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On Anomalies in Scientific Experiments

Despite more than 70 years of scientific-experimental advancements, we still are not able to repeat the success performed in the works of Nikola Tesla, Thomas Henry Moray, Royal R. Rife, Wilhelm Reich, and others from the 1920s to 40s.  These experiments seemed to contain anomalies in the logic of scientific investigations. In short anomalies, mostly in repeatability, show up in today’s cold fusion, free energy, superconductivity experiments that leads to a Quantum Nano Technology. Anomalies also occur in information-energy health medicines. These anomalies are the outcome of our neglected experimental formulations to include the Mind—Matter involvement as shown below. tem2 2Maleflic or Karmic Numbers are 13, 14, 16, 19, and from http://www.starlightnumerology.com/numeshowu.htm

Malific comes from Latin meaning bad or evil.    This gives certain numbers an ominous sound but in reality they indicate something bad that has happened to you, such as abuse, in a former lifetime, (or you may have been the abuser). These malific numbers show us that something in past life should be balanced in this life.   Otherwise it will interfere with the individual’s personal and even business life, forcing the soul into other incarnations until it is paid for and a valuable lesson is learned.

The number 11 can have a double Ego effect.

Let us next continue the discussion on free will, which was started in the postings: On Good and Evil and On Reincarnation.




This Opened Mind Octagon is also known as the Enneagram. From J. G. Bennett’s book, Enneagram Studies.

The Enneagram is a symbol taught to the students of Gurdjieff. He claimed that it was the key symbolic device of the Sarmaun Brotherhood, a mystic order that existed in Central Asia for thousands of years.

The principle of the enneagram is a great secret. It is through this principle that we can work our way into reality.  …[the apattern] is the way through which true value is added or realized. It is God, the guru and the disciple united in harmony.

To study the enneagram is rather like trying to read the void. What is really there vanishes at every point into nothingness; yet out of it comes the power to create universes.

Now let us look at a few of Enneagrams

tem2 1

This Enneagram is taken from the Alexander Technique

The enneagram illustrated above is a remarkable symbol–no other symbol can, or ever will, encompass its breathtaking scope and truth. It is purported to be the tool that led to the invention of the decimal system In esoteric and numerological terms it embodies the law of three and the law of seven. Practically, it telescopes the complex structural actions of any cosmic process you could ever imagine–whether it is cooking a meal, releasing a new product, saying the Lord’s Prayer or dealing with an addiction.

The element Free Will is at the middle of an Enneagram, which states that each movement within an Enneagram is governed by the Observer—Observed’s Free Wills.

Enneagram Patterns in Personalities.

tem2 2

Three more Enneagrams, from J.G. Bennett’s book.

tem2 3

tem2 5

These Ennagrams represent the evolved patterns of Humans’ understanding or misunderstanding of the Involution Logic in closing or further opening the Mind Octagon. The free will component represents a reverse engineering tool to assist the observer in mind-spirit and/or mind-soul connections with the Involution Logic encoded in the Mind Octagon. It is in the misunderstandings that entanglements are created. Misunderstandings can happen between Being-Mind (the Observer) and Matter-Mind (the Observed) in Nano, Bio-Quantum Logic (e.g., in the works of Nikola Tesla, Thomas Henry Moray, Royal R. Rife, and Wilhelm Reich).

In conclusion, I shall again state the Holon connections among Free Will—Intention—Photons (or light in the Physical Plane) in the Logic of Neutral Lines, which is located at the center of the Holon triangle. In addition, this Holon is the local—Non-Local Connector at the Moment of Now between the Vacuums and the Physical Plane; namely the Connector of Everything in the universe.


Shown below is the collapsing of this Holon in an Ascended State. This collapse returns 9 to the center and closes the Opened Mind Octagon in a Time Symmetry State where the universe’s Final Conditions, as defined by the conservations of Information—Energy—Mass, is satisfied.


Notice, the Symmetry Break in Logic has to do with the break in number-9: breaking the sum of 1+ 2+ 3 + 4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8 –>9 in Base-9. This Break and return are shown above. This is a state in which number-9 returned to the center of the Mind-Octagon together with the remaining 8 numbers returned to their rightful positions. These nine numbers including the Connector Holon Moment of Now are the Ten Logic Potentials of the universe. Also, as derived in a previous posting, the Eleventh Logic Potential, as formulated in String Theories has to do with Gravitino Logic, which connects this Universe with other universes with the Logic of Pure Love.