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QA: What is the Participatory Universe Hypotheses

God Created the Vacuum Computer via his Holon Input of the three Octagons. Yet the self-encoding process of the Vacuum Computer is not complete, for it needs a specific identification system for separating each of God’s Creations. It needs a system of “name calling”. In the Octagon, are the coding mechanism in the form of line diagrams and a general system of identification via numbers in Base-9 arranged in the Pre-Heaven Octagon and in Base-10 depicted in the Post-Heaven Octagon. But God did not create the name calling system. Humans Created this name calling system that participates in God’s Creation by connecting to God’s Basae-9 number system in the Pre Heaven Octagon.

In addition, I have said earlier, the Destiny of the Universe lies in the Destiny of us Humans. Now, I go one step further and say: the Destiny of a Human lies in the Destiny of the numbers identifying this Human. Thus, the collective Destinies of us Humans as a whole represents the Destiny of the Universe. Going back to the origin, we can perhaps conclude that the spirit of numbers in Base-9 represents the destiny of numbers. This is also correlates to an earlier statement that the fine turning of the Universe for existence of life can be associated with the binding of Base-9 number 6 and the Base-10 number 15 (diagonal sum of the Post Heaven Octagon, while 15 –> 5 + 1 –> 6). Another interesting coincidence is the following.

15 –> the Holon of 5—5—5; but 5 forms the Holon of Stability—Grace—Redemption, which suggest that fine turning for life is necessary to satisfy this Holon of Co-Creating Human Life in the Image of God.

Let us next examine this connection of Co-Creation for the identifying system of each of God’s Creations. Letters forming words are used in this identifying system. The connection of letters to numbers was developed in ancient time, as shown below.


tem-2 2

The above table contains the 22 Hebrew letters, without the 5 consonances. Below is a table connecting the Greek letters and numbers.

tem-2 2

Notice the the number 6 and 90 are missing, which I will not explain at this time. These missing numbers are not important in the present discussion. We shall use the connection between the English alphabet and numbers, as depicted in the first diagram.

Remember, in an Observer Participatory Universe, the Observer’s co-creation at any Moment of Now (say at the moment of the creation of these connections) can influence any other Moments  of Now in both the future and the past. Notice, if errors are embedded, which often occurs, they are also encoded in the Vacuum computer.

This example indicates the hypothesis that Whatever God Created, he, she, or it become His Co-Creator, especially Humans. Thus, again explains the binding connection between 3 and 6 in Pre-Heaven Octagon and between 15 and 6 in Post-Heaven Octagon, and also the fine tuning of the Physical Constants for life. This explains also the hypothesis: Involution Logic –> God’s pre-coded Logic, and Evolution –> Co-Created (Encoded) Logic, while Entropies are errors (God’s Logic minus Co-Created Logic) embedded in Co-Created Logic. With this identification system, self programming is complete. Notice also that oriental characters are also encoded and serves as another identification system.

I can now explain this Participatory Hypothesis in the following Statements:

  • Reality is Co-Created by the Observer-Observed interaction with their mutual reference frames: Observer –>the Brain Creating the Key, Observed –> the Lock, Inside the Logic Vacuum, or the Information Vacuum, reality is formed by the Lock-Key connection (which includes the reference frame or the reference frame is a part of this connection)
  • The above statements can be explained as the function of the Brain-Spirit Operator or the Brain Soul Operator
  • These are Local—Non-Local Operators, i.e., the Brain is Local while spirit or soul is non-local. Non-Local –> No Space and No Time (–> the effects can happen at the Moment of Now or at the Moment of Now in the “future” or in the “past”)
  • In conclusion, the Key is Local while the Lock is Non-Local; thus the Lock-Key connections explain this Observer Participatory Universe Hypothesis.

This hypothesis validates (not in accuracy, but what is accuracy anyway) that the conceptual frame works of the ancient metaphysical formulations of the universe, such as acu-points, astrology, divination, and so on are valid. Nevertheless, whether with errors or without errors, these metaphysical formulations are encoded in the Vacuum Computer, awaiting correction by modern knowledge. Even in scientific formulations, through time, there are errors, corrections, and revisions in all scientific theories, especially quantum physics where non-local influences are involved. That is to say, quantum and nano physics have the same difficulties found in metaphysical theory, and in fact, theories like string theory and brane theory, are paradigms inside the Information-Energy Vacuum. In conclusion, we are heading to an integration of physics and metaphysics when we consider that mind-soul-spirit is a key part of the observer.

With this identification system, we have now established the necessary components in the self-programmable vacuum computer. These components are

  • Line Diagram Logic for Encoding
  • The Logic of Motion in gnomonic expansion-contraction-spiral
  • An individual identification system

These are all local—non-local components.

Although, all co-creations, at least the Logic-Information and / or Information-Energy formulations, correct or incorrect by the standard at the moment of Now in the “past or future”, are coded in the Vacuum Computer, and can be recalled by any Observer. How many Observers are there who can understand the existence of this Participatory Universe Hypothesis and who can thus make use of these co-creations? How many Observers can put these observations in their own frame of reference to understand them and improve upon them? We are indoctrinated in the frame of reference in which we grew up.

With this conclusion, we shall in the next two postings expound on a few of these metaphysical formulations. We shall expound on numbers and their connections to individual identification, which represents the spirit-density of the individual (human or otherwise). Their information paths define their soul-personalities. Remember the Physical Constants are viewed, in the Matter-Being Paradigm, as spirit-density in the co-creation process. The formula used to obtain these Physical Constants is recognized as soul-personality. It is these spirit-destiny and soul-personality embedded in the Physical Constants that co-created the collapsed Energy-Mass universe.

In fact, any formulas embedded with numbers are soul-personality paths. These conclusions are within the concept of Bio-Quantum in the Matter-Being Paradigm. Precisely, perhaps

3 —> --

is the soul-spirit / personality-destiny of the physical world. On the other hand,

6 —> --

9 —> 靈-魂-魄

are the soul-spirit / personality-destiny of the human world. Again, these three numbers form three Holons that correspond to three Orbifolds, as discussed earlier, and again shown below

tem-2 2

This orbifold consists of a torus with three special, singular points. Like the torus, it is a two-dimensional Logic-Information Potential in a three-dimensional Information-Energy Path. By combining three such orbifolds together, it is possible to generate a six-dimensional Logic-Information Potential with 3 x 3 x 3 = 27 Information-Energy Paths. [In string theory it is used to represent the space generated when the original ten-dimensional space compactifies.] In short, according to the Matter-Being Paradigm, the universe is generated by these three orbifolds.

Putting in the remaining series that refers to as the Music of the Sphere, we have the following diagram.

tem-2 2

I shall refer to the Music of the Sphere

4, 6, 7, 5, 1, 2, 4, 8, 7, 5, 1, 2 …

as the Music of the Holons, which serves as a support function in defining the destiny of the universe.

Notice, in addition to the 3-Holon forming the 27 energy-paths (as shown above), the Music of the Holon series also forms a 27 Information-Energy-Path, as shown below.

4 + 8 + 7 + 5 + 1 + 2 = 27

In addition, the diagram depicts a total of 10 Logic-Information Potentials. The significance of this 10 and 27 relationship was discussed, many times, in previous postings.

In conclusion, within the Matter-Being Paradigm, numbers in Base-9 must be defined in a total relationship as shown in the above diagram. This will be the topic for the next two postings. Furthermore, the diagram represents a break in the octagon, which can be concluded as the Big Bang in Logic-Information / Information-Energy.