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WebHealth Computer Model
The preliminary version of this WebHealth computer was completed in 1993 with a very preliminary understanding of the Matter-Being logic model stated in this book. It took 15 years since to complete my understanding of this Matter-Being paradigm. However, the mind-soul-spirit health data from several thousands of evaluations became the key-experiences in my completing this paradigm. A preliminary implementation of this paradigm into the Webhealth Model is a very crude and limited version of the models discussed in the book “Matter-Being Project” (especially Diagrams 3-14, 3-15, 3-16, 3-21, 3-23, 3-30, 3-31, 3-32, 3-33, 3-24, 3-35, 3-38 and 3-39). About 50-60 percent of the models described in the book were implemented into the Webhealth computer, but only 20-30 percent had been tested. What I can say is that of those areas tested, the results are very good and tells me that this approach of automating the mind-soul-spirit health via the Worldwide Web is not only possible but also gives me a preliminary indication that the models presented in this book are correct.

Objective Body-Mind-Spirit Evaluation
It goes beyond the patient-operator-subjective methods of muscle-test, Voll, Vegatest, Dr. Nelson’s QX-scio, and any of today’s bioelectro-regulatory techniques. All remedies (herbs, homeopathic, acu-points for acupuncture and massage, solutions to psychological and spiritual problems) are determined by mathematics and thus automatically computed for each individual in an objective manner.

The following summary was written in 2005.

The WebHealth Computer Model
In short, this Health Computer is the only workable illness preventive system in the world. Based on our breakthroughs with the Holon Information-Communication (HIC) paradigm, we are able to put the communication network of the neuroendocrine system, including individual remedies depending on health status, into a set of mathematical formulas; thus our Health Computer can uniquely compute the health-remedy information of an individual.

The Health Computer
The mathematics are based on obtaining information in the communication network formed from the constrained communication between the non-local/spirit aspect of the acu-points and the local aspect of the neuroendocrin/organ physiology. These interactions form a spider-web network in soul-communications. Each node in this network represents the constrained communication among organs, neuroendocrines, and various physiological functions. By analyzing the various state characteristics (i.e., missed communication, blockages, weak, and over-excited organ) on each of these nodes, the state of one’s physiology can be identified.

It is a set of 24 acu-point measurements from one’s fingers and toes via a micro-amp meter that one can obtain in any electronics store. Notice, the intelligence of this health evaluation is not the measurement, but the information embedded in the mathematics, as long as each of these measurements is measured consistently.

More specifically, using the 24 micro-current readings and applying them to the mathematical neural/organ web of the human body in conjunction with the cascaded software programs, the Holon System produces the numerical outputs that identifies the status of the following individual information/communication physiological network relationships:


    • Heart/Lung
    • Heart/Kidney
    • Lung/Kidney
    • Heart Circulation
    • Pericardium/Heart
    • Conditions Suggesting Sinus-Mucous/Shortness of Breath
    • Conditions of Auto-Immune Problems
    • Infection
    • Immune Deficiency
    • Musculoskeletal Problems
    • Rheumatism
    • Thyroid Problems
    • Kidney and Renal Inflammation
    • Asthma Conditions
    • Allergy Conditions
    • Conditions with Migraines/Dizziness
    • Conditions: Hemorrhoids, Varicose Veins
    • Conditions Suggesting Constipation, or loose or frequent bowel problems
    • Metabolic Problems
    • Digestion Problems
    • Cholesterol Problems
    • Conditions Suggesting Blood Sugar Instability, Lactose Intolerance
    • Skin Problems
    • Suggesting Toxic Accumulation
    • Prostate Problems or Female Problems
    • Emotional Problems


    • Adrenal
    • Gonads
    • Pancreas and Digestive Functions
    • Thymus
    • Thyroid
    • Pituitary
    • Pineal/Hypothalamus


    • Kidney-Heart-Spleen
    • Spleen-Kidney-Liver
    • Lung-Liver-Heart
    • Heart-Lung-Kidney
    • Kidney-Spleen-Lung


    • Nervous Control
    • Hormonal Control
    • Genetic Control
    • Organ
    • Nerve
    • Circulatory
    • Psychological
    • Stress


Remedies are mathematically computed individually within the evaluation/correction software for the above output values outside the “mean” (individual means based on one’s own 24 prime measurements. There is not a global clinical database that can be used to determine the mean because each person has his or her own “individual system” even though all individuals function as a human being. For example each person has DNA, but his or her DNA is unique to the individual.


    • Homeopathics for toxin release
    • Homeopathics for strengthening the weak communication networks
    • Homeopathics for sedating the over excited communication networks
    • Bach flowers for strengthening the weak communication networks
    • Herbs for tonifying weak physiological functions
    • Herbs for sedating over excited functions
    • Acupuncture points for communicational blockages
    • Acupuncture points for re-establishing left-right brain balances
    • Individual Exercise Program for Tonify Weak Organ-System Communication
    • Individual Exercise Program for Sedate over excited Organ-System Communication

Outlined above is the Internet version of the self-evaluation for the general public. A much more detailed version, for both health determination and correction, is available for clinical use. Both versions are completely automated. The computer also computes your mind-soul-spirit activities constrained by your newly reincarnated body in the form of life-path, destiny, guardian angels, karmic connections, soul/genetic bias, spiritual maturity, pre- and post-natal personalities, left-right brain emotions, and so on.

Additional inputs for the computation of these outputs are your name at birth, birth date, including the day, time, and  time zone. Note that these data are needed for determining the symmetry break at the time of birth, i.e., the break of the universe and reconnection with one’s presence included. It is this break that determines the new spirit-body constraint. Also, one reincarnates before the death of the old body. These computations are not based on astrology. It is based on understanding the logic of the vacuum, or God’s computer at the time of symmetry break, in the format of I-Ching line logic diagrams (in 11 logic dimensions) as determined at the time of birth by a set of 22 coordinates. These 22 coordinates separate into 12 information dimensions and 10 logic dimensions. Notice the dimensional similarity to Super-strings/M-Theory. The interaction of these logic-information dimension forms the line logic of the hexagrams, which define the mind-soul-spirit constraints as listed in the above mind—soul—spirit outputs.

This computer model together with the health models discussed in the book can be used to teach an individual self-healing by learning the real-time connections among symptoms, changing health, and remedies. In addition, one can learn the individual feelings connected to these real-time indications including remedies (with and then without the computer). My wife and I have been successfully doing this (without using the computer) for the last ten years. Together with the AcuBrain-Holon Method you are able to resolve the conflicts in your conscious desires with your subconscious knowingness. These conflicts show up in relationships, self-esteem, spirituality, and body-mind-spirit health

************INTERVIEW ON HEALTH AND FITNESS*************

This two part interview gives the reader insight into the evolution (from 1999 to 2009) of the Matter-Being Paradigm (i.e., from Mind-Soul-Spirit in Health to Mind-Soul-Spirit in Physics-Chemistry-Genetics-Health-Technology).
Wellness Without Limits

By Marilyn Territo

For the past thirty years, holistic health care has adapted itself to meet the ever-changing trends in America. It was not until the 80’s that the concept of the mind/body/spirit connection pricked the collective consciousness of Americans and positioned the spirit as an integral part of health and healing. As the form evolved, the names changed: preventive health care, alternative health care, complementary medicine, energy medicine, etc. Whatever the name, the quest to get healthy, to stay healthy, and to hold back the hands of time has intensified with our aging society.

Many of my readers express ongoing concern over their personal health. They are confused and distressed because they are making healthy lifestyle choices, but they are still experiencing chronic illness, degenerative disease, immune system dysfunction, and signs of aging, to name but a few. With a plethora of natural remedies and self-healing resources available to them, they want to know why they are not healing.

My answer is simple. There is an important component missing from their health care regimen that, until now, was not available to them. While alternative health care practices, nutrition, supplementation, natural remedies, and energy therapies are important and beneficial, the key to optimum wellness can be found in the most unlikely place: physics and the revolutionary work of world-renowned physicist-mathematician, Wing Y. Pon. Pon’s discoveries for body-mind/soul-spirit health and integration are based on forty years of inspired scientific research on east/west duality. His progressive technologies combine western knowledge, health practices, physics, and mathematics with ancient eastern wisdom, healing modalities, and the sacred geometry found in the I-Ching and the Hebrew alphabet. This dynamic synergism of East and West has proven to be the foundation for a new, 21st Century wellness paradigm.

The turning point in Pon’s research came in an unexpected way in 1986. He had a kundalini spiritual experience that resulted in a devastating personal illness. “While my body suffered, my mind grew,” described Pon. “The most astounding insights came to me. I went beyond traditional physics and saw the integration with the spiritual. All the pieces fell into place.” It is through this life-transforming experience that Pon found the missing link between physics and metaphysics, the physician and the metaphysician.

Pon’s breakthrough theory led him to methods for accessing information within the body-mind/soul-spirit system. For the first time in history, this scientist could identify and define the existence of mind, soul, and spirit. He found that the mind, soul, and spirit interactively send information (communicate) to the physical body, which is bound in 3-D space. Pon developed a technology to identify communication breakdowns and blockages at the core information level of the human organism prior to manifestation of symptoms, chronic conditions, and/or disease. This discovery became the foundation for the Science of Information Medicine.™ When communication breakdowns are identified early enough and the cause is targeted, disharmony and disease can be prevented. If the cause of a condition is not addressed, then a person may experience temporary relief, but not complete healing. This is why Information Medicine has been acclaimed as preventive health care at its highest level. Even if a person is experiencing symptoms, illness, etc., Information Medicine is essential to total healing and complements all forms of alternative treatments and/or allopathic medical protocols.

Pon went on to successfully combine Information Medicine with computer technology. Based on principles of physics and mathematics, Pon can access and profile information stored in the soul and spirit, information that until now was unverifiable. He developed the first software package, containing over 70 programs, to access information from the body, mind, soul, and spirit. The result is the Optimum Wellness Profile.™ The profile uses 24 electro-acupuncture point readings and other personal data to evaluate and determine physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness. All information contained in the profile is unique to each person and is verified against fifteen proven scientific, physical, psychological, and spiritual systems.

Pon’s proven humanistic technologies for body-mind/soul-spirit integration are unrivaled in the world. Besides accessing information related to wellness, they can also outline your life’s purpose, soul-spirit connections in life, mission and destiny, information relating to karma and past lives, and spiritual and life pattern potentials. This breakthrough method connects science to divinity for the first time. According to Dr. Romeo Di Benedetto, Professor of Sociology at El Paso Community College, “Wing Pon developed an insight into how we can achieve our highest potentials using scientific technology. This is a radical departure from any paradigm of human reality and the achievement of our potentials that has never before been promoted in human history. …This [Holon Theory] is truly an insight that is without match. As I have studied history and as I even understand scientific breakthroughs, this is something that is in the tradition of Aristotle, Galileo and Einstein. Wing Pon’s concept, as we look back in history, will be seen as the high water mark.” Or in the words of George Araki, Professor of Biology, San Francisco State University, “The implication of this theory and technology is vast. This is the first time that Eastern and Western paradigms have been unified, at least in theory, and the potential applications of this unification in the field of health are immense.”

One of Pon’s most dramatic scientific discoveries is that there is an Acu-Brain™ that parallels the human brain and a Logic-Body™ that parallels the physical body. Each one is unseen, but energetically connected to the acu-point and chakra systems. However, it is the incredible Acu-Brain that serves as the master coordinator of the acu-points, chakras and the physiology of the body. Through the Acu-Brain it is possible to accesses the infinite blueprint to utilize the unlimited energy, pure potential and information within zero-point (vacuum physics) for life enhancement.

Pon’s discoveries have added a new dimension to our understanding of wellness and self-healing. We now know the key question to ask. Is the source of my condition in my body, mind, soul, or spirit, or is it a combination of these? Healing and harmonization begins at the information level. The only proven methods currently available to access and identify this information are in the Science of Information Medicine and the resulting technology of Zero-Point Wellness™ (including the Optimum Wellness Profile). Zero-Point Wellness enables you to utilize infinite resources and energy to self-heal, experience vibrant wellness, achieve longevity, and realize spiritual fulfillment. There are literally no boundaries to what you can achieve in all areas of your life when you tap into the infinite energy of zero-point.

Copyright 1999 by Marilyn Territo

Check the September issue for Tapping Infinite Energy, Part II: The 30-Second Fitness Program based on Zero-Point Wellness and Information Medicine.

Marilyn Territo is a health counselor, paramedical skin care specialist, professional speaker, and writer. She is recognized worldwide as a pioneer in the field of facial fitness.

Living at Your Peak

By Marilyn Territo

In Tapping Infinite Energy, Part I – Wellness Without Limits (reference the August 1999 issue of The Light), I introduced you to the breakthrough discoveries and technologies of physicist, mathematician, and research scientist, Wing Y. Pon. Pon discovered that the human being is a complex composition of interactive information patterns. The mind, soul, and spirit interactively send information (communicate) to the physical body, which is bound in 3-D space. He also discovered the mathematics for biophysics that identifies breakdowns and blockages in cell to organ/gland communications within the physical body and then extended its application to body-mind/soul-spirit communications. These discoveries are part of the Science of Information Medicine™, which has been acclaimed as the new, 21st Century wellness paradigm.

Information Medicine is the first true wholistic health system. In order to address the four components of the human organism, it goes beyond the popular body/mind/spirit concept to include an important fourth element, the soul. It targets the cause of an imbalance. Like an early-warning system, it alerts a person to a potential problem prior to it manifesting as symptoms, a chronic condition, and/or a disease. It focuses on the self-healing process, not the suppression of symptoms. Research reveals that Information Medicine complements alternative and/or medical treatment protocols and is essential for total healing.

When I was first introduced to Pon’s groundbreaking work, it elevated me to a new level of understanding regarding the bio-mental-spiritual ecology of the human organism and its inherent self-healing and regenerative powers. However, this new awareness did not prepare me for the additional information I would learn from Pon’s cutting-edge fitness technology. As a result of my exposure to Pon’s work, I have redefined my views on alternative health care and broadened my understanding of our unlimited potential as human beings.

For centuries, metaphysicians and visionary scientists predicted a new model of wellness, self-healing, and rejuvenation for the 21st Century that seemed so futuristic, that it could be something out of a Star Wars movie. I am here to tell you that this new model does exist, and it is not the work of fiction, but of fact! What makes Wing Pon’s original technologies so unique is that they are scientifically verifiable.

Pon applied his scientific theories and discoveries in the field of physics to fitness. To prove his discoveries, Wing Pon collaborated with Greg Yau, a respected martial arts instructor and fitness/peak performance coach. Pon and Yau have spent the past six years in experimentation that has resulted in their co-creating InfoFit™, a dynamic new system for fitness. InfoFit is based on Pon’s Holon Theory, the Science of Information Medicine, several internal martial art styles, sacred geometry, and additional discoveries made by both Pon and Yau during their experiments. Through body movements and postures, they have been able to demonstrate not only quantum physiology, but also physiology obeying zero-point (vacuum physics). Pon and Yau discovered how to tap the potential of zero-point energy and, as a result, have revolutionized the field of fitness.

InfoFit incorporates customized movements and postures to meet the specific health and fitness needs of the individual. InfoFit was created to assist in the non-restricted movement of information throughout the body-mind/soul-spirit system. It goes beyond the typical physical workout and is designed to enhance body harmonization, self-healing, rejuvenation, and spirituality. These easy and natural movements and postures help an individual attain a zone target state, which is also beneficial in stress management.

InfoFit training begins in the classroom, not the workout room. In order to receive maximum benefits from the program, you must understand the comprehensive body of knowledge that supports this powerful form of movement. It is through this classroom training that you are introduced to Acu-Brain™ and how it can transform your life.

Wing Pon made a dramatic scientific discovery that is key to the InfoFit method. Pon discovered that there is an Acu-Brain that parallels the human brain and a Logic-Body™ that parallels the physical body. Each one is unseen, but energetically connected to the acu-point and chakra systems. However, it is the incredible Acu-Brain that serves as the master coordinator of the acu-points, chakras, and the physiology of the body. Each acu-point is a zero-point and is non-locally connected to the vacuum and to the collective consciousness; however, the acu-points are somewhat restricted by the human physiology. The Acu-Brain is non-local and totally non-restricted. That is why it serves as a direct connection to the vacuum and the unlimited energy, pure potential, and information contained within zero-point.

The Acu-Brain is accessed through Acu-Talk™, a new system of Acu-Bio-Linguistics™ for body-mind/soul-spirit communications. Acu-Talk incorporates key statements, affirmations, visual aids, and mental images to communicate with the Acu-Brain in a language it understands. Acu-Talk is the key that opens the door (Acu-Brain) to zero-point (the vacuum).

With InfoFit, emphasis is placed on knowledge and simplicity.  Acu-Talk, walking, sleep, rest, and relaxation enhance all movements and postures and one’s ability to remain easily connected to Acu-Brain and zero-point. This is a system where less is more and pushing to the point of physical fatigue is not necessary. InfoFit programs help slow down the aging process and promote longevity. The programs are designed so that you can experience fitness on all levels of your being.

It is interesting to point out that these Acu-movements, controlled by one’s Acu-Brain/Logic-Body soul-spirit physiology, produced a sensation similar to those people actually feel and sense when they are involved in creative work. Two quotations from F. David Peat’s collections, one from an artist and one from a scientist, are quoted below with Peat’s comments on one.

As a painter, I can testify to the following sequence of sensations: the sudden apprehension of the form of a new picture is first registered, in my own case at any rate, as a distinct feeling of hollowness: and to locate this sensation somewhere in the region of the diaphragm is not to indulge in a pretentious whim: it is merely to acknowledge physical fact. I am noting possible subjects all day long, every day… quite involuntarily. Thus it is not a question of painting when I see a subject: it is a question of calling up a subject (or to be more precise, of calling up an immense variety of remembered subjects simultaneously) when I am ready for action with my brush and palette. So I begin with this hollow feeling. Next, this uncomfortable sensation in one’s middle grows into a sort of palpitation, which, in turn, seems rapidly to spread upward and outwards until the muscles of one’s right arm (if one is right-handed!) become agitated by a flow of electric energy. This energy in one’s arm is the prelude to painting because it can only be released by grabbing a brush and starting to paint.
The painter Patrick Heron

I had the feeling that internally I could participate in some movement that was the analogy of the thing you are talking about. I can’t really articulate it. It had to do with a sense of tensions in the body, the fact that two tensions are in opposite directions and then suddenly feel that there was something else. The spin thing cannot be reduced to classical physics. Two feelings in the mind combine to produce something that is of a different quality… I got the feeling in my own mind of spin up, spin down, that I was spinning up and then down. Then suddenly bringing them together in the x direction (Horizontal)… It’s really hard to get an analogy. It’s a kind of transformation that takes place. Essentially I was trying to produce in myself an analogy of that, in my state of being. In a way I’m trying to become an analogy of that – whatever that means.
David Bohm, speaking about his experience when doing theoretical
Physics. Here he is referring to a counter-intuitive result to do with
the spin of the electron.

Bohm also suggested that since the matter out of which the cosmos is composed was a part of his body then somehow its laws should be accessible through a sort of sensory introspection.
F. David Peat

What Bohm suggested was correct, Pon and Greg are able to transform objective reality of quantum particles studied in modern physics to subjective reality in the non-local communication between the Acu-Point networks and human physiology, and visa versa. In short, what Pon and Greg discovered is that there exist a non-local connection between objective science formulated in mathematical equation with subjective science expressed in art, and that both realities can be experienced through our physical body with InforFit techniques.

According to Greg Yau, “It is possible to have a 30-second or less fitness workout. You are using your body, mind, soul, and spirit as a unified system. With dedicated practice, you can learn how to perform this effortless system of movements and postures, conserve your personal energy, and tap into zero-point energy. It is within zero-point that you become in tune with the Infinite. In this state, all is possible, even a 30-second workout.”

Information Medicine and InfoFit techniques have also been adapted to the field of peak performance. These methods can meet the specific personal and professional performance needs of individuals of all ages and walks of life. The system is especially ideal for business executives and all levels of management; amateur, Olympic, and professional athletes; individuals in the entertainment arts; and students. This innovative program can take a person to a zero-point level of efficiency to achieve the ultimate in performance excellence.

We now find ourselves poised simultaneously on the edge of the new millennium and the new frontier of Information Medicine. Our generation will have the opportunity to embark on a road that has never before been traversed by mankind. Pon and Yau’s 21st Century optimum wellness technologies have a broad range of applications for personal and professional transformation. Whether you want to feel better, look better, perform better, and/or enhance your spirituality, these methods will help you reach your fullest potential so that you can enjoy living at your peak!

Copyright 1999 Marilyn Territo, Wing Y. Pon

Marilyn Territo is a health counselor, paramedical skin care specialist, professional speaker, and writer. She is recognized worldwide as a pioneer in the field of facial fitness.