Born in China. Wing Y. Pon came to the United States at the age of eight. He was driven by the mysteries in healing performed on him by his two uncles, a traditional Chinese doctor and a Western M.D. when he was a child. This search for answers became his life-goal. His educational search to know the unknowable by integrating the conflicting philosophies between East and West, practiced by his two uncles, began during high school and the early years of college.

He graduated magna cum laude in physics and mathematics, and received the “Most Outstanding Scholar in Physics Award” from the California State University of San Francisco. He holds a M.S. degree in Engineering Science from Stanford University and completed all course work in the Ph.D. program in Applied Mechanics at the Stanford University School of Engineering with emphasis in Optimization and Control of Large Complex Systems. He also did graduate work in Biophysics and High-Energy Physics at the University of California, Berkeley.

His publications include four books: The Matter-Being Project: Putting Mind-Soul-Spirit into Physics-Chemistry-Genetics-Technology, 2009, Journey into a Science of Reality: an East-West View of Reality, 1976, Mathematical Theory for the Advanced Orbit Determination and Ephemeris Generation System, published for the U.S. Air Force Satellite Control Facility, 1983.

Mr. Pon is the founder of E-W Institute, Ltd. a private research corporation engaged in carrying out his lifetime project on the integration of knowledge. Both experimentation and theoretical research on the Matter-Being Paradigm were performed at E-W Institute. Before retiring at age 47 (now 71), he was the Founder of Dialectic Systems Corporation and co-founder of Applied Technology Associates (ATA). Both serve as independent research and analytical services corporations engaged in providing systems engineering and software support services to the defense, intelligence, and space agencies of the U. S. Government and to private industries.

Under his leadership, ATA, in five short years, grew from a start-up company to a $20 million a year corporation with a backlog of over $100 million. ATA worked on Air Force and NASA Aerospace contracts in Satellite Orbit Determination, GPS systems, Star-War Weapon System, and other defense contracts.

ATA not only won the U.S. Air Force Satellite Facility’s Small Business Prime Contractor Award in 1984 but the SBA’s Small Business Prime Contract Award and Excellence Award as well. In both 1985 and 1986, ATA received the GSA’s Outstanding 8-A National Contractor Award.

Mr. Wing Y. Pon has held the position of Associate Professor of Physics at the California State University of San Francisco and Assistant Professor at the California Institute of Asian Studies.