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A Story on the Non-Local World

A Story on the Non-Local World, taken from Volume 2 of 6, 2004

Before I start with the story, let me tell you why a story is used to introduce the contents of Volumes Two and Three. The contents for both volumes are holistic in reality, but our English language by which we describe them is linear. Thus, we think that a story, in an unstructured format, is better suited as a prologue and an Introduction to Volumes Two and Three of Knowing the Unknowable. Although this story is (10%) fiction, 90% of its content will be scientifically substantiated in these volumes. In short, this story provides a preview for the contents of these volumes.

Presented here, in two parts, is a story describing the Holon Paradigm for living and non-living physical matter. The first part describes the contents for Volume Two, namely, the universe of physical matter. The second part describes living matter, which has to do with the contents of Volume 3. Before you begin your trip, there is some preliminary information you need to know. First of all, the name of your vehicle for the first part of this trip is called Logic-Information. There is another vehicle for those fortunate enough to book a reservation on the second part of this trip. The name of this vehicle is called The i Inside an Eye. There is also a vehicle and ride that is called the Quantum-Wave. The trip with the Quantum-Wave is recommended only after you have completed both legs of this trip, thus insuring that you will have an unbiased and a deterministic view of both living and non-living physical matter. The Quantum-Wave trip is one in which you live your own reality through mirrors or probable realities. Now to fully enjoy this trip, I will orient you to what you are about to experience. I am going to tell you a little about your trip. But more importantly, I will tell you the difference between learned knowledge and beyond learned knowledge, and the difference between biased and unbiased knowledge. Knowing these differences, and knowing how to segregate them will help each of you understand the story on both parts of your trip.

This story of Volume Two, i.e., the first part of your trip, captures the entire Holon Paradigm, with all of its essential features, in a scientific, yet holistic journey across the universe. The journey traveled by Volume Two, Physics of a Non-Local World, is displayed in a visual hologram at a number of different stations, where each station represents a unique stage of the universe’s evolutionary development and its corresponding three involutionary states. There are five stations on this journey representing the nine states of Beings to which you will be introduced a little later. In short, this Holon journey, through its itinerary, paints a holographic map of the universe in a book encoded in archetypal/gestalt logic. In short, this first story summarizes Volume Two for you, as a holistic observer in a vehicle called Logic-Information. Inside this vehicle you will learn how to use your spirit to gain spiritual knowingness, an absolute knowing of knowledge beyond learned knowledge. To be objective, you must learn how to put aside your learned knowledge. Each of you carries a unique set of learned knowledge, which you obtained from the way you grew up, your levels and the nature of schooling, and your genetic make-up. Every set of this learned knowledge provides a biased view of the universe. This is your indoctrinated view of the universe. In short, you will need to empty this cup of learned knowledge so it can be filled with knowledge beyond learned knowledge.

You will surely ask: How can there be knowledge that has not been learned? Even the story of this Universe, which you are about to tell us on this trip within your vehicle called Logic-Information, is based on the knowledge you have learned. So your story is also biased from the way you were trained, and from the knowledge of your teachers. My answer is: you are correct. The story you are about to receive during your trip inside this vehicle called Logic-Information is biased knowledge. The only difference between this set of biased knowledge and your set of biased knowledge is the method of teaching we each received. First of all, each of us, for at least 40 years of our life, live, play, sleep, and think in a holistic way. By this, we each were taught how to learn not only through our brain, but also our mind and spirit. Remember, on your trip through Volume One, which is a prerequisite to this trip, you learned that the mind is defined as a soul-brain interaction. In addition, your spirit is the non-local aspect of matter, while your soul is the wave, i.e., the quantum wave, aspect of matter. Through our brain, we learn not only the accepted, the popular, and the so-called scientific knowledge but also the not yet accepted, the not so popular, and the metaphysics or occult. We were taught not only the present or modern knowledge, but also the ancient knowledge. We were taught not only Western scientific knowledge, but also the wisdom of Eastern philosophy. We learn the sciences, but we also learn metaphysics and the philosophy of the occults. We integrate our learning with the classics such as the Bible, the Kabbalah, the I-Ching, and so on. These sets of knowledge coming from the past to the present and from the East to the West are not taught separately but together in a holistic manner. That is to say, we each are taught from the beginning how to use our soul and spirit, which are not bounded in a linear sense or in a time sense. We are taught how to integrate holistically the learned and the not yet learned knowledge from soul-perception and spirit knowingness. Yes, we all learned how to empty our cup of knowledge when we enter our soul-perception and/or our spirit-knowingness at a very young age, an age before our minds have been indoctrinated by our society, an age when we know that everything is possible, that we can observe with our soul and know with our spirit. In short, the answer to your question is: Yes, what we are about to tell each of you on this trip is biased knowledge. But this bias is based on a lifetime of integrated knowledge beyond learned knowledge.

A Journey of Reality in Soul and Spirit in a Vehicle called


I am your host on this trip to the non-local world. My name is Knowing the Unknowable. I am here to tell you a story about the actual trip that you are about to take. Instead of taking you on a journey across the universe from its largest known dimension (10 25 meters) to its smallest (10-16 meters), I will extend this journey from the imaginary distances of (10-38 meters) to the inside of a black hole through a wormhole and back. Instead of showing you these visions from the instruments of science, I will show you a spaceless, timeless, and invisible universe that can only be seen through the inner visions of your soul and your spirit, using your mind’s eye. Instead of showing you the photographs of DNA molecules, the logic of life, I will take you to a time before they existed, to the medium where God encoded His Logic of Creation and provide you with the practical means of entering this medium at will.

Instead of showing you the universe, large and small, in powers of ten, in the form of photographs, I will show you an imaginary universe through Holon diagrams, in powers of three. Holons are units of wholeness composed of three separate entities that all exist simultaneously. These Holon diagrams are designed to inform you of your journey (through knowledge and understanding) on the workings of your own Holon of mind-soul-spirit in relationship to this universe of physical matter and its Creator. You may say that there is a coincidence between the logic and spirit, the wave and soul, and the particle and body components of matter and living matter. This is not just a coincidence, but also a true reality. For in a non-local world, a world without space or time, there is no cause and effect; therefore, coincidence and truth-ness are identical. This knowledge and understanding will be yours to keep and to assist you in your journey back, not to the planet Earth, but back to your final home, the home of your Creator in the reality of God’s Image.

I use the words “an imaginary universe” and “imaginary distances”. This word “imaginary” defines not a product of fiction in my mind (or in your mind); instead, it denotes the medium inside of zero where God encoded His Logic. This is the medium physicists refer to as the Vacuum. This word “imaginary” corresponds to the mathematical symbol i, referred to as an imaginary number with the value i = (-1)1/2. In fact there is nothing imaginary about this number. The physicists refer to it as an operator. For us it is a teleportation operator, which is very important in our technology and will be discussed later. This Vacuum is the medium mystics refer to as the Akashic chronicle. This is the medium in which ether operates. To Kant, one of the greatest philosophers of the 18th century, this medium is where apriori knowledge is encoded. It is inside of this medium that your journey begins, in a vehicle called Logic-Information. Logic-Information is created by God to be the guardian for matter, and for us humans. In this trip, you will find that this medium, inside of zero, is an archetypal/gestalt universe of encoded logic. God, with the First Cause, created this archetypal/gestalt universe, with nine numbers rather than ten. Since this universe is inside of zero, its number system does not include zero. You will learn that the logic encoded inside of this First Cause is a deterministic universe. This universe operates in base-9 arithmetic, rather than the base-ten decimal system used in our daily arithmetic. Notice, without a zero, there is no maybe, in between or yes or no. That is to say there is no free-will. Thus, free-will exists only in a decimal universe. You will learn that through uninformed free-wills, we, our organismic selves, from the smallest organisms of elementary particles to us humans, co-created the universe we live in through the process known as evolution. Thus, through evolution, we live in a base-10 universe of probability resulting from our free-will, but this evolution is also guided by the encoded logic that leads to a deterministic universe at the end of our soul-spirit development. This guiding process is known as the process of involution. The difference between our states of evolution and God’s Image encoded in the state of involution is the state of entropy. The connection between involution and evolution, or between the base-9 and base-10 universe, is this imaginary operator denoted by the mathematical i [={-1}1/2}]. There are two other imaginary operators known as w and e [defined as ( + w2 = -1 + w) and +w6 = 1, e = 1 and e2 =/= +1]. I will offer more detailed discussion on these operators later in Volume 2.

Logic-information is the hidden harmonizer for all conflicts in the activities of matter (such as the paradoxes in modern physics and the dualistic conflicts of wave-particle), and in human actions (such as good and evil, love and hate, and so on). Thus, your vehicle not only becomes your home throughout this journey, it also serves as a spiritual teacher in helping you to not only understand, but also to resolve your problems and conflicts on Earth. It will reveal the limitations you experience due to your physical body while providing your soul-path back to God and a spiritual knowingness of God’s Creation. Your spiritual teacher will teach you the secret of knowing the unknowable. It will teach you knowledge beyond learned knowledge and how to obtain knowledge beyond learned knowledge through the knowingness of your own spirit. Knowing through your spirit will silence the background noise generated by the quantum observers in a quantum universe of mirrors, especially those noises of uncertainty generated by Heisenberg.  Logic-Information is not influenced by Heisenberg’s uncertainty.

Before we board this vehicle named Logic-Information, let me summarize what you will encounter on this trip.  We will first stop at the orientation office. There, all of you will be instructed on how to best use your mind’s eye, nay, your “spirit-eye”, to view the spirit images that you will encounter at each of the stops and in between stops. To get the most out of this trip, you must pay the utmost attention and attempt to follow instructions to the best of your abilities because this trip is one that is beyond your five senses, and even beyond your mind’s eye. It is one that you never thought was possible. This trip will expand your intellect for it is beyond linear analysis, the activities of your left-brain. It will expand your intuition because it is more than a hologram or mandala, a piece of art that your right brain can perceive. It is the integration of both in a Holon diagram, in the powers of three. You will learn through the Holon of the First Cause that the logic of our universe, both its initial condition and its final condition, is encoded in the Holon 1-2-3. And that the physical 3-dimensional universe is the result of a resonating manifestation, through a universe of mirrors, between the universes of base 9 and base 10. As I stated earlier, this universe of mirrors is the quantum universe of probability, namely the probability of your or my free-will.

After boarding, your first stop will be an instructional orientation on the Holon meaning of Reality. Here you will begin to understand for the first time the meaning of reality from the context of us humans: in the co-creation context of mind-soul-spirit. In this reality, you will “see” how matter can be stable with spirit-knowingness. You will begin to understand not from observing a quantum universe through your soul, but from a spirit universe of numbers operated in God’s base-9 arithmetic. You will enter into this number universe through spirit knowingness, at the Moment of Now. This visit is made possible through the singularity technology we developed. This is Holon technology implemented in your vehicle. This technology is made possible by controlling the instantaneous speed of the vehicle beyond c, namely beyond the velocity of light. With this technology, there are three speed settings, a Holon of i, e & w, the instantaneous speeds for i, e & w are c3, c6, and c10, respectively. With the e-operator, you will witness the Big Bang era, the birth and death of galaxies. You will witness how visible matter is created through the conservation of energy-mass. In short, you are witnessing the actions of an energy-mass universe in its creation. This is the vision universe we live in. You will also witness the resonance of objects on both sides of the mirror universe. On one side is the logic object and on the other is the 3-dimensional object. In short in their lock and key relationship, they are looking desperately to connect in the mix of complex mirror reflections. With the i-operator, you will witness the soul universe. This is a universe of mirrors, a probability universe of potentials and of free-wills. You will witness how dark matter is created through the observer’s informed information. Finally, with the w-operator, you will be in a logic universe, a universe of numbers. You will witness how dark energy can be created by converting logic into an object of information. You will notice that this number universe is a non-local universe. All three universes are at a singularity governed by the dimensional shift of e-i-w.

You will ask: How can this be? Didn’t Einstein’s Special Theory of Relativity conclude that no speed can be greater than c? You must remember that Einstein’s constant c restriction applies to physical matter, not to living matter. That is to say, today’s physics, including quantum-relativistic physics, explains the workings of a dual universe in the reality of an i-e-world. Thus, this speed of light restriction does not hold for the reality inside an i-w world. Inside of this singularity, and with respect to the physical dimensions of geometry, you will witness the dimensional shifts of 3 and 4. With respect to the dimensions of information, you will witness the dimensional shifts of 6, 8, and so on. Inside of this singularity, you will learn how these numbers, especially the number 3 of the prime number set, generate the logic of space, the logic of time, the logic of motion, the logic of mass, the logic of elementary particles, and the logic of macro objects. And finally, encoded in the space-time logic of an i-e world is the set of logic for all the physical constants, or the constants or Nature, that are necessary for the generation, or co-creation, of our universe. You will learn that this set of constants results from the resonance between base 9 and base 10 universes. This resonance generates a gnomonic spiral on the base-10 side of the mirror universe, and a logic spiral, also in the form of a gnomonic, on the base 9 mirror side. This base 10 expansion-contraction generates a multiple or a divisor formula of 10x, where x represents any number.

You will also learn that there is an information-energy resonance occurring at the mirror, which satisfies the conservation of logic-information on the logic side of the mirror and the conservation of energy-mass on the 3-dimensional side of the mirror. Carried within this resonance is the logic-information encoded in light, which is the electromagnetic (E-M) field. This E-M field is one of the three components of the Light Holon. The other two components are the structure of space-time, (which is the information component of matter), and gravity. You will also learn that the electric component of this E-M field has to do with energy propagation, while the magnetic component carries the information contents of the field. The electric component forms a dipole between the electron and the proton. On the other hand, the magnetic component forms the magnetic monopoles. Its dipole is between the magnetic monopole on the three-dimensional side of the mirror and the GUT monopole on the logic side of the mirror. This naturally explains the so-called scalar electromagnetic and subtle energy.

Later on this trip you will see how the conflicts of wave and particle are harmonized and guided along the evolutionary process with a third component referred to as logic-information, the name of your vehicle. You will also see how quantum paradoxes and the conflicts between Creation and evolution are resolved with this reality. In your attempt to understand this knowledge, you have to remember, that like those photographs in the “Powers of Ten”, you are not only looking at the present details of interest; but you must examine their relationship to the whole, or at least to the adjacent two images in the power of ten. You will witness and learn that it is through breaking the symmetries inside these powers of ten that the logic of space-time, with all its physical properties including the logic of light propagation, is encoded. Because we lack the ability to express in writing the events in non-locality, this trip has to be made in a linear sequence, maybe even in a different sequence than I have described here, but the story in total is the same.

You will also witness and learn how to disentangle the entanglement of non-local quantum information that arises between the logic-wave-particle Holon and the spirit-soul-body Holon. You can only accomplish this disentanglement inside of your vehicle, Logic-Information, when guided by the soul space-time perceptions and spirit knowingness of your host. You will learn that space-time perceptions involve perceptions in infinite time, as compared to the sense perceptions you usually experience in body-time. You will learn that your mind, which is defined as a soul-brain interaction, can function in infinite time. You will also learn that your spirit, defined as the non-local component of your Being, acts in a spaceless and timeless environment. With this understanding of soul-spirit, you now have the tools to answer the unanswerable questions pertaining to Biblical events and co-creation. God’s Science and His Technology are described in the logic of the I-Ching and the events of the Bible. You will witness that it is through spirit learning of the logic component of matter that you can understand the Language of God and the Bible and to know the unknowable.

Once you have your orientation on how reality is formed by humans, you will be guided along from station to station. In each station you will understand more about your Being as a human, and its relationship with not only Earth and your fellow humans, but with the quantum world as well as the world of numbers.  You will begin to understand that the world you live in (the 3-dimensional world), the quantum world (the world of observation), and the world of numbers (the logic world) form a Holon. You will come to understand that this Holon exists only as a single unit, a unit of wholeness. Furthermore you will come to experience this Holon, this unit of wholeness in the three universes that you inhabit, all existing simultaneously at the moment of Now. You will begin to understand that you are currently in one of the nine states of Being within the involution-evolution scale.

You will visit the quantum world, your first stop (Station 1, in state 0 inside the logic world, and state 2 of the particle world), for only a few moments with your soul and your spirit in the mind’s eye of your host. Notice that stations are numbered with odd numbers and coincide with each stage of evolution, while the states of involution are even numbers. In each of the five tri-state universes, there are two states of involution within a single stage of evolution. For example, our present tri-state 4-5-6 contains the involution states 4 and 6 within the evolution stage 5. Notice also involution state-6 is also inside the tri-state 6-7-8, which is an ascended state-6 from the tri-state 4-5-6. In addition, ascension directions from state-6 into state-8 could be from either evolution stage 5 within the tri-state 4-5-6 or evolution stage 7 inside the tri-state 6-7-8. Remember these nomenclatures as we travel from station to station. Let us return to the orientation of your trip.

Inside this quantum world, your vehicle will be guided into a trajectory called beyond relativity. It is called beyond relativity because the vehicle travels beyond the speed of light as explained earlier. You will experience first hand the negative vibrations, or the conflicts that this trajectory has with the quantum particles that live in this world. You will see that the trajectory goes through the heart of their gambling town, which is their favorite resort, without a single stop for you to get off because this is a trip for your spirit. You will learn that your spirit lives in a logic world. This first stop is outside of the gambling town. As I said before, there is a trip for your soul that will stop at this gambling town. However, the remainder of this trip will be spent in this trajectory of your spirit, and gambling is outside the nature of the spirit. Gambling is, however, inherent in the nature of the soul, or the wave aspect of matter. This spirit trajectory will take us inside that of the number zero to an era before time and space, to the world of numbers: the home of your spirit. It is here, inside zero, where God encoded God’s Message, namely the initial and final conditions of the physical universe, in the logic of numbers. To get to the home of your spirit, the trajectory goes through ups and downs, through mountains and hills. But these ups and downs, mountains and hills, are bigrams, trigrams, and finally hexagrams. Within these trigrams and hexagrams you will witness the logic that predicted the rise and fall of humanities, of Beings within each of their stages of involution-evolution. Furthermore, trigrams and hexagrams are the logic of the base 9 universe in a w-world, whereas, the tetragrams are the logic for the base 10 universe, i.e., the tetragrams are the logic of free wills that functions in an i-world. The differences amongst these three worlds are the following: First of all, they exist inside a singularity, and that

  • w-world —> logic-information conservation, satisfying the logic in the co-creation process and the source of information. —> contains the logic of trigrams/hexagrams and binary/ternary logic
  • i-world —> information-energy conservation, the activities in the co-creation process, and the flow of information —> contains the logic of tetragrams and ternary logic
  • e-world —> energy-mass conservation, manifestation in the action of co-creation and the sink in information —> contains the logic of bigrams and binary logic

They all resonate together to form the dimensional shifts with their respective speed operators.

For those who are interested in gambling, you need to board the trip with the vehicle called Quantum Wave. This is the only vehicle that is equipped with our breakthrough technology that can withstand the turbulence of the path of uncertainty that leads to the gambling town. In short, the paths to gambling are not defined in a precise map. Precisely there is no direct path to this town. On top of that, with the uncertain nature of the ever present turbulence, there are no straight paths. The so-called roads that lead to this town are continuous twists. In a sense, they are better known as twisters, spinnors, vortexes, and so on.  These twistings are mind-matter effects coming from each of the gambler’s mind. You may say that the roads leading to this gambling town are mind-matter connected to the projections from each of the gambler’s mind, at this instant. In short, the geometry of any road that goes to this gambling town, namely the twisters, or the spirals, or the vortexes are not “real”. These roads are not part of a fixed reality but change at each instance depending on the gambler’s will. The vehicle you are in is not equipped to make this trip. In fact, your trip is a prerequisite to the quantum wave trip that goes to this gambling town. The reason for that is: you need the knowledge learned from this trip to ground yourself for the turbulences you will encounter in this vehicle called Quantum Wave. This grounding has to do with reality grounding. Before we required this prerequisite, people like you, who made the trip to this gambling town did not wish to return. Some of these people are now the residents of this town. They are the permanent workers inside these casinos. Each of you, when you enter this town, will be fixed with one single mindset. This mindset is to connect your key with the corresponding lock created by the casino, for this is the biggest reward any gambler can win. To do this, you must create your key, find, and open the lock to the biggest payoff by any gambling machine. You will leave this gambling town willingly once you satisfy the mindset you created for yourself. This is another reason why we require that this trip you are now on be a prerequisite to the quantum wave trip. For you will also learn how to complete this game in the shortest possible time. Although the quantum reality is a reality in probability, this gambling action is essential for the manifestation of our visible universe from an invisible universe of logic and numbers.

Let us return to the base-9 world of numbers. To enter this world of numbers, you will have to go through a singularity as stated earlier. These numbers are not the lifeless numbers that you use for measurements. Each of these numbers has a life of its own. During your stop at station 1, you will enter their social world. You will begin for the first time to understand their language, their society and their personalities. You must have patience for this information is given in parts from station to station. Like most of the topics given in this trip, the information will only be complete at the end of the trip. Each station can be viewed as a power of ten, yet it is more. Each station is a part of you in relationship to either your spirit or your soul in a non-local way because your spirit lives within this society of numbers, in the realm of the Creator. You will also learn that by understanding this world of numbers, you will begin to understand Christ and his First Coming, as well as God; although not in a personal sense but in God’s Science of Numbers, and God’s Free will Logic in Creating this vision universe. Inside this number world, you will also learn how to create your key and the shortest path for your key to find its corresponding lock. This will prepare you for your trip to the gambling town in the vehicle called Quantum Wave.

Next, let me tell you a short story about a singularity known to some of you as the home of the Big Bang. Inside of this singularity, you will witness the turbulence caused by a symmetry break between the members of this number society and their Creator (God) in a favorable decision to build a 3-dimensional world of particles of physical objects that resulted in our visible universe. You will also meet, and probably be surprised by, the Co-Creator of this world. To go through this singularity, the Creator built two bridges (one to enter and one to leave) referred to as wormholes. To avoid turbulence, God created two tunnels (the black hole in an invisible light of vector Bosons and the white hole in a visible light of photons) that connect to each of the bridges at both ends. To fully witness these conflicts, we will spend an Earth-day inside of this singularity. During this day, you will visit those singularities, which scientists call localized infinities. They are infinitely strong, but confined to a single point, such as the electron and the black hole. However, with our singularity technology described earlier, our vehicle, Logic-Information, at i-w-speed, can go in and out of this singularity at each moment of Now.

After leaving this singularity, we will continue at e-speed to travel along the trajectory called beyond relativity. The trip will take us along the path of evolution, from the peaceful and harmonious life of numbers to the violent life of quantum particles, then to the simple yet lifeless objects with complex structures, like rocks, then crystals (the transitional Being from non-living to living) and finally, to the lives of plants, animals, and ultimately, us humans. You will witness the nine stages of involution-evolution. Isn’t it interesting that there are also only nine numbers? Within these five stages, you will come to know the nine states of Beings. You will witness the Creation/Co-creation of each of these Beings corresponding to tri-states of each of these five-stations. These five-stations are: stage 1 (tri-states of 0,1,2), stage 3 (tri-stages of 2,3,4), stage 5 (tri-states of 4,5,6), stage 7 (tri-states of 6,7,8), and finally stage 9 (tri-states of 8,9,0). Furthermore, the tri-states for the sets of 0, 1, 2, and 2, 3, 4, are parallel universes. As you travel through the parallel universes of the tri-state 0-1-2 in station 1 and the tri-state 2-3-4 in station 3 with Volumes 2 and 4 as your guides, you will witness the Creation/co-creation of the Big Bang and the 3-dimensional fractal universe. Likewise the sets of 4, 5, 6 and 6, 7, 8 are parallel universes, and two sets of 6, 7, 8 and 8, 9, 0 are parallel universes. These are the direct parallel universes. We humans live in both the tri-state 4-5-6 and 6-7-8. That is to say, human soul-spirit lives inside the tri-state 6-7-8, while our body-brain activities live in the tri-state 4-5-6. More detail will be given later as we travel from station to stations with Volumes 3 and 4 as your guides. There are also indirect parallel universes such as between the sets 4, 5, 6, and 8, 9, 0.

You will spend three Earth-days in stage 5 (Station 5), which is our present stage of evolution. Remember inside stage 5 is the tri-involutionary states 4, 5, and 6. Since the vehicle is traveling with the i-e-w operator, you are not constrained by time. You can witness the ancient technology that existed between 60,000 to 20,000 Earth years before our time. You will witness the civilizations of the Lemurian and the Atlantean races according to the Mystery Philosophy. In the Mystery Philosophy our current race is referred to as the Aryan race. In the Atlantean races, you will witness the technology of levitation, unmatched psychic ability, life prolongevity, and so on. In summary, you will learn the ancient technology of converting logic into information, and information into energy. From their technology, we can learn something about their state of soul-maturity, its capabilities and its weaknesses. We can also witness the destruction of this ancient society. This was the Second Fall of human civilization, while the First Fall was the destruction of the Lemurian race. This First Fall is due to an over dependency on the maturity of the body in an immature state of learned knowledge. In short, the First Fall is dominated by the survival of the fittest with a matured body-brain instinct as compared to animals. The purpose of the Lemurian race was evolution-involution toward body maturity, while the purpose of the Atlantean race was soul (or right-brain) maturity. Finally, the purpose of the Aryan (or our present) race is spirit (or left-brain) maturity. Traveling at i-e-w operator, you can also witness the present and potential future technologies. The present technology represents our human spirit in a state of left-brain maturity. Full spiritual maturity is the state of equal left-right brain maturity at evolutionary stage 7, in the tri-state universes of 6-7-8.

On this trip, it is important to understand our present stage of evolution and its corresponding tri-state universes that we currently live in. Our present stage is stage 5. Our present involution state is state-6. Thus, state 6 is in a parallel universe with stage 7. Therefore, let me describe state-6 in stations 5 and 7 together. Five, in its embedded information, implies stability within instability via the communication of informed/uninformed knowledge. The lesson for this number five is to attain stability through learned communication, for Chakra 5 corresponds to receiving learned knowledge from the cultural logic of the past to the present. Stages 5 and 7 is in parallel. Stage 5 involves learning how to stabilize its evolution via the technology of co-creation from the material standpoint. This is the plan hidden in the logic of involution for stage 5. Stage 7 is a spiritual universe of intention. That is to say, we learn in stage-5 the techniques for stable co-creation from mass to energy and vice versa, while in stage 7 we learn the knowledge of using human intention to co-create free energy from logic-information. The former has to do with the intellectual knowing of God’s Creational Science, which leads to a mature spirit technology. The latter corresponds to a space-time technology of soul or right-brain maturity. The Second Fall, in stage 5, happened because we used right-brain intention for co-creation, without the balance of left-brain understanding in stability. The lessons on stability can only be learned through failure. This explains the warlike nature of our previous and present civilizations, or simply all civilizations in stage-5. This also explains the danger of a potential Third Fall. The Second Fall has to do with an overly dominated right-brain maturity, while a Third Fall would correspond to an overly dominant left-brain maturity. The First Fall was caused by a dominating logic-information technology, namely the first two conservation laws of logic-information and information-energy. The Third Fall, if it happens, will be caused by an overly dominant mass-energy technology, which is the third conservation law in the opposite direction. You will learn, in your trip through Volume 4, that the correct direction for this third conservation law is energy-mass, i.e., from energy into mass. The error in the First Fall was in not understanding the third conservation law between energy and mass, while the error in a Third Fall would correspond to not understanding the logic to energy conservation. It is by understanding the entire conservation of information-energy-mass that stability can occur. At that stage of understanding, we humans will have ascended into involution state 8 within the tri-state 8-9-0 universe at evolution stage-9. With this introduction, we can now describe state 6 as you stop at stations 5 and 7.

Notice, 6 is a human number and lives in the parallel tri-state universes of 4-5-6 and 6-7-8. You will witness the full human evolution-involution, as you travel through these two parallel universes with Volumes 3 and 4 as your guides. You will witness the instability of stage 5 in humans, the First Fall of the Lemurian race, and the Second Fall of the Atlantean race. You will witness the ascension of the fully right-brain matured Masters in the Atlantean race. You will witness the life of these Ascended Masters living in the tri-state 6-7-8. What you will discover is that the human world of the tri-state 6-7-8 is a world of soul-spirit reality, while the human world within the tri state 4-5-6 is a world of body-brain reality. You will learn that the process of ascension to stage 9, which is a mass ascension, is a combined technological process between the soul-spirit technology possessed by the Ascended Master in the tri-state 6-7-8 and the body-brain (or material) technology of us humans in the tri-state 4-5-6. In short, soul maturity (or right-brain maturity) is the state possessed by the Ascended Masters living in state 6 of stage 7 (in tri-state 6-7-8), while body-brain maturity (left-brain maturity) is the current state of maturity in us humans living in state 6 of stage 5 (in tri-state 4-5-6). Soul-spirit maturity will be a combined developmental state-6, between both stages 5 and 7.

Clearly stated, you will learn that the foreground reality (which is soul-spirit reality) in state 6 of stage 7 within the tri-state 6-7-8 is the background reality (or body-brain reality) for state 6 of stage 5 inside the tri-state 4-5-6. Conversely, the foreground reality of the tri-state 4-5-6 is the background reality of the tri-state 6-7-8. This interchange between foreground and background realities is the characteristic of two direct parallel universes. This is the reason why direct or indirect parallel universes communicate directly or indirectly with each other. This also explains the fact that state 6 in both stages 5 and 7 will ascend into state 8 of stage 9 inside the universe of the tri-state 8-9-0. This is the meaning of mass ascension (the Second Ascension), while individual ascension (the First Ascension) is ascension from stage 5 into stage 7 within the same state 6. The First Ascension has to do with completing the involution-evolution of soul maturity in space-time perception. That is to say, mind activity in stage 7 is controlled by the actions of one’s soul, while inside stage 5, mind activity is controlled by one’s body-brain actions. Remember mind is defined as soul-brain interactions.

In soul maturity station 7 or in the stage 7 universe of the tri-state 6-7-8, you will stay in a place called the Oracle Center. The accommodations here are excellent. Included in your trip is a free pass to have a body-soul-spirit evaluation that determines your health, karma, and destiny together with remedies and solutions for any disturbances. Remember, in your readings of Volume One, the Health Computer computed your complete body-mind/soul-spirit make-up, together with the degree of good and evil hidden in your personality. Note, you will need to fully understand these words, Good and Evil, as explained in Volume 1, in order to understand their relationship to your own Being. This is the Holon Life Profile described in your package. A group called the Immortal on the ninth floor does the evaluations. This evaluation is not your ordinary psychic reading, or astrology, or numerology, or tarot reading, or even an I-Ching reading.  The evaluation is all of the above, but in a scientific context based on soul-spirit quantum physiology whose mathematics was jointly derived by the members of the world of numbers and those of the quantum world. I strongly recommend that you take this opportunity to get your evaluation done. The evaluation takes 3 Earth-hours, a very informative three hours on your health, your mission, your destiny, and the spiritual maturity you possess in completing God’s Work. They are usually very busy. I would recommend that you make your appointment as soon as you get checked in.

You will spend another three Earth-days in stage 9 of tri-state 8-9-0, where Christ lives. This is the stage of full left-right brain maturity with an immortal body. Also tri-state 8-9-0 is what we referred to as Heaven, or the Garden of Eden. Here you will have a chance to get a glance of the future destiny of human kind, and the technology of co-creation through intention: a soul-spirit technology. In stage 5, you witnessed the fall and destruction of body maturity (the Fist Fall) with only a matured instant, or right-brain maturity (the Second Fall) without the stability of left-brain intellectual knowledge and the potential for a Third Fall. While in stage 5, you will witness this potential third fall of humanity, in Earth’s wars and destruction. You will now learn, for those humans that survive these destructions in stage 5 and attended mass ascension, living in this period inside stage 9 is a dream come true. This place is what we call Heaven. This vision is an incentive for all of us to wake up and to help wake up the collective consciousness in our society.  Some advice on waking up the collective consciousness to this danger of the Third Fall will be given during your trip.

Finally, you arrive at the end of the first part of your trip (station 9) at a place we call our final home. This is Station 9. At our present state of understanding, we have no technology to go beyond Station 9 inside the tri-state 8-9-0. This is the universe Christ lives in. Remember, number 6 represents a perfect human, one who has completed the states of Sageness Within and Kingliness Without. And the number 7 is a spirit number, which has to do with perfecting one’s informed intention or the actions of our mind. You will learn that left-brain technology is replaced by whole brain intention in this stage 7 tri-state universe of your evolutionary development. Finally, number 8 is Christ’s Ascended Number. That is, this is Christ’s Ascended State after completing his First Coming. In this world of Christ, you will know God, the Creator, through His Son Jesus Christ. Remember, tri-state 9-9-9 is also at evolution stage 9, the same as Christ’s stage of evolution. You will also learn that in this state-8 universe, your intention is the intention of the Collective intention. Perhaps, we can assign Chakra 8 as a collective Chakra of intention. This is the reason why Christ can accept and erase the sin of us all, which is the collective sin of humanity. One added comment, stage-9 with tri-states 9, 9, and 9 is the last ascension for becoming the God in you. Here you create, rather than co-create. This difference between Creation and co-creation is that Creation involves working with only involution logic where one creates your own set of evolutionary states through the intention of free-wills logic. Thus, the logic, which involves free-will, the will of this 3-dimensional world, does not enter into the act of Creation. On the other hand, co-creation is the lock-key creation within both sets of involutionary-evolutionary logic, where the states of evolution already exists and are guided as the result of the Creator.

This is where I leave you, for each of you will leave here by your own decision. I suggest that you stay as long as possible to meditate on the importance of what you have learned, or if you can, before taking part two of this trip, take the first part of this trip again and again because it is free as long as you have not exited station 7. Before I leave you, I will take those of you who wish to continue with the second part of your trip to a place called The i Inside An Eye. There, in your second leg of this trip, you will learn how to program everything you learned on this first part of the trip through the eyes of your mind and spirit, into your network of acupuncture points and play it back through your Chakras. In this process, you will first learn how to remove all negative information before encoding new information into your acupuncture-chakra systems. You will learn how to speedup your own process of ascension, into evolutionary stage 7. This is the itinerary for the first part of your trip.

Have an enjoyable two Earth-weeks with me, with my associates, and with the vehicle called Logic-Information. Captain! Start the vehicle and let the trip begin. Notice, these two Earth-weeks correspond to an infinite time span in soul-space, and the events you witness will extend from the infinite past to the infinite future, from God’s Creation/Co-Creation at the beginning of the universe, where the Initial Beings in the form of elementary particles exist to the ascended Final Beings in the form of God’s Image.