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Pulse Reading-Psyche and Experimenting with Quantum

The Pulse Model in Concepts of Quantum Wave

Established in a previous posting (i.e., in About) is the connection between quantum physics and bio-energetic regulatory medicine (BER) of acu-point measurement. Here we shall examine the pulse model in concepts of quantum wave.
To capture the complexity of this set of quantum waves, we shall begin by way of a quotation on the mechanics of pulse reading from a Western practitioner in Chinese medicine.

    The pulse can be taken at three positions on the radial artery. There are correlations between these pulse positions and certain organs. Authorities within the tradition have various ideas about the exact correlation: the main opinions are presented in Table 40. In the textual sources, these correspondences are mentioned, but given little clinical discussion.
    It is important to realize that the twenty-eight pulses rarely appear alone. Usually two or more appear in combination. For each pulse type, therefore, there is a list of the other pulses that often combine within.
    A pulse can appear in all three or in only one of the positions on the radial artery. (See diagram below)
    Ted Kaptchuk, The Web that has No Weaver: Understanding Chinese Medicine

The Psyche of the Chinese Doctor (the Quantum Observer)

As Kaptchuk points out in the above table, there are 28 pulse types and within each of these 28 pulse types, there are combinations. Let us say there are three combinations within each of these 28 pulse types. From this assumption, there are 28 x 3 = 84 possible quantum wave patterns involved in each of the three pulse positions on each side of the radial artery. Thus, the maximum numbers of quantum wave patterns in reading all six pulse positions is 84 x 6 = 504 (which again reduces to 9 in base-9). I am not saying that the Chinese medical doctor needs to analyze in real-time all 504 patterns simultaneously. This is one of three reasons why I always maintained that to be a “good” Chinese doctor, one needs to be a good psychic (that is a good quantum observer). The second reason is that these are quantum waves carrying the soul signature for these organs and meridian networks. The third reason is that in order for a court physician to be able to read the pulses of the queen, king’s wives (concubines), and princesses without touching, he must measure the pulses by using a long string stretched from the position of the pulses at one end to another room at the other end. All three reasons have to do with the psychic ability of the Chinese doctor.

The Psyche of the Quantum Experimenter

In the words of A. N. Whitehead from “Adventures of Ideas”:

    Science is taking on a new aspect, which is neither purely physical, nor purely biological. It is becoming the study of organisms. Biology is the study of the larger organisms; whereas physics is the study of the smaller organisms. There is another difference between the two divisions of science. The organisms of biology include as ingredients the smaller organisms of physics…

The commonality of both paths implies that they form an interchanging state in both observer-observed processes. Quantum begins with intellect, leads to intuition, and finally terminates with an integrated intellect-intuition state. The reverse holds for the pulse observer. Lock-Key implies that the observer’s intention is the quantum’s intention, and both observer-observed intentions are interlocked within the module of the vacuum computer code: Intention encodes the computer ←→ Computer codes control intention. The intention of the above diagram is to describe this non-local/local interconnected process. Love connects the soul world with the spirit world. Mind connects the physical world of the brain with the soul world. This conclusion is beautifully stated below in the opinions of Wheeler, Eddington, and Heisenberg, to name only a few.

J. A. Wheeler has this to say in “Gravitation”:

    May the universe in some strange sense be ‘brought in to being’ by the participation of those who participate? …the vital act of participation. ‘Participator’ is the incontrovertible new concept given by quantum mechanics. It strikes down the term ‘observer’ of the classical theory, the man who stands safely behind the thick glass wall and watches what goes on without taking part, it can’t be done, quantum mechanics says.

In the words of Sir Arthur Eddington:

    The mind has by its selective power fitted the process of Nature into a frame of law of a pattern largely of its own choosing; and in the discovery of this system of law the mind may be regarded as regaining from Nature that which the mind has put into Nature.

Werner Heisenberg, in a somewhat similar vein, wrote:

    For our experiments are not nature itself, but a nature changed and transformed by our activity in the course of research.

Therefore, as said earlier, to be a “good” Chinese doctor, one needs to be a good psychic. Likewise to be a good quantum physicist/experimenter, one needs also to be a good psychic. However, there is a difference between the former and the latter. The former is an intuitive psychic by perfecting his or her soul-spirit connection through a state of love. The latter is an intellectual psychic by perfecting his or her state of mind-soul connection via a long process of converting thinking with correct knowledge into a state of knowingness.