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On Love

This posting summarizes the Matter-Being concepts of Love. Love and Hate in this Paradigm are defined as: In Matter, Love —> Attracts Logic, Hate —> Repels Logic; In Being, there are many colors and shapes of attraction and repulsion logic.

It is Love, in its Logic-Information form, that created this universe from (and connected to) other universes. In the posting On Time and Time Travel, the generation of this universe reduces to the diagram below.



The 5-Elements for Matter, Logic, and Being were also derived in posting On Time and Time Travel. The pairs Graviton—Gravitino and Photon—Photino are supersymmetry logic in particle physics.

The above diagram also explains the very strong Logic of Love that connects this universes with other universes. One might also interpret with this diagram, that it is through this Logic of Strong Love that each universe is created by and connected to other universes. Notice, gravity is very weak in the Logic of Love as compared to the Love embedded in the particle of gravity, namely graviton. If one takes out the word Love, the explanation here (on the formation of this universe) follows closely to the concepts developed in Strings and Brane Theories.


Let’s next examine the psycho-physiological meanings of love.

There is blind love and there is intellectual love. Blind love is usually connected to an emotional state of attachment. There is also animal or sexual love. Sexual love has to do with the propagation of the species. Intellectual love is love through a state of understanding.  Love is also a Holon defined as Intimacy—Non-Local-attachment—Self-sacrifice.  Physiologically, love is also a Holon defined by three Charkas: Ck7—Ck4—Ck1. The collapse of this Holon corresponds to the acupuncture meridian heart constrictor (HC).  The endocrine mappings are: Ck7—> Pineal, Ck4 —> Heart, and Ck1ßà Adrenal, connected to all other chakras. In addition: Ck7 —> Spiritual-Intellectual love, Ck4 —> Human-Emotional love, and Ck1 —> Sexual Love for survival of species, while Ck2 —> Sexual Love for pleasure-power.

Where there is love, there is also hate. So what is the hate Holon in human physiology? This hate Holon connects to the emotional stress Holon. On the other hand, the love Holon has to do with a state of depression. The three chakas connected to this stress Holon are Ck6—Ck5—Ck2. The collapse of this stress Holon is the acupuncture meridian triple warmer (Tw).  The harmonious union of these two Holons (HC and Tw) opens Chakra 8, which has to do with the anterior commissure in the middle of our brain. Next, let’s examine love and forgiveness as one of the prerequisites to a state of Sageness-within—Kingliness-without—Godliness-in-self. The following mappings apply: Spiritual love <—-> Sageness-within, Forgiveness <—-> Kingliness-without. Godliness-in-self has to do with inner knowingness, or the inner light that shines within a person’s personality and exemplified in the personality and of Christ and Buddha.

Finally, there is love of oneself, which leads to Godliness in Self That is to say, if you don’t love yourself, why should others love you? Self-love has a higher dimension, which has to do with an integrated knowing of oneself. Adding knowingness, you transform emotional love into intellectual love. Without knowing thoroughly one’s self, how can you know others? How can you love and forgive others? Know—love—forgive is the teaching of Christ. This Holon of know—love—forgive involves knowing one’s Holon of good—bad—ugly, and loving it. By loving all of you, your Holon of good—bad—ugly will transform you toward a higher dimension of goodness. You will love the good, forgive the ugly, and transform the bad. If you cannot love—forgive—transform yourself, how can you love—forgive—transform others. Therefore, by knowing—loving—forgiving yourself, you satisfy the First Coming’s necessary condition for love. By loving—forgiving—transforming yourself and others, you satisfy the First Coming’s sufficient condition for love and forgiveness. By satisfying the former, you satisfy your state of Sageness within. By Satisfying the latter, you satisfying your state of Kingliness without. This state of integrated knowing is accomplished via a transformed intuition and intellect into an ascended state of enlightenment, a state of all knowing and all loving. This is also the state of Chakra 8, or your ascended state where you and your soul-mate are one and the same. Satisfy this final state and you satisfy your state of Godliness in Self.

There is also the technology of love. Today’s technology emphasizes power and destruction via the electric component of the E-M field. Accession technology emphasizes love and co-creation via the magnetic component (and gravity/pure love component).

ON SAGENESS WITHIN KINGLINESS WITHOUT, From Fung Yu-Lun, The Spirit of Chinese Philosophy

The sage “make Heaven absolute”, and thus he “is not divorced from the absolute”. He makes moral power fundamental, and thus he “is not divorced from the essence”. He makes the Tao the door, and thus he is not divorced from the truth. The individual-ness in personality at each incarnation is the development toward the state of Kingliness without, i.e., to become a noble-minded man. A noble-minded man practices in being kind and human-heartedness …

… in his inner sageness he accomplishes spiritual cultivation, in his outward kingliness he functions in society. It is not necessary that a sage should be the actual head of the government in his society. With regard to practical politics, for the most part the sage certainly has no opportunity to be such; and when the statement is made “sage within and king without” it only means that he who has the noblest spirit should theoretically be king. As to whether he actually had or had not the opportunity to be king that is immaterial.