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Glossary L-R (2004)


Least Action Principle: The sum of an action, between the initial state A, and its final state B, taken over a particular path must be at a minimum. That is to say, of all the paths between A and B, the path taken, without any interference, is an automatic minimum action, or a maximum amount of information, path. This means that the logic of the two end points is connected non-locally. Action defined, in Newtonian physics, as a quantity related to the momentum and position of a body. On the other hand, action (more specifically, action-at-a-distance-time) in quantum physics is related to a quantum observation.

Leptons: Particles not involved with the strong nuclear force. There are six leptons in numbers: the electron, muon, tau, and their corresponding neutrinos.

Ley lines: (See Acu-Point)

Levitation: (See Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass)

Li-Logic: Archetypal/gestalt logic or a pictorial hologram or a Mandala.

Light Constant: The information encoded in number 3 as a gnomonic number. Number 3 functions as a teleportation operator on both sides of a bridge that connects, through a singularity, base 9 and base 10 arithmetic. In the base 9 side of the singularity, the integer 3 connects non-locally to the gnomonic contraction-expansion of number 9, God’s Number Holon. On the base 10 side, with the gnomonic contraction-expansion in 10, the speed of light (3 x 1010) and the physical constants are Co-Created via the free will/gnomonic Holon. (See Number, Universe’s Origin)

This bridge of singularity also connects the inward spiral with the outward spiral, as described in the Spiral Geometry of magnetic-GUT monopole pair. (See Photon, Spiral Geometry, Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field)

Lock-Key Technology: Actualized observer’s intentions in Co-Creation for both animate and inanimate observers (see Observer and Co-Creation). For humans to Co-Create, in the current stage of our soul-spirit evolution-involution, the following are the necessary and sufficient conditions. Making or learning how to make the key, and using left-brain quantum technology. This is the purpose of nanotechnology and/or neutron technology; and is the necessary condition for Co-Creation. However, for finding and fitting the key into the proper lock, and executing an opening of the lock, right brain technology is needed. This is informed intention assisted with the scalar technology of Radionics. Thus, the technology of informed Radionics is the sufficient condition for Co-Creation. In addition, Co-Creation is based on magnetic-information technology; whereas today’s technology is electric-energy based. Furthermore, we need also to move from today’s binary-base to a ternary-base Co-Creation technology, especially in computer technology. (See Technology, Scalar Electromagnetic, Subtle Energy, Spiral Geometry, and Yin-Yang)

In addition, electric-energy based technology has to do with atomic chemistry based on information carried by the electrons. On the other hand, information based technology corresponds to nuclear chemistry, which is based on the source of information encoded in neutrons. (See Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field)

Logic: The added, third, component of matter. Besides the wave-particle components, there also exists a logic component. Besides math logic, there is also archetype/gestalt logic. Logic-wave-particle represents the essence of matter; whereas their corresponding activities are Information-energy-mass. (See Maxwell’s Demon)

Logic-Information: (See Information)

Lorentz Transform: In the normal formulation of the Lorentz Transform, all velocities were assumed to be less than the velocity of light. With this assumption, the Lorentz Transforms are mathematical formulas that describe the increase of mass, shortening of length, and dilation of time characteristic of a moving body that forms the basis of Einstein’s special theory of relativity.

In the Holon Theory, this less than light-velocity assumption was abandoned, and the Lorentz Transform formulas were used to derive the teleportation operators [ci]n in taking a body to a singularity at the moment of Now.

Lost Soul: (See Soul)

Love: The subject of Christ’s teaching in His First Coming, and also the prerequisite for a Second Coming. The Holon definition for love is defined in the term resurrection. On the other hand, within the perspective of the Holon Theory, the concept of force is also viewed as love-hate relationships. That is, the force of attraction is a love relationship between two parties, namely the elementary particles, while repulsion corresponds to hate. Thus, from a global perspective, the relationship between the human love/hate relationship, is expressed as the “forces of Nature” that is evident in the accelerated expansion of our universe resulting from the hate being expressed in our world.  (See Resurrection and Second Coming)


M-Theory: M-Theory emerged as a unification of the five superstring theories, which is involved with eleven space-time dimensions.

Mandala: An archetypal or Li Logic hologram, which contains encoded logic that has the ability to actualize its state of information-energy by one’s soul-spirit physiology in a proper state of consciousness. (See Archetype/Gestalt Logic)

Mass: The quantity of matter in a body, its inertia or resistance to acceleration in free space. Mass, in the Holon Theory, is a Holon with the following components:

  • Energy-Mass
  • Information Mass
  • Logic Mass

Magic: An ancient practice using knowledge that anticipated the ability for non-local influences. These are right brain intuitive non-local responses with very little or no learned knowledge of the intellectual type.

Magnetic Monopole: A very massive particle formed 10-35 sec after the Big Bang that carries an isolated north or south magnetic pole. It forms a dipole with the logic-information monopole. (See GUT monopole)

Magnetic Charge: A magnetic-GUT dipole/monopole charge. While the proton is the charge particle for the electric dipole, the magnetic-GUT dipole/monopole charge particle is assumed to be the neutron.

Magnetic Current: Communication between a magnetic-GUT dipole/monopole. While the electron is the current particle for the electric dipole, the current particle for the magnetic-GUT dipole/monopole is assumed to be the anti-neutrino.

Materialization: (See Body)

Matter: Matter, in the Holon Theory, is modeled using a Holon, as shown below.

  • Logic <——> Spirit
  • Wave <——> Soul
  • Particle <——> Body-Brain

These are the three components for the essences of matter. The activities Holon for matter is stated below.

  • Information <——> Non-Local Knowingness
  • Energy <——-> Space-Time Perception
  • Inertia/Mass <——> Sensations

The above mappings also indicate the nature of non-local entanglements and correspondences between inanimate and animate matters or between intentions and non-local connections.

Anti-Matter: Imagine an elementary particle cut out from a sheet of pre space-time paper; if we consider the elementary particle as matter, the hole it leaves on the sheet is anti-matter (or vice versa). Thus, at God’s Creation, Creating the logic of matter, also Created the logic of anti-matter in a lock-key relation. The lock is two sided. It can be opened from the left side or right side. The keys are complimentary to each other. That is, their logic is in symmetry.

God Created this Universe with a left-sided key. Therefore, in our matter universe, anti-matter appears only in the form of virtual particles symmetric to matter. In short, the right-sided key is a virtual key, invisible to us. This theory, coincidentally, follows the Biblical concepts of left-right directions. (See Left-Right Spin in Spin)

Maxwell’s Demon: A hypothetical being that directs the motion of molecules in a way so as to circumvent the Second Law of Thermodynamics. In the Holon Theory this hypothetical being is taken to be the logic component of matter.

Mind: Soul-Brain interactions. (See Soul)

Miracle: A happening that seems to be against the known, conventional, laws of nature or science, thought of as caused by God or a god. In the Holon Theory, this happening is caused by the conversion of Logic into a physical event. This happening can be actualized by uninformed intention or unyielding blind faith. (See Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass)

Mirror: The boundary between the non-local or Base 9 world and the 3-dimensional or Base 10 World, and is referred to as the Quantum World. There are two sets of boundary conditions in this mirror. They are the boundary between logic and its information contents, and the boundary between information and its embedded energy contents. (See the sections on Observational Mirrors)

Momentum: A change in position. Since information can be interpreted as changes, i.e., any change in state contains information; therefore, momentum can be viewed as mechanical information.

Angular Momentum: A change in angular position. (See Spiral Geometry)

Force: Time rate of change in momentum, or mechanical information.

Moment of Now: (See Planck’s Constant, Time)


Newtonian Physics: Physics of the Least Action Principle, applied to the logic of mechanical bodies, (See Least Action Principle). In the Holon Theory, due to the fact that momentum can be interpreted as mechanical information and acceleration as a time rate of change in mechanical information, Newtonian physics can also be interpreted as the physics of information.

Quantum Physics: In the context of information, quantum physics is the physics of observations at the moment of Now. (See Quantum Models in Volume 4) It is the physics of intention in a soul-spirit, or a spacetime-nonlocal, medium. On the other hand, Newtonian physics involves the mechanical activities of 3-dimensional objects actualized or Co-Created by the observation process.

Neutrino: A very small mass, spin 1/2 lepton often emitted in particle decays. In the Holon Theory, the neutrino is a left-handed particle, which fills all space. It is the particle that participates in the formation of space. There are three types of masses, namely, logic-mass, information-mass, and energy-mass. Hence, while the neutrino has mass, it might not be energy-mass, it definitely has logic mass and information mass. (See Mass, Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass, and Gravitational/Electromagnetic Field)

Non-Local Reality: A spaceless and timeless universe containing the medium for encoded logic. The reality of this universe is hidden in its encoded logic-information aspect waiting to be decoded by an observer. This decoding occurs by actualizing the spirit-knowingness or by actualizing the logic aspect of matter.

Now: (See Time)

Numbers: Embedded in numbers is both quantitative and qualitative logic. In the Holon Theory we are interested in the qualitative logic-information encoded in numbers. There is a Holon for numbers whose components are: integer, fractional, and transcendental. Integers are whole numbers such as a 2, a 3, or a 5. Fractional numbers are a quotient of integers such as 3/2 or 1.5. Transcendental numbers are the natural constants such as p = 3.141… or e = 2.718…. (See Imaginary Numbers)

Base 9: Qualitative logic operates in base 9 arithmetic. This set of qualitative logic possesses non-local influences but is locally constrained by the uniqueness of each number, namely 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 and 9.

Base 10: Quantitative logic operates in base 10, or in decimal arithmetic. This set of quantitative logic is used in standard mathematical operations.

Numbers & The Hebrew Alphabets: Consists of 22 letters and 5 finals (from 500 to 900) to make up three series of 9, a Holon of 9, in all:


Notice, 10 and 100 are both equal to 1 in base 9 arithmetic. There is no zero in base 9.

Numbers & The Greek Alphabets: The Greek letters were 24, and the required number, 27, was made up by using Stigma for 6, Koppe for 90, and Sampsi for 900.

tem2 1

Notice, there are also 27 coordinates in the I-Ching, namely, 12 terrestrial branches, 10 celestial stems, and the 5 elements.

This number 27 is embedded in the orbifold formulation of the superstring theories, and in the embryology of mind-soul-spirit. (See Orbifolds, Strings, Elementary Particle, and Embryology)

Fractional/Transcendental Numbers: As stated above, qualitative logic operates in the set of base 9 integers. What is the qualitative meaning in each of these 9 integer numbers when it is a transcendental number or appears as a fraction such as .5 or .8? Fractional numbers are formed, from the qualitative perspective, in the resonant mappings between base 9 and base 10. Included in this resonance is the mapping between numbers and geometry, for example, the Pythagorean Theorem. This action has to do with converting the logic encoded in these integers to information, which is an action dependent on the informed knowledge of the observer. There is also an upper bond in the observer’s informed knowledge. These upper bonds form the transcendental numbers and the fractals that form our physical world. The mappings and their actions are expressed in the Holon shown below.

tem2 2

Included in this Holon is the third component, namely the effects from communication or interference with other members of the set. (See Fractals)

Numbers 27/37 and 36/72: (See String)

Numerology: Arithmetical operation in base 9 mathematics. For example, 15 is reduced to a number less than or equal to 9, thus, 15 is mapped into 1 + 5 = 6. Thus, the number 15 is equivalent to the number 6 in a base 9 system of mathematics. These 9 numbers, from 1 to and including 9, represent 9 information dimensions. There exists a correspondence between any set of encoded information and this set of 9 information dimensions. Notice, within these information dimensions, the number 6 is different from the number 15. That is, although number 15 carries the information encoded in dimension number 6, embedded in this dimension is the information of 1 and 5, which represent the unique “makeup” of number 6. Most important is the make-up of the number 9. Thus, there are significant differences between 9 by itself, or 9 from the number 27, or 9 from the number 36, or 9 from the number 72.


Orbifold: The mathematical space created as a coordinate system for the compactified space of superstring theory. These six dimensional orbifolds could be thought of as generalizations of a six dimensional torus, consisting of twenty-seven singular points. In the Holon Theory, a Holon is denoted by an orbifold, i.e., a hyperspace triangle. In this book, a 3 dimensional triangle is used to represent an orbifold. David Peat describes the relationship between orbifolds and strings below:

This orbifold space consists of a torus with three special, singular points. Like the torus, it is a two-dimensional surface in a three-dimensional space. By combining three such orbifolds together, it is possible to generate a six-dimensional space with 3 x 3 x 3 = 27 singular points. Such orbifolds are used in string theory to represent the space generated when the original ten-dimensional space compactifies.

…What is the relationship of this patched-up orbifold to a Calabi-Yau space? It turns out that the Calabi-Yau space is a sort of smooth version of the repaired orbifold — it could be thought of as what happens when the radius of each of the twenty-seven patches shrinks to zero.

(See Strings, Dimensions, and Numbers)

Observer, in Space-time: Maker of an observation. The observer can be either an animate or an inanimate object. A non-physical, or space-time, observation is defined as an act of intention in animate matter, or a connected non-local influence in inanimate matter. Part of this act of observation is the co-creation by a key-logic searching for its lock-logic. Here, the key-logic is co-created by the observer. An actualized space-time observation is when the key-logic meets with its lock-logic in a lock-key relationship. This lock-key dynamic occurs inside the topological universe, a mirror universe between the archetypal universe (i.e., the Base 9 World) where the lock-logic was encoded and the 3-dimensional universe (i.e., the Base 10 World) where the lock-key object manifested. In short, an observation is a co-creation process, which manifests when a key finds the correct lock. Thus, all space-time observation by a human Being occurs at the soul level, see sections on Observational Mirror. (See Lock-Key Technology)


Parallel Universes: In the Holon Theory, an evolution-involution model of the universe is adopted. Thus, in this model, the universe goes through various stages of evolution. Also within each stage of evolution there are two involution states, a previous state and a future state. Thus, these two involutionary states and the one evolutionary stage form the model of a tri-state universe. Each evolutionary stage represents the universe’s state of Becoming, while each involutionary state corresponds to a state of Being for the universe. Notice that each stage of evolution is bracketed with a beginning state and an ending state, whereas, the state of involution occurs at the ending state of each stage of evolution, in a discrete jump. This discrete jump is a singularity, where ascension occurs, i.e., the discrete transition from one evolutionary stage to another evolutionary stage occurs. In this model, the universe’s states of Being, in progression, define the universe’s ascension direction. On the other hand, the evolutionary stages define the universe’s activities toward the next state of Being. The former set is referred to as stages while the latter set is call states. Numbers represents the stages and states with their corresponding personalities embedded in each of the tri-states. The personalities are represented by each of the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9. For example, stage 5 contains the dominating personalities for numbers 4, 5, and 6, where 4 is in parallel with the previous tri-state universe of stage 3.

If we take each stage and each state together as forming a universe, we have a multi-universe model, i.e., a tri-state universe model. In this model, each universe is a Holon of one stage and two states, namely, its history or the previous state, and its next final state. Thus, our stage 5 universe is in parallel, in the sense of having a common state, with state 4 in the stage 3-universe and with state 6 in the stage 7 universe. The common state for stages 3 and 5 universes is state 4, while the common state for stages 5 and 7 universes is state 6. Thus, universes of states 4 and 6 are parallel universes in common with the universes of stage 3 and 5, and in common with the universes of stage 5 and 7, respectively. In addition, encoded in each of these numbers is its logic-information, or the universe’s personalities. These parallel universes are connected at singularity, namely the discrete transition at each involutionary state, via intentions or quantum observations subject to the completion of its necessary and sufficient conditions. (See Singularity)

In summary, within the perspective of this tri-universe model, the present stage of our Universe contains simultaneously three dominating personalities defined by their status of involution-evolution, namely, stages 4, 5, and 6. Our universe’s next stage of evolution is a stage-7 in the tri-state 6-7-8 universe, which co-exists with involutionary states 6- and 8. But before evolving into a stage-7 universe, one must first ascend into a state 6-universe, which is a singularity. Notice that the transition from stage 5 to stage 7 occurs simultaneously in our ascension to a state 6-universe. In short, at each transition or ascension, one jumps from the evolutionary stage of one tri-state universe to the evolutionary stage of the next tri-state universe. Furthermore, the tri-state universe of 0-1-2 is a basic Creation, i.e., the encoding of God’s Input Logic of the First Cause or the initial conditions of our Universe; whereas, the tri-state universe 8-9-0 contains our Universe’s final conditions. These final conditions are embedded in God’s Encoded Logic of the First Cause together with the final set of involutionary logic satisfied by us humans in our return to God’s Creation through Co-Creation. (See Technology, and Universe’s Origin). See Ascension and String Theories.

Particle: A 3-dimensional energy-mass object.

Phase Changes: A general change in state, e.g., from solid to liquid, or simply the momentum of the system. A process, which involves the release of encoded logic-information and the re-encoding of new logic-information.

Photon: A quantum particle of light, the smallest packet of the electromagnetic field. A photon is a boson particle with zero spin. In the Holon Theory, the logic formulation of a photon is represented by a bigram of yin-yang binary logic, i.e., formed by one pre-heaven yin-yang line and one post-heaven yin-yang line (See Vol 2 for detail). The photons are informational flow particles, communicating between the magnetic-GUT (i.e., Logic-Information) monopole/dipole. (See Magnetic Monopole, and GUT Monopole, Universe’s Origin)

Planck Constant: A constant, 6.63 x 10-34 in mks units, that involves the symmetry break between logic and its information, that is between the logic encoded in the archetypal universe (or the Base 9 World) and the decoded information via a logic-observer.

Planck Length: Equals 1.62 x 10-35 meters.

Planck Time: Equals 5.34 x 10-44 sec after the Big Bang. This is taken to be the time corresponding to the moment of Now.

Poltergeist: (See Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass)

Position: Bookkeeping information. The position of an object represents a confirmation of where the object is. If the position of an object changes from being at point A to point B, this motion, or finding the object at B rather than at A changes the state of confirmation. This change in the state of confirmation is a state of information. (See Momentum)

Post Heaven: The key logic in a 3-dimensional universe. This set of key logic is either created or co-created by the intention of an observer, with or without lock-key technology. (See Lock-Key Technology)

Pre Heaven: The lock logic in an Archetypal universe (or the Base 9 World). This set of lock logic corresponds to the logic encoded in the Vacuum, or the space inside zero.

Six Days of Creation: In the first three days, God Created the Pre-Heaven Logic, or the lock-logic, of the Universe. In the second three days, God Created the Post-Heaven logic, or the key-logic of the Universe. In the seventh day, God rested and let the lock logic and the key logic Co-Create our 3-dimensional Universe.

Praying: A sacramental act. In the Holon Theory, this is an act in faith knowingness. (See Faith)

Pyramid: (See Ancient Architecture, in Body)

Psychokinesis: (See Conservation of Information-Energy-Mass)


Qi-Kung: (See Ch’i/Qi-Kung)

Quantum Incoherence: (See Heisenberg’s Uncertainty Principle)

Quantum Physics: (See Newtonian Physics)

Quarks: A charged elementary particle that is affected by the strong forces. Quarks comes in six “flavors”: up, down, strange, charmed, bottom, and top, and each flavor in three “colors”: red, yellow, and blue. In the Holon Theory, these flavors are viewed as attributes to the personalities of elementary particles and are formulated in the line-logic of trigrams. (See Vol 2, and Strong Force)

Qubits: (See Ebits/Qubits)


Radionics: Radionics is treated as a “black box” that is primarily concerned with health diagnosis where the purpose is investigating and combating the causes of diseases. The working of this black-box is unexplainable by normal scientific paradigms. It is of general opinion that its operating principle is related to the subtle energy field. In the Holon Theory, the operating principle of this “black box” is related to the conservation of logic into information (or potential energy) and conservation of information into energy. As discussed in the definition for Spiral Geometry, this logic-information can be actualized through the frequency Holon ge, gn, and sound. Here sound frequency is added to affect the resonance and frequencies of the electron and the neutrino photons. (See Subtle Energy, and Spiral Geometry)

Reincarnation: The state of reincarnation is at a singularity where the body-brain of the previous incarnation and the body-brain of the next stage of reincarnation exist not only simultaneously, but also in a state of non-local influences. Therefore, one reincarnate before the death of one’s body-brain system, and one’s soul-spirit physiology can influence one’s next reincarnated body-brain functions via its soul-spirit bodies. In short, reincarnation occurs as dimensional shifts inside of a singularity. Remember that Soul time is not the same as body time. See section on Observational Mirrors. (See also Dimensional Shift and Singularity)

At the moment of reincarnation, the soul-spirit physiology encoded in the previous incarnated body-brain system (at that Moment of Now), plus any changes at singularity, are encoded in the soul-spirit of the newly incarnated body-brain physiology, namely, in the acu-points and the chakras of the new body.  (See Embryology, Chakra, and Acu-Point)

Religion: Blind faith on an unknown (i.e., unknowable) personal God. An organizational system of practices based on a common belief system.

Resonance: In physics, the selective response of an object or a system that vibrates in phase with an externally applied oscillatory force. Remember, in the Holon Theory information is encoded in, or carried by, phase coordinates. Thus, two objects or systems, that are in resonance correspond to an understandable transfer of information between them, i.e., a lock-key connection between their logic-information. This transfer in the form of resonance has a direct correspondence with the conservation of matter. The types of resonance in matter are shown below.

  • Logic-Information —> Transfer of Logic (process 1, a non-local action potential) into Understandable Information (process 2, in the form of invisible energy, referred to as dark energy)
  • Information-Energy —> Transfer of Information (process 1, in the form of invisible energy) into Usable Energy (process 2, in the form of visible energy, referred to as dark matter)
  • Energy-Mass —> Transfer of Energy (process 1, in the form of visible  energy) into visible mass

In any resonant phenomena, all three types of resonant transfers must be conserved, in the principle of a Holon, i.e., in the form of Information-Energy-Mass. That is, an informed non-local action in logic can, through the phenomenon of resonance, influence changes in understandable information and/or usable energy and/or visible mass of the same system. On the other hand, an informed vibration in the mass component, through lattice vibration, can influence changes in the wave-energy component and/or the logic-information component of the same system. (See Universe’s Origin, and Transmutation)

Resonator: A structure for producing resonance. Acu-points and ancient architectures are information-energy resonators, (see Acu-Points, and Body). UFO’s and crop circles are resonance produced artifacts. Resonating structures satisfy the necessary conditions for Co-Creation, which is the ability to convert the logic-information component of matter into its corresponding wave-energy component. That is to say, Co-Creation requires the manifestation of matter, from its pre-determined logic component into its particle-mass component via a resonant wave-energy action in informed non-local logic. Thus, for Co-Creation, the sufficient condition calls for the ability to manifest the energy-mass component from the wave-information component, while the necessary condition is the conversion of the logic-information component into a wave-energy component. Wave-energy is the intermediate action, or the responsible resonating process, in Co-Creation. Thus, we need to combine the ancient’s understanding in constructing information-energy resonators with today’s understanding of constructing energy-mass resonators in elementary particle accelerators. This integration is equivalent to left-right brain informed integration.

Resonating Process, Light-Sound:

Light and sound are the most known resonating processes. They were used in ancient science and technology. This process forms a Holon with components corresponding to light, sound, and lattice vibration or matter-wave in various media. To understand light and its relationship to the Co-Creation process, or the logic-information to energy-mass resonant process, we need to bring back the logic formulation on the composition of light defined as a photon Holon.

Resurrection: The standard religious meaning of resurrection is: the state of having risen from death. First resurrection is a state of ascension. Preparing for a state of 2nd resurrection corresponds to a restored state of Christ’s Spiritual Teaching, see Ascension and String Theories.

Love: The logic of love consists of a Holon with the following three components:

  • Intellectual Love —> Love of God’s Knowledge (Chakras 5, 7, 4)
  • Emotional Love —> Blind and Egotistical Love (Chakra 3, 6, 4)
  • Animal Love —> Sexual Love (Chakra 1, 2, 3)

Christ’s First Coming teaches as how to love God, with respect to His Knowledge. This is the right-brain prerequisite for the 2nd resurrection for mass ascension. (See Second Coming, and Christ)

Rise: Co-Creation toward the direction of God’s Encoded Logic. (See Spin)

Intellectual Rise: Ascension from evolution stage 5 to evolution stage 7 with perfection on informed intention. (See Fall, and Parallel Universe)

Robinson Congruence: The mathematical mappings of complex, i.e., real plus imaginary numbers, onto the geometry of a Penrose twistor formed by a series of twisting light-rays. (See Spin Networks)