QA: What are the Kundalini Fire Symptoms



One form of symptoms for Kundalini Fire was described in Wing Pon’s Autobiography given in posting QA: What is Wing Pon’s Being Experience. In general, Kunadlini Fire symptoms could be formulated in the Holon below.

Anxiety Attack — Body Heats —Sleepless

These are simply general health problems. Kunadlini Fire is only a term that applies to these symptoms.

These symptoms, if not healed, could lead to Manic Depression. In fact, for most of the server cases, Manic Depression does occur unless the patient understands the meanings of these symptoms and release them with mental control and with the assistance including helps from the WebHealth Computer Program.


The effects of these symptoms on the individual Logic-Information / Information-Energy state (i.e., the physiology of the spirit-soul) can be determined via the WebHealth computer program. Furthermore, the WebHealth computer program also recommends indicates also the remedies for these symptoms.

For the severe cases, where the WebHealth remedies cannot fully release the anxiety attack to effect the healing of the entire Symptom Holon. For example sleeplessness and anxiety attacks are often connected.

For these cases, a psychiatrist should be consulted. Yet WebHealth remedies should also be used to counter-act the side-effects of the remedies prescribed by the psychiatrist. With WebHealth remedies, the patient can, in a short time, get off of the medications prescribed by the psychiatrist. This combination was used successfully.