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Faraday Cage

The Faraday Cage formula for shielding the unwanted random Matter-Being disturbances in the production of well-defined collapsed Information-Energy (also refers to as Free or Zero-Point Energy) from a well-defined logic-potential of a magnetic monopole is illustrated below.


The defined Logic-Information feedback must satisfy the Matter-Being conservation of Information—Energy—Mass, with Information as the key component inside zero at the Moment of Now. Unwanted Information-Energy disturbances are from both local and non-local / inside-outside zero-point interactions, which involves both physical vibrations and non-physical conscious or unconscious free wills.


The Faraday Cage needed is this Randomness Holon (or only one of its component depending on each component’s intensity).


Notice, the classical Faraday Cage for normal electromagnetic shielding of unwanted matter disturbance from random energy-mass (matter) vibrations is illustrated as one of the component in the above Holon. Also the unwanted-random Being and Matter-Being vibrations are also included in the illustration Holon. These latter disturbances are the randomness within a non-local Bio-Quantum field generated at the moment of Now from unwanted collective non-local soul-spirit consciousness, or unconscious fields.

A general introduction, with attempts to illustrate, the existence of this Bio-Quantum field and its possible shielding is the subject of discussion given below, namely a general discussion on zero-point disturbances at the Moment of Now. In reading the introduction below, the reader should keep in mind; as yet, there exist no standard vocabulary for a precise discussion of this subject.



This discussion contains a preliminary integration of both ancient and Modern knowledge within the integrated perspective of the Matter-Being Paradigm.

The Spin Force
A Collection of Articles and Experiments
by Buryl Payne, Ph.D.

Biofield Meter
The above meter was used by Buryl Payne to measure what he called a Biofield and later a spin force. In Buryl Payne’s work.

      A force around the human body different from electric, magnetic, gravitic, photic, or thermal has previously been discovered and was used in this research. Originally called a ‘Biofield’ and now


      called a ‘spin force’, it was found to vary in amplitude with lunar phase, solar activity, vitality of the subject and other factors. It was found to vary in amplitude with intended remote healing attempts in 17 out of 20 trials in this pilot study, with healers from 50 to 3,000 miles distant.


      …I took it to Egypt and checked it out on top of the great pyramid. On top it moved a reasonable amount (1/8th a turn) and

inside the pyramid it did not move at all

      . A trip to Palenque, in the Yucatan area of Mexico, during a solar eclipse, had me amazed with how much movement took place, especially right at the ruins of Palenque! The pyramid moved from over ten feet away. This would be equivalent to a magnetic field of more than several thousand gauss! I wondered if it were moving by itself, but as far as I could determine it did not move when a person was not near.


      Electrical shielding or electrical grounding of the operator made no difference, however

soft iron Wrapped around a bottle stopped the effect



    Since the body’s intrinsic magnetic field measured in shielded rooms is about one billionth of a gauss, this Biofield could not be an ordinary magnetic field. The author has simply called it the Biofield, a contracting of biological energy field. Tesla, a contemporary of Edison and inventor of the alternating current motor and many other instruments, was reported to have spoken about a “higher octave” of magnetism which had not been recognized by traditional science.

In the words of Ron Hruby

      Some years ago a biological force was accidentally discovered by Buryl Payne, a physicist/psychologist, while investigating another topic. The force was measured by suspending a frame with magnets over a subject’s head. The frame was observed to rotate a few degrees.


      Initially, the rotation was thought to be an artifact, possibly due to random air currents, or vibrations of the building. But careful observations showed the rotation to be always in the same direction (to the right as seen from within). Small frames, laden with small magnets (magnets were eventually shown to be not needed the Biofield is not magnetic) were placed in airtight bottles to eliminate the


      possibility of wind currents. When subjects placed their hands around the bottle, rotations were consistently observed. Healers and young children usually produced greater rotation. The direction of rotation of the frames was found to temporarily reverse when the Moon was new


    or full, or there were solar flares and geomagnetic activity. Solar activity in turn was found to be related to the positions of the planets, a fact not generally known. Therefore this biological force, which is over one million times as large as the body’s magnetic force, shows that humans are connected with events of the entire solar system. We are not isolated groups of cells of protoplasm, nor are we merely passive passengers on ‘Spaceship Earth’; we are part of a dynamic, interacting solar system, and perhaps even more, as our Sun surely responds to emanations from other stars and probably the Galactic Center as well.

Love and Biofield

      In 2000, Dr. Ron Hruby carried out experiments showing that the amplitude of this spin force (as measured by a version of Buryl Payne’s device) could be

influenced by people sending compassionate love to a subject

      . In eighteen trials, he obtained 100% correlation between times of visualization on the subject’s health and times of marked change of the Biofleld. Essentially Dr. Ruby showed that

loving thoughts have a measurable force

      . This was an amazing discovery.


      This experiment was conducted in Santa Cruz, California. Twenty trials were conducted May to June, 2005. The first trial was completed with a small group of remote healers in Sheffield,



a distance of 3,000 miles

    from Santa Cruz. Three Biofield Meters were set up around three subjects. The subjects’ first names were supplied to the distant healers. The healers chose one subject for the healing attempt, which was unknown to the observer. A start time was determined for the healing attempt, and observation of the biofleld meters began at that time. Movements of the three Biofield Meters were measured and recorded during the trial period. Following the trial period, the name of the chosen subject was revealed to the observer.

The Divining Hand
by Christopher Bird

Harvalik’s experiment to detect sensors in the human body for magnetic fields

Screened by copper (or aluminum) screens on both the adrenal, pituitary or the pineal glands, all dowsing signals (tested are magnetic and electromagnetic) were extinguished. Dowsers can pick up magnetic field gradients in the order of [10]exp(-13) gauss and perhaps lower.
These experiments do not fully explain map, or distance dowsing, or radionics, which involves spirit-information. Radionics program the environment, rather than the process, with love or positive thinking. Thus, radionics indirectly (temporary) affect the process via temporary changes in environment.

In Christopher Bird’s writings.

      Harvalik cut playing card-sized rectangles of aluminum and hung them from de Boer’s (the dowser) shoulders down his back and sides to cover from various angles parts of his kidneys. When they screened the

adrenal glands at the top of the kidneys

      , and all dowsing signals ceased, Harvalik seemed to have found what he was looking for.


      To exactly pinpoint the sensor in the head, Harvalik experimented with a strip of aluminum wire only an 1/8 of an inch in diameter. When placed like a crown horizontally around the head, 65 mm above the ear orifice, or vertically, like a mast, 13 inch patch of aluminum foil pasted on the forehead on a line slightly higher than, and midway between, the eyes, also blocked any dowsing signal when the dowser was frontally exposed to the high frequency beam. These measurements indicated to Harvalik that a dowsing sensor might be located in the vicinity of either

the pituitary or the pineal gland.


      Harvalik’s discovery is of singular importance if only because it lends weight to Macolm Rae’s assertion that

physics is approaching the limits of observation achievable with nonliving instruments

      . This is not to imply that hardware far more sensitive than presently available will not one day be invented. In fact, Harvalik’s sleuthing in Germany led him to a self-taught genius, Hermann Heidenwolf, who designed a magnetometer that sufficiently impressed Harvalik to spur him to have it patented…it can pick up magnetic field gradient changes of an order of 10[exp(-13)] gauss and perhaps lower, its drawback lies in its very sensitivity. Unable to “program” like a dowser for a specific target and therefore ignore spurious signals in

a virtual cacophony of “magnetic noise,”

      this mindless instrument can easily be “distracted” by random magnetic effects in its environment, even by the thought processes of its user.


      It is to Harvalik’s credit as a physical scientist that he has not been loath to admit the dowser’s

“programming ability”

    into his theoretical conclusions even if he cannot physiologically or physically explain it.


One part of the main message in the Bio-Field/Spin experiments is that the message or information or entropy in 3-D space is magnetic and can be shielded by using magnetic shielding. Although this Bio-Field/Spin phenomenon seems to be magnetic, yet the entire effect cannot be accounted for completely by the present understanding of magnetisms. What is the remaining message suggested in these experiments?
What we attempt to shield, besides magnetic and electric noises, is the local/non-local propagation of information-entropy potentials in the form of monopoles and/or magnetic monopoles (as explained in Chapter 2 of the Book). The information stored in these monopoles is in the form of spins. All information is stored and propagated in spin logic. Information in Magnetic monopoles has to do with charged information, which is stored and propagated in spin-charged logic. Information of the free wills is encoded in spin inside the logic-spirit vacuum (co-creation of the computer programs and their modules) and propagated in the logic of a spin vector inside the information-soul vacuum in present of observer-observed interfaces (computer executions). These monopoles and magnetic monopoles cannot be shielded by electric and magnetic shielding. These are information or misinformation transfers between the observer and the observed (the message or the disturbances).
The above statements explain (1) the signals to the Dowsers can be shielded by copper (or aluminum) screens and (2) not signals from map, or distance dosing, or radionics. The complete shielding using soft iron and inside the pyramid discovered in Payne Buryl’s experiments seem to have a direct shielding effect on these spin-information-entropy potentials and their propagated monopoles. The pyramid shielding has to do with the information inside the pyramid is pure or unconditional love. This love message is so strong that it shielded all other monopole messages. The shielding effect of soft iron is do to the fact that the monopoles are converted into dipoles and absolved by the iron’s magnetic property.
Shielding these monopoles is only one aspect of the non-deterministic problems of quantum technology. Deterministic quantum in 3-D space implies shielding the monopole disturbance between the observer-observed interfaces, yet letting through the information signal so observation-observed communication is possible. For example, the Chinese characters used to explain the logic of Being in this website and the Book are disturbance rather information to most of the reader, yet these characters communicate to the author a form of local/non-local mandala messages.


    If a magnetic material (for example, soft iron) is placed in a magnetic field, the flux may be redirected to take advantage of the greater permeability of the magnetic material, as shown in the two figures below. This is also true for magnetic monoploes. Magnetic monopoles are absolved by the magnetic property of the soft iron and the monopoles are converted into dipoles.


The Great Pyramid of Egypt in this figure shows that the central height (apothem) of any side triangle relates to half the base in the proportional ratio of the golden section. In cubits: 1/2 base = 220; apothem = 356; 356:220 = 1.618 or Phi.




Shown in the above figure, an inverted Pyramid is superimposed onto the physical Pyramid. Together they formed the Tree of Life. This figure suggested that the Pyramid is a teleportation operator forming the involution-evolution vortexes of Creation and/or Co-Creation, in the form of reading and encoding the appropriate modules in the vacuum computer. Leading to the computer executing state (Key opening the Lock) and the output state (Lock is opened) obeying the Lock-Key Knowingness between the Observer-Observed Logic Potentials.