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Physical Constants Generated by φ (Phi)

Remember from the posting, QA: What is Gnomonic Expansion-Contruction-Spiral, PHI (φ) is in the Logic of Motion, the Being of Motion, or the Spirit of Motion. In what follows, Physical Constants are generated by the interaction of φ with each constant’s reference frame. In terms of geometrical structure (φ-structure), the Physical Constants are formed via Logic-Information crossover onto Information-Energy.


tem-2 1

tem-2 1

tem-2 2tem-2 3

tem-2 4

tem-2 5

The above table is from the following Website of D. G. Leahy, The Physical Constants: Functions of the ‘Golden Bowl’ Arrangements on the φ Level of Existence itself in the New Universal Consciousness. http://dgleahy.com/dgl/p13.html