speaking to a friend who will tell you the unvarnished truth without tip toeing around your feelings.