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The Matter-Being Project: TEMPORARILY SOLD OUT!

Knowing the Unknowable, Putting Mind-Soul-Spirit into Physics-Chemistry-Genetics- Health-Technology, By Wing Y. Pon

8×10 book, 333 Pages
Peer Review
Prepublication Edition
ISBN#: 978-0-578-01816-4

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What you will find in this Book:


Physics: The answers to Einstein’s unfulfilled vision, the mysterious Schrödinger’s Cat, completing the Standard Model of Elementary Particles, the invisible dark energy and dark matter plus the universe’s origin, the derivation of all physical constants in physics, (in String/M-theory) the incomprehensiveness of the brane-worlds and dimensions, the consciousness in aether and non-locality plus the vacuum, the resolution of Heisenberg Uncertainty and the probabilistic nature of quantum mechanics…

Metaphysics: The answers to what are spirit, soul, mind, and their local-nonlocal interactions; what is an acupuncture point; what are the differences between acupuncture point readings and pulse readings; what are chakra, aura, and astro-projection; what are consciousness, intentions, thinking versus knowing; what are karma, destiny and reincarnation; what is love and its connection to gravity; what are enlightenment, ascension, involution versus evolution; what are subtle energy, scalar technology and radionics…

This is not an ordinary book, nor an extraordinary book. It is a very challenging book. The ideas, research, and the vision of this book could well alter today’s understanding of physics—chemistry—genetics—health—technology, and determine the future direction of humanity. Currently, through private experiments and outside verification studies, this paradigm is heading in the “right” direction. Still, final judgment must come from serious readers who have an open mind and an understanding of the various aspects leading to the whole paradigm.

Wing Pon is a brilliant visionary driven to see beyond the ordinary, beyond the obvious and beyond myopic concepts held today. He is a true pioneer daring to find the answers to today’s unanswered questions. In this book he has found answers that make sense not only in science and the physical, but also in the non-physical, and he is able to integrate both. Wing Pon is enabling those who wish to see beyond their noses, to see the answers for themselves and evaluate them by their own tests of the Holon Method.

Dr. Romeo Di Benedetto, Professor of Sociology and television host of The Emerging Renaissance – An Odyssey of Spirit, speaks of Wing Pon with great insight. “Wing Pon developed an insight into how we can achieve our highest potentials using scientific technology. This is a radical departure from previous paradigms of human reality and the achievement of our potential that has never before been promoted in human history. This [Holon Method] is truly an insight without match. As we study history and analyze scientific breakthroughs, this achievement is something in the tradition of Aristotle, Galileo and Einstein. Wing Pon’s concept, as we look back on history, will be seen as the high water mark.”

The research described in this book began 55 years ago with the question what is an Acupuncture Point and ends up with integrating mind—soul—spirit into physics, chemistry, genetics, health, and technology. This book developed a bio-quantum foundation for a Theory of Everything (conforming to an observer’s reality), via a self-programmable vacuum computer model with ten logic dimensions. The logic dimension of free will is one of these ten computer logic dimensions. As shown in this book, this is truly a Theory of Everything that applies to every field of knowledge because this bio-quantum vacuum computer integrates quantum-relativistic physics with Eastern metaphysics, cosmology with creationism, and future technology with health.

In health, this book describes the fundamentals for putting health into a mathematical discipline and implementing these fundamentals into the Worldwide Web. The use of mathematics to extract health-treatment information was tried by the National Institutes of Health. As of today some $20-Billion has been spent on this research project without meaningful success. Wing Pon’s breakthroughs on Information Medicine, implemented in the computer, succeeded where the NIH research failed. He has done extensive testing in connection with health and low-energy molecular transmutation as discussed in this book.

Dr. George Araki, Biology Professor, San Francisco State University says, “Preliminary tests of Pon’s technology are very encouraging… He demonstrated his technology in one of my classes. He gave a reading to one student in the class who has serious and complex body-mind problems that could not be diagnosed by numerous visits to several medical professionals. Pon’s system gave a precise reading of her conditions that the student verified with amazement and gratitude.”

Lloyd Webb offers thanks to Wing Pon of his vast knowledge on health. “Three years ago I awoke with a horrible ringing in my ears. It did not go away. Soon the ringing was accompanied with debilitating migraine headaches. Western medicine could do noting for my tinnitus. My wife encouraged me to see Wing Pon who gradually accepted me in his program. After a year with Wing my tinnitus is greatly diminished, my general health improved, my migraines have disappeared and my quality of life enhanced. Thanks Wing”
Anna Pon’s experiential evidence of actual results despite the medical assurance that there was no cure provides more proof of the effectiveness of the Holon Method: ““There is no cure for carpal tunnel syndrome. All I can do for you is to cut you open. Even with surgery, there is no guarantee that you will be pain free forever” This is what I was told by a doctor more than 20 years ago. …My life had completely changed for the worst. One day I was introduced to the Holon-AcuBrain Method by Wing Pon. Since that time, I no longer experience ANY pain while performing ANY repetitive tasks. I can type and even knit for hours without the slightest hint of pain. I do not take any medication, inject steroids, or practice any other methods. My drastic recovery is due entirely to the Holon-AcuBrain Method”

Wing Pon’s health research has received many invitations; some of which are shown below:

    • Invited by the Chinese Academy of Science to present a two-week seminar on this research at BeiJing University.
    • Invited to present the results of this research to the 20th International Congress of the International Academy of Pathology at Hong Kong University.
    • Invited to Southeast Asia for three months to do the mathematical health evaluations for the King of Malaysia, his cabinets and families, and the management staffs of a few of the multi-national corporations in Indonesia and Malaysia.
    • Invited to participate in the Medicine 2000 Conference at Vienna, Australia. Over 150 evaluations were requested from other health professionals during and after the conference.
    • Invited by Medical Doctors at Stanford Medical Center to demonstrate its effectiveness in pre-diagnosis, 2002

In future technology, via bio-quantum concepts developed in this book  offers a possible explanation for the reality of cold fusion and resolves many of its difficulties: overcoming the Coulomb barrier, the production of isotopes, surface sensitivity to nano-sized particles, instability, non-repeatability when wanted, and violating the law of conservation. The correlation between bio-quantum technology and health is successfully demonstrated in experiments done by Energetic Technologies, Ltd., (ET). Energetic Technologies’ success is based on using a bio- rhythmic model, which is an emulated fractal of the heart frequencies, for regulating cold fusion. The main problem facing all cold fusion experiments, including ET’s, is non-repeatability when wanted. This non-repeatability problem has to do with maintaining a steady state Matter-Being environment at all times.

From the point of view of Matter-Being interactions, this problem is very common when viewed from the perspective of maintaining a steady state in cold fusion experiments. This is analogous to maintaining a steady state physiology in human health. This Holon Paradigm was developed via the iterations between knowledge in quantum physics and knowingness in Mind—Soul—Spirit health. The former is the brain/thinking operator, while the latter is the spirit/mind operator that involves the “heart.” In Chinese Health Physiology, this is the Heart Constrictor Acu-Point Circuit.

In a letter to Wing Pon, Dr. Michael McKubre, Director, Energy Research Center, Stanford Research International wrote, “…. provocative and stimulating. If proven correct, your theories have the potential to revolutionize our understanding of matter and change the direction of future science, including medicine, and energy production technology.”

The Matter-Being Paradigm described in this book, predicted Fermionic Condensate, high temperature superconductivity of Iron, an information-magnetic Faraday Cage for being, low energy transmutation and cold fusions in concepts of bio-quantum, and putting health into a mathematical discipline and on the Worldwide Web.
This Paradigm rediscovered the concepts in Nei Ching (the Classic of Chinese Medicine) and soul-genetic, restructure I-Ching logic within the computer logic of bits, qubits, free wills and line diagrams, and in turn integrated into the theory of quantum observations.
It completes the incompleteness in Quantum-Relativistic Physics and the standard model of elementary particles via the logic-information component of matter.
This book captures, improves, and expands the Paradigms of: David Bohm’s active inform-action; Seth Lloyd’s computer model of the Universe; Carl Jung’s psycho-physics of synchronicity and collective consciousness, Teihard de Chardin’s noospahere and point Omega, Jan Christiaan Smuts’ Holism-Evolution, Ilva Prigogine’s bifurcation point at singularity, Ken Wilber’s Involution-Evolution Spirituality, the Russian’s Torsion field, and so on.